Daily prompt #75: Nobody’s style but mine

Would you have it in you to be strong?

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Yesterday, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were taken from Kerobokan gaol in Bali and escorted under (unnecessarily heavy) armed guard to the island of Nusakambangan where they will be executed.

So now they sit. And wait.

Chan and Sukumaran (then 21 and 23) were part of the Bali Nine, nine young Australian drug mules, caught in 2005, charged and convicted in 2006 for attempting to take drugs from Indonesia to Australia. The other seven are serving prison sentences ranging from 20 years to life. This duo scored the death penalty. There is no question that all nine were guilty. There is no question that they should be punished accordingly. But…

During their 10 years in Kerobokan, Chan and Sukumaran have turned their lives around. The cynical might argue that this was a ploy to attract clemency, but everyone who has met these young men – including the Prison Governor who…

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Daily Prompt # 74:Infinity Dreams Award

I am totally speechless after reading Chirus blog today. This boy Chiru always comes up with some beautiful posts in his blog. My first encounter with this blogger was when I came across his article called InstitutionalizedIt was indeed a very beautiful blog which captured my attention for around 2 hours. Today I opened my blog to post some blog for Thursday and lo….

I get to see that my name is mentioned in his nominations for Infinity Dreams Award. Yes this was my reaction.


Before I say anything a huge heartfelt hug to my blogger friend Chiru. Dude thanks a lot for appreciating my lil blog. (Honestly people doze off into sleep after reading my depressive posts)

So here is what this Infinity Dreams Award is all about. I am supposed to share 7 things about me and then nominate 7 bloggers for the same award. Saying 7 things about me is easy but nominating just 7 bloggers is the most difficult part.

If you see my “Blogs I follow” list you will be amazed to see that I follow all the blogs I ever visit. Each blog is a bunch of real time experiences written in as expressive as possible. Each blog is an inspiration for me to blog one more post.

So enough of Phill Pills…. lets get started


  • I am a big lazy girl.
  • I am highly addictive to books. I have to admit that I have book fetish.

book porn

  • I have zero fashion sense and I am highly confident that I can make myself look like a complete #Behenji at any given point of time. Just like this
jassi jaisi koi nahin
I am way more confident than you bitch.
  • I love listening to romantic slow songs all the time and get high whenever I see SRK. Yes. Its ShahRukh Khan.
  • I am highly addicted to self help books and I get inspired from each person I meet in life
  • I love myself and I love myself more than anybody else in this world.

i love myself meme

  • I believe in the statement that “Each day is my last day. So I shall make the most of it. Jiyo Khush Raho Muskurao… Kya pata Kal Ho Na Ho…” (sounds filmy but who cares…. )

Just like this


My nominations for Infinity Dreams Award

  • The one and only Supreet. My Blogging Guru who first brought out the hidden blogger out of me. Thanks Sup.
  • My fellow blogger, colleague and best adviser on finding the wrong men for my life Adarsha. He has been huge inspiration to read books, watch Kannada Movies and appreciate greatness of Dr.Rajkumar and SRK.
  • One of the most precious blogger friend I have ever had. Rarasaur. Her blogs are …. I wont define it here. Go find it yourself. I am sure you will not return without clicking FOLLOW button for her blog.
  • Mayur ji for always unconditional support to all my posts. He has been huge source of encouragement whenever I open WordPress.com.
  • I used to dread from the very sight of opening my poem book. Thanks to Vonita Buirski. Software developer, wife and mother and a beautiful blogger. Her poems inspired me to publish all those unpublished poems. Sometimes all we need in our lives are those moments where someone just provides you the right push. Thanks Vonita for being that one person in my life.
  • My NCC Camp friend and a very beautiful soul presenting Hemakesh– #Airboy. He has successfully completed  10 sorties on his favorite mission called Exploring Life and his blogs are a delight to read.
  • Finally, the person who nominated me for Infinity Dreams Award Mr.Chiru. I am not writing his name here just because he has nominated me. But his writings always conquer the solitary region of my heart where I have struggled just like him and have become institutionalized. Its easy to shun a talkative person saying “You talk too much” but its hard to understand why does someone speak so much. Chiru i dedicate this beautiful poem by William Wordsworth


Before ending this blog post I would like to share a beautiful quote by Ellen Degenres

No matter how popular you are as a stand-up – you can go out and fill a 10,000-seat arena and be smart and funny – it’s delicate to host an awards show and know where your place is and know that it’s not about you, that it’s about the people who are nominated, and respect that, but at the same time have your moment to show them who you are

Thanks to all you people who made my day a beautiful one.

Lots of love and hugs,


Daily Prompt # 73:You are a trailblazer lover !!!!

You say you ain’t worth any girl…

But baby… you got to turn back and see through the fact that you are a trailblazer in your own way…

Cos you are so genuine and honest in your own ways…..

All you got to do is to open your eyes and hold on till the right girl makes it to you…..


Your smiles aren’t fake

Nor is your anger….

Your happiness is so infectious

that when it hits… people just refuse to get treated from the infection.


You are like the lavender dust on her palm

Which is way more fragrant than her Victoria’s Secret Fragrance….

Yeah… and when I say this…

I remember yet another fact that you a trailblazer lover of her life…

Cos you are so genuine and honest in your own ways…..

All you got to do is to open your eyes and hold on till the right girl makes it to you…..


Not that you don’t know of compassion ….

But you have it exhibiting in ways of your own…

Very little does this world know about a

hundred knights like you….

Clad in dark robes of invisible chivalry,

with those hooded jackets over the head and thick masquerades….

and having hearts of gold and character like the shining armor….


Oh Boy, Knights like you do not exist in those hundred love poems that

Poets pen down relentlessly each day

You don’t make it to any girl’s Facebook status or tweets

But you get etched in hearts of few people forever….


The next time you think you aren’t worth anyone…

Please go back to the archives of your heart…

and recollect the memoirs of little things you did….

to make the collective groups of people so happy….

that they are in your debt forever….


You say you ain’t worth any girl…

But baby… you got to turn back and see through the fact that you are a trailblazer in your own way…

Cos you are so genuine and honest in your own ways…..

All you got to do is to open your eyes and hold on till the right girl makes it to you…..

Baby… hold on and wait on me….

rose wallpapers

Baby it took me a while to understand that we are perfect for each other until I saw your eyes.

Do not kill me with the disappointment of not having me…..

Instead hold on and wait on me….

I got few things to straighten it out…..

And I shall be back in your arms once I am done with all of them…..

Baby it took me a while to understand that you are the perfect one for me…..


I got a cup of coffee,waiting to be served to you early morning when you open your droopy eyes….

I got a thousand letters waiting just to be delivered right in your postbox…

I am caught up with certain things to subside and be back in your arms….

Do not lose hopes on me…. Instead hold on and wait on me…..


The lips may say things, which the heart defies to blurt it out…

But my actions aren’t fake baby….

My feelings for you are true but…. bound by a thousand shackles of patterned myths laid by the society….

Do not assume things that you won’t be getting me back…..

Always remember “Just because something isn’t happening for you right now…doesn’t mean that it will never happen”

Baby don’t you ever give me that disappointed look in your eyes…

Instead hold on and wait on me…..


Because I am busy turning those cant’s into can’s….

So don’t lose hopes on me….

You are the #1 on the wishlist of my life and

You got to believe in this fact…

And just hold on a little longer this time …..and wait on me….