Daily prompt #75: Nobody’s style but mine

Would you have it in you to be strong?

helen meikle's scribblefest

Yesterday, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were taken from Kerobokan gaol in Bali and escorted under (unnecessarily heavy) armed guard to the island of Nusakambangan where they will be executed.

So now they sit. And wait.

Chan and Sukumaran (then 21 and 23) were part of the Bali Nine, nine young Australian drug mules, caught in 2005, charged and convicted in 2006 for attempting to take drugs from Indonesia to Australia. The other seven are serving prison sentences ranging from 20 years to life. This duo scored the death penalty. There is no question that all nine were guilty. There is no question that they should be punished accordingly. But…

During their 10 years in Kerobokan, Chan and Sukumaran have turned their lives around. The cynical might argue that this was a ploy to attract clemency, but everyone who has met these young men – including the Prison Governor who…

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