Daily Prompt # 80:Journey to the centre of my soul

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In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Journey." I was sitting on the terrace one cold night and was watching the cloudy sky..... When my mind as usual took me to a journey towards center of my heart.... When I was almost done with all the analysis of my emotions, I realized it had … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 80:Journey to the centre of my soul


Daily Prompt # 79:Toggle Button of emotions

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Standing on a bridge... Looking for the stars.... I reach out to you, O God for some hope in the form of light.... I breathe some fresh air and press the toggle button of emotions.... I just let them go silently....   From happiness to sadness... from love to betrayal... from revenge to forgiveness.... the … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 79:Toggle Button of emotions

Daily Prompt # 78:Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Intricate Moss

Life Through the Lens

One of my favorite things is nature’s ability to create the most beautiful – and intricate – plant life, so of course I absolutely adore the hanging Spanish Moss in Savannah, Georgia. 20150317_730120150318_764620150318_7716More at http://www.nowellsphotography.com

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

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Daily Prompt # 76:The Haunting Silence

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At this wee hours, I wake up from my bed and start typing these words haphazardly. I had a strange dream of losing my loved ones. In my dream, I lost 2 people for no reason. I kept running behind them and they just disappeared, leaving me all alone in this weird vast world. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 76:The Haunting Silence