Daily Prompt # 80:Journey to the centre of my soul

love quotes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”

I was sitting on the terrace one cold night and was watching the cloudy sky…..

When my mind as usual took me to a journey towards center of my heart….

When I was almost done with all the analysis of my emotions, I realized it had started raining.

That was when I remembered this song.

I had listened to this song over a year back, but the tune is still so refreshing.

The journey to the center of my heart taught me one thing

My life is not about happy moments. Its about the story. A story full of hopes and numerous setbacks which has made me the person who I am today. It is a story with a meaningful ending and I get to decide what meaning I ought to give it.

Daily Prompt # 79:Toggle Button of emotions

silence wallpapers

Standing on a bridge…

Looking for the stars….

I reach out to you, O God for some hope in the form of light….

I breathe some fresh air and press the toggle button of emotions….

I just let them go silently….


From happiness to sadness…

from love to betrayal…

from revenge to forgiveness….

the emotions keep toggling from one state to another

Only to end up in dead silence…..


This silence is so painfully healing….

Because it is not fake….

Its not shallow….

Its filled with thousand words spoken in thousand silent ways….


Shades of your love interrupt my thoughts

and makes me sing all the love tunes in my head….

Whilst, I just let them go silently….

I watch all those emotions toggling from one state to another….


There is no one to interrupt you and me in this silence…..

Not even the dark cold night can scare us off……

This silence is my strength to face all the pain and betrayals…

This silence is a gift wrapped as bane from God….

But I don’t complain anymore….

I just let them go silently….


No matter how many tears I keep shedding….

This silence seems never ending and never ending….

But I don’t fight back those tears…

I just let them flow silently…..


I forgive my enemies in this silence

and love the ones who are worth it…..

I forget myself in this silence…

and enter into a world of my own….

Where I can be with you like forever….


Silence is what makes this world of mine a better place to dwell….

Because in silence I love everyone unconditionally

and in Silence I don’t get hurt by anyone….

In silence there is no fear of losing you or anyone else….

In silence there is no fear of rejection….

Its just a world of my own where

I just let go of all the negative things which haunt me

and build a positive sanctuary for my own soul…..


In silence there is no one between you and me…

and no one can own you but me….

But me alone….

I stand on the bridge….

and look for the stars….

breathe some more fresh air and

watch the toggling emotions silently……


Daily Prompt # 78:Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Intricate Moss

Life Through the Lens

One of my favorite things is nature’s ability to create the most beautiful – and intricate – plant life, so of course I absolutely adore the hanging Spanish Moss in Savannah, Georgia. 20150317_730120150318_764620150318_7716More at http://www.nowellsphotography.com

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

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Daily Prompt # 77:Intricate

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.


2015_03_27_2974-6-1000px“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

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Daily Prompt # 76:The Haunting Silence

quotes from Gita

At this wee hours, I wake up from my bed and start typing these words haphazardly.

I had a strange dream of losing my loved ones. In my dream, I lost 2 people for no reason. I kept running behind them and they just disappeared, leaving me all alone in this weird vast world. I turned back to see,how much of emptiness it has caused in my life.

I cried for about 10 minutes, even after knowing that it was just a dream. Hail this power of negativity, for causing such a bad illusion.

People are afraid of so many things in life. And one common fear which most of us have is the fear of losing someone in life. Many people say, you should not have any expectations from people around you…. yet you observe that even those hypocrites who make such statments, also have expectations in life. Its true, we should not expect the presence of someone in our lives, but its almost difficult to not have expectations from someone who is the inferior vena cava of your soul.

I waited for myself to regain my composure and then took some deep breaths to let go of the sudden haunting silence that filled my heart. My mind toured from “what if I really lose them” till “how I may react if it really takes place in my life”. Some more rivulets of tears ran down my cheeks. And then I pacified myself by reading few quotes from the Gita. This book has always been my spiritual guide whenever I end up in such emotional breakdown situations.

The following verse is my favorite one. So i read it again.

pablo (9) pablo (10) pablo (11)


As soon as I re-read them for around 2 times, I felt an amazing sense of calmness surrounding me. Those words really pacified my heart. Else, i was about to speed dial my best friend to get me some 3 chocolate bars to over come my binge eating and emo mode.

The haunting silence had vanished and I slept back again,,,,,