Daily Prompt # 76:The Haunting Silence

At this wee hours, I wake up from my bed and start typing these words haphazardly.

I had a strange dream of losing my loved ones. In my dream, I lost 2 people for no reason. I kept running behind them and they just disappeared, leaving me all alone in this weird vast world. I turned back to see,how much of emptiness it has caused in my life.

I cried for about 10 minutes, even after knowing that it was just a dream. Hail this power of negativity, for causing such a bad illusion.

People are afraid of so many things in life. And one common fear which most of us have is the fear of losing someone in life. Many people say, you should not have any expectations from people around you…. yet you observe that even those hypocrites who make such statments, also have expectations in life. Its true, we should not expect the presence of someone in our lives, but its almost difficult to not have expectations from someone who is the inferior vena cava of your soul.

I waited for myself to regain my composure and then took some deep breaths to let go of the sudden haunting silence that filled my heart. My mind toured from “what if I really lose them” till “how I may react if it really takes place in my life”. Some more rivulets of tears ran down my cheeks. And then I pacified myself by reading few quotes from the Gita. This book has always been my spiritual guide whenever I end up in such emotional breakdown situations.

The following verse is my favorite one. So i read it again.

pablo (9) pablo (10) pablo (11)


As soon as I re-read them for around 2 times, I felt an amazing sense of calmness surrounding me. Those words really pacified my heart. Else, i was about to speed dial my best friend to get me some 3 chocolate bars to over come my binge eating and emo mode.

The haunting silence had vanished and I slept back again,,,,,



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 76:The Haunting Silence

    1. hahahaha hange andkonde tumba jana hogidare 🙂 we both know alva losing parents itself is such an unfathomable loss antha

  1. Loss of a loved one teaches us a lot of things in life, So make sure there are no regrets and guilt, Take it from me i’ll tell’ya….But yes its a part of life.. as Nostradamus said, “Nothing in the world can one imagine beforehand,not the least thing,everything is made up of so many unique particulars that cannot be forseen.”

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