Daily Prompt # 79:Toggle Button of emotions

Standing on a bridge…

Looking for the stars….

I reach out to you, O God for some hope in the form of light….

I breathe some fresh air and press the toggle button of emotions….

I just let them go silently….


From happiness to sadness…

from love to betrayal…

from revenge to forgiveness….

the emotions keep toggling from one state to another

Only to end up in dead silence…..


This silence is so painfully healing….

Because it is not fake….

Its not shallow….

Its filled with thousand words spoken in thousand silent ways….


Shades of your love interrupt my thoughts

and makes me sing all the love tunes in my head….

Whilst, I just let them go silently….

I watch all those emotions toggling from one state to another….


There is no one to interrupt you and me in this silence…..

Not even the dark cold night can scare us off……

This silence is my strength to face all the pain and betrayals…

This silence is a gift wrapped as bane from God….

But I don’t complain anymore….

I just let them go silently….


No matter how many tears I keep shedding….

This silence seems never ending and never ending….

But I don’t fight back those tears…

I just let them flow silently…..


I forgive my enemies in this silence

and love the ones who are worth it…..

I forget myself in this silence…

and enter into a world of my own….

Where I can be with you like forever….


Silence is what makes this world of mine a better place to dwell….

Because in silence I love everyone unconditionally

and in Silence I don’t get hurt by anyone….

In silence there is no fear of losing you or anyone else….

In silence there is no fear of rejection….

Its just a world of my own where

I just let go of all the negative things which haunt me

and build a positive sanctuary for my own soul…..


In silence there is no one between you and me…

and no one can own you but me….

But me alone….

I stand on the bridge….

and look for the stars….

breathe some more fresh air and

watch the toggling emotions silently……



11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 79:Toggle Button of emotions

    1. yappa nanna janma dhanya aithu. guru gale ee hotthali nim baayi inda ee reeti comments keli… ond 90 hakond hage feel agthide. thanks Sup.

      yes katthalinda belakige eega BMTC li i am travelling.

    1. thanks Hemakesh. 🙂

      first time i am reading your comment without dictionary. yappa… thanks ya 🙂 otherwise i will have to wade thru pages to find out the meaning of your comments. hi fi air boy.

      1. Haha cause u r post jus hit the right spot tat I went blank n jus couldn’t get anything to respond.. Then again good post

      2. hahahaha…. have gone through the same lane off late. so thought of writing it down and getting it off the mind.

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