Daily Prompt # 84:Resolution Provoked

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Every year on January 1 You make sweet promises of keeping our relationship alive for next couple of years   I believe them and trust you  like a fool, when you blatantly refuse to work out  to keep the relationship alive   Coming home late All drunk and bruised Sweaty forehead and abusive words on … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 84:Resolution Provoked


Daily Prompt # 83:Stroke of Midnight

life is what you make it

At the stroke of midnight I woke up from a nightmare Only to realize I have travelled several miles away from my reality Not just my skin but my surroundings are not the same as it was yesterday Everything changed, Everything gone.... I sit in a lonely room And realize its not my home All … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 83:Stroke of Midnight

Daily Prompt # 81:All men are not dogs!!!

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In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "180 Degrees." Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t. Let me start this post with a very beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran It is very much true in … Continue reading Daily Prompt # 81:All men are not dogs!!!