Daily Prompt # 82:Branding Myself

I started a journey which was totally alien to me

I had only few words in my mind and one vision

To make my voice heard across the globe

To reach out to more people what i believe in

Don’t know whether I am successful in creating such an impact or not

But I am sure my blog is daily read by people across the globe

For all its petty ideas on life

and depressive memoirs on life

I can see people from all walks come, visit and comment

On what my blog means to them and

what a single post has meant to them

I started anonymously and

finally branded myself as  PASSIONATE AMBIKA

So this blog is not just me

Its all about my hidden “me”

Which never saw light until they were exposed under

the bright lights of WordPress.

I am Ambika

Passionate in every aspect of my life

Be it work or life

I love being myself and this blog is just an extension of it.

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 82:Branding Myself

  1. Ambika ,
    The real source of inspiration , resilient , down to earth , incredible , unstoppable , extremely talented , true person … description separated by commas will go on …
    Yes i can see that passion in what you do and what your visions are .

    I just read a sentence written by Mahatma Gandhi , it read “My Life is My Message”

    i truly feel its true in your case too.
    my best wishes . Keep Learning , Keep achieving

    1. saar nim paada xeroxu….

      entha dodd maatu. No wonder down the lane few years later i can see Dr.Supreet Rasthe adjacent to Dr. Rajkumar Rasthe in Benglur.

      Your blogs and your life has truly motivated me to live life in an organized way.

      Thanks for always encouraging me Sup.

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