Dudhsagared Part -2


Dudhsagared – Part 2


        It was 4.30 PM when we finally finished our photo-shoot and had enjoyed looking at the majestic waterfalls, experiencing the atmosphere to the fullest. We remembered that the return train arrives at Dudhsagar exactly at 5:15 PM. Without wasting much time, we started walking towards the station. It took us about 20 minutes to reach the station and to our surprise there were about more than 200 people waiting to board the same train. The fact was that the train which we were about to board was the last passenger train to reach the castle rock. If we miss that, we either have to wait till next morning or have to walk 14 Kms back on the railway track.

When we reached the station we planned on how to get into the train and the plan was,

  1. Split the group into 5 teams of 3 members in each team and spread across the station so that it wouldn’t be difficult to get in.
  2. We were 16 of us, including 5 girls. Hence we decided that two guys would accompany one girl, so that they wouldn’t feel insecure while boarding the train.
  3. Making sure all girls would board the train without fail.

The above points do make you ask a question, why? Well, the reason is quite surprising and strange as well; I had omitted few situations we encountered, in part-1, which I am writing it here. When we all alighted at the station and started walking towards the waterfalls we saw some of the worst scenes. The 20 minutes walk from the railway station to the waterfalls and the view point, exposed few vital things that made us more conscious and protect the girls around us.

The place was crowded with huge number of male visitors loafing around, drinking liquor and partying; the male female ratio was about 1:30, we could find one female out of 30 males. What we sensed  was the constant gazing and mocking at girls, this went on to such an extent that the girls in our group pleaded the boys to protect them from these evil behaviors, all we could do to them is to hold their hand and make them feel that they are secured and protected. No matter how weak you are, when you want to protect someone you will get courage and all the energy to protect them from any harm, it will make you feel like a superhero.

It was 5.10 PM and we all heard the honking sound of the train from far away, all the people gathered at the railway station and started shouting out of joy and excitement. Within minutes the entire station was crowded, as the train approached the station, people started running along with it and few started boarding the moving train. We all were geared up to make our way into the train. The train stopped at the station, we were panicked as to where and how to get in. Running from one bogie to another, in search of way to get inside, I then saw a huge opening, that was the emergency exit of the bogie, where the window doesn’t have any grills but a huge opening, we then quickly requested the passenger sitting next to that window to make our way inside through the window and fortunately they understood our situation and agreed for it. Since we got to make the girls get inside first, we helped the girls by lifting them up to reach the window and pushed them inside and they were in. Finally all girls made it inside, It was only guys waiting to board and again we heard the honk which indicated the train departure. We ran across bogies in search of place to get in, the train started moving slowly and we reached an AC compartment.

Should I take such big risk by traveling in such an overloaded train?”

Should I risk my life by traveling on the footsteps of this AC compartment?”

What if I slip from the door step of the moving train?”

These were the questions that were popping in my mind when I stood in front of the AC compartment. But one of my friend was ready to travel standing on the door steps of that compartment. Before I could decide how to get inside, the train started moving… yet again all I could do is to wave my hand and say good bye to the train..

Yes! I missed the train AGAIN!

Surprisingly it was not just me who missed the train, a friend of mine and a whole bunch of people, about 100 of them missed it. It was 5.35 PM, we were standing at the station thinking on our next move. We found 6 more from our group. 7 of us shared the privilege of missing the train. All of us started discussing on how to reach Castle rock, as in any group, we had mixed choices and reactions, one wants to walk 14 KMs, another wants to reach the nearest city and then reach castle rock from that city, another wants to wait for the next train…and me thinking how to spend my night at the station since I had decided to wait till next morning and board the first train which is the safest option.

Amidst the busy discussion there came a locomotive which looked like a train but it wasn’t, heading towards the other side. As it halted at the station, people boarded it abruptly, within minutes about 30 people stood near the door, near the engine and wherever possible. We inquired people about where that train is heading to and we got to know that it would reach the next station (Sonalium) and from there we could reach castle rock by road. So we decided to get on with it, but few of our pals didn’t agree and right then we had to drop the plan.

6.15 PM, it was getting darker and darker with every minute, it started drizzling, and so we dropped the plan of walking 14 Kms, but there were few brave troupes went on walking. 6.20 PM, While we were thinking around, we sensed another train approaching the station towards castle rock, it was another goods train, we thought it would stop and pick us, unfortunately it didn’t.

we found a place where the mobile could get its signal, soon we made a call to one of our friends who was lucky enough to broad the train and got a confirmation that all the remaining 9 of them had reached castle rock railway station safely, it was such a relief for us to know all 9 had reached safe, after we heard a news from a stranger that there were 2 passengers died on the way slipping from door step of bogie and 1 had died at the station when he tried to alight from the moving train.

Unfortunately 3 passengers lost their life that evening who boarded that train. 6.45 PM, it was dark and started raining heavily, we took shelter at a nearby shed, we met few locals who said, it is usual that people miss the train on busy days like weekends and holidays, all they would do is to wait till the morning and board the next train.

This made us sad that we wouldn’t be able to reach the place today but tomorrow. 7.00 PM we heard a mob shouting, when checked we got to know that the mob were protesting in front of railway station demanding the station master to make arrangements for us to reach castle rock railway station. On the other side, another mob started to protest by blocking the way for the locomotive, for the same reason.

Amidst all these I sat in a place thinking what would happen next, 7.15 PM we got news that train would be coming to pick us. But we were unable to believe his words because locals had informed us that this is quite usual and there won’t be any arrangement from the railway department. Feeling confused we waited for a while, 7.35 PM there was a honk and yet again people were excited and eager to board this train.

7.40 PM, a train arrived at the station. We were confused at the first sight, it looked exactly like a goods train and so we decided to board the locomotive, as soon as the train halted we all ran towards the locomotive and acquired a place in such a way that there was no place for the pilot to get out of his cabin. All settled there, feeling extremely happy that we would reach our destination for sure. The pilot shouted at us for not allowing him to get out, he said he wouldn’t move the train if he can’t make his way out. We all feared that we would miss this train and hence we were reluctant to get down from the place. Then the station master came running towards the locomotive and asked all of us to get down from the place and board the different bogies which were empty behind. We didn’t listen to his words and stayed there, he then requested us to get out saying that this particular train is sent for us, and it will surely take us to our destination. We trusted his words and got down from the locomotive and to our surprise there was ample of space for us to board and it wasn’t exactly a goods train.

The train that came was special carriage, for that day and for that moment, which came to drop us back. It was comprised of 2 engines and 5 brake vans in between. We quickly got into the second brake van and took a seat on the floor. 8.00 PM, the train hasn’t started and the people got frustrated, they started banging the metal doors and metal floors to show their frustration. It was a complete stupid act by the mob to show off their frustration. People lost their patience while the pilots were checking the special train safety and basic things. 8.10 PM the shouting and banging became more, listening to this the train honked and it started moving.

Yet again the people started oohing and aahing, some started shouting out of happiness and some started banging the metal floor in a musical tone to show off their happiness. I was there in a corner with my friends commenting on stupid acts by these people. 8.15 PM the train departed and I sat on a place admiring the fire flies along the trees, the rain, the cold breeze, thanking god and thanking the Indian railways for responding to our request promptly.

8.45 PM we reached castle rock railway station, a big sigh of relief. We saw a group of people near the station who were surrounding the dead body who lost his life while trying to get down from a moving train. Ignoring the sight, we walked towards the parking lot where our dear friends were waiting. Around 9.00 PM we reached the parking lot, we found all our friends were safe and sound. Hugged them, greeted them and felt that now we all would reach our home as planned.

So that is how my Dudhsagar experience was. Adventurous and a memorable one making us “Dudhsagared

It has been a year now, but the memories are still young and fresh in my mind, one of the most dangerous and daring trips I have ever done.

Before I end my post I have few things to convey, plan your visit to Dudhsagar on weekdays; make proper arrangements for food and drinking water as there are no stalls available, carry your own tent house if you are staying overnight. Having said the above, the tourist department of India should make arrangements for basic amenities at this place.

Click here to read part -1 if you had missed reading.

Last but not the least,

Thank you Ambika Rani K for giving me this opportunity and thank you for all the motivation and support.


Kishore Kumar B R

Daily Prompt # 89:What’s True & What’s Untrue?

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At this wee hours… I want to share a few things.

The Struggle between the truth and the false

In life very often, we are caught amidst a strong vortex of “What’s true and what’s not”. Its this dilemma which causes great things unfold infront of us.

The constant lies that we keep telling ourselves…. like the ones we say to ourselves whenever we see ourselves obese on the weighing machine. Instead of getting out of the couch and jogging the next morning, we choose to be lazy enough to say to ourselves “You aren’t yet that fat to workout”

The strong truth which slams our faces when we see our dreams getting shattered infront of us. The bitter truth of “betrayal” seasoned with irrational proofs making us believe “Humanity doesn’t exist anymore”. What’s true?

The friend who stays with you in the name of “revenge”. or the Lover who stays with you in the name of fatal destruction. What’s true? What’s untrue?

Each day, I convince my heart saying “Today is going to be the best last day of my life”. Why best last and not “best” or just “last” day… you may be wondering….

I always feel that way. Because each day it is indeed the best day to be better than who you were yesterday… and the last day to be the worst version of yours. Its never too late to be who you want to be. Never too early to believe what you perceive it to be….

Tiny droplets of #OneLove kissing my cheeks…. Feet drenched in puddles of memories….Thunder of the revenge of past…. and Soothing calmness of the sea awaiting to drown you down forever in a deluge ….What’s true and What’s not…

My soul is still searching the truth of life….

A Song A Day #1 – Summer Loving Playlist

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Following songs were sent by beautiful curators of “A Song A Day”.

“Spirit Voices” by Paul Simon
Paul Adler, Emo Rock Curator
“I absolutely love everything about this song, from the bass line in the verses, to the rich, verdant imagery Simon conveys through his lyricism, to, well, pretty much everything about the bridge”

“Air Balloon” By Lilly Allen
Janet Choi, Indie Pop Curator
“A perfect sunny tune for a time of year when my braincells seem to drift away!”

“Stinker” by Nice Guys
Jessica Shamma, Singer-Songwriter Curator
“It’s a little tough for me to choose a summer song of all time, but I’ll definitely call this my summer song of 2015. Some of the funnest shows I’ve been to had Nice Guys on the bill and they never fail to bring it. \m/ fuzz forever.”

“Aftergold” by Big Wild
Hugo Fauqueno, Neo Soul & French Touch Curator
“Big Wild from Venice, LA dropped this seismic track at the beginning of the summer. “Aftergold” will go under your skin in a matter of seconds with its unique style. Enjoy, it’s summertime. :)”

“The Plan” by Built To Spill
Mike Singletary, Indie Folk Curator
“For some reason, summertime always kicks me into a nostalgic music mode. Maybe because my favorite parts of summer have never changed; like floating down a spring-fed Florida river with a cooler full of beer and ten pounds of boiled peanuts. What better background music for such an occasion than Built to Spill? :)”

Hope you enjoyed the tracks.

Have a good day ahead all you beautiful people…

Happy Weekend.

Lots of love and hugs,


10 Annoying as Shit Things Bloggers Do

Don’t act like a bitch!!!

Dudhsagared Part – 1


Dudhsagar railway station

It was 10.28 AM by the time we reached the Castle rock railway station, we hardly had time to realize things around us, we all started running towards the platform, “Run faster ladies… faster… we got to catch the train before it leaves …” I kept shouting as we all were running from the bus parking lot to board the train which was about to depart exactly at 10.30 AM.

Castle rock railway station

We heard the train honking, which made all of us run a little faster, 10.29 AM we all had reached the platform and to our surprise the train which we wanted to board was overcrowded either to step inside or to hang near the doors. We all were panicked, as we couldn’t find a place to get in…  After so much of effort to reach the station on time, we could only wave a goodbye to the train, to those who were lucky enough to get an inch of space inside the train . Yeah, we missed the train very badly!

It was back in August 2014, we 16 of us, had visited this place called “Dudhsagar”, one of the famous waterfalls in our Country, situated in the border of Karnataka and Goa. Unfortunately there are only two modes for reaching this place, one is through train and another is a 14 Kms of trekking/walking on the train track (From Castle rock railway station to Dudhsagar railway station). The trip plan included a couple of other places which we had visited previous day and Dudhsagar was the last and final one. All of us were visiting this place for the first time and we barely knew any information about this place except for the transportation modes.

YES! That is how it looks when you board a good train!

So we missed the train and it was not just us who missed it, there were lot of people who weren’t lucky enough to get into the train. But our enthusiasm to witness the beauty of nature was young and strong, hence even we decided to walk 14 Kms which would take about 3-4 hours as informed by the locals. Before we started walking, fortunately we saw a goods train at the station which seemed to depart in a while. We decided to meet the station master to inquire about the goods train, so that we could board the carriage to reach our destination. Luckily, we were permitted to board the train which would drop us to the place. If you are wondering how could one travel in goods train, when there are no passenger bogies… Well, if you have observed closely, any goods train would have a special bogie at the end, which is reserved to the pilots. With that, we all were more excited to board the pilot’s bogie.

Finally settling ourselves we started off with the photo session, yes! we had many photographers and couple of posers who were insisting to take photographs. Amidst the busy photo session people from the other side of the station who had missed train, noticed us and boarded the same bogie and joined us. Within minutes the entire bogie was now occupied by passengers leaving no place for the pilot. After waiting for more than an hour, the pilot, who is supposed to be the only person permitted to travel in that bogie, arrived and was shocked witnessing the crowd. He then reluctantly made his way inside the bogie through the crowd and settled in his place with the baggage (which included a brief case, signal flags and a torch light). After 15 minutes the train started, and the crowd cheered the start of the journey with ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’.
It was around 12.15 PM when the train started from Castle rock station. In fact it was an amazing and adventurous experience. we were lucky enough to witness the nature in an open top carriage compared to the usual passenger carriage. Once we travel about half a kilo meters from castle rock station, we witnessed that the route is decorated with greenery and small waterfalls which you would be encountering quite often in your journey. It is truly a bliss to watch this scenery, every nature lover must visit this place once in his lifetime is what I feel. Apart from experiencing the beauty of nature, one has to pass through 14 tunnels. It was one of its kind of experience traveling through the tunnels which are completely pitch dark and would make you feel that you are a part of void. Other way round, this place is completely dangerous, since the track is built on the edges of the mountain, you would see the mountain’s peak to the left and downhill to your right, there are bridges along way where we can see water flowing underneath. Must say again we were lucky enough to witness everything around us traveling in that open top bogie rather than a normal passenger one. It was a total paisa vasool for us.

river like water flowing underneath the bridge
Greenery along side the railway track
One of the tunnels we encountered during the journey
Dudhsagar water falls
Tunnel entrance

It took us about 30 minutes to reach the destination by 12.45 PM. The train stopped at Dudhsagar railway station. we alighted the train and the entire place was crowded. We failed to notice that it was a weekend and we definitely didn’t have any idea about the number of people visiting this place on weekends, It was shocking surprise though. Without thinking much we started walking towards the waterfalls which is about 300 meters from the railway station. Since we were really hungry and so we spotted a guy selling ‘churumuri’ near the station, we had a cup of it and resumed walking towards the waterfalls.

After walking for about 15 minutes we reached the waterfalls, I must say It was a magnificent, a jaw dropping scene, we all were stunned looking at the waterfall, those tiny droplets kissed our cheeks, the cool breeze made us relieved for a moment, the majestic view gave us a refreshing mind after a hectic traveling. Nature’s beauty surely holds power to heal a tired mind and soul and thus we all felt accomplished.

That is us! Feeling accomplished

To be continued…

watch this space for part 2!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

For more pictures of the Dudhsagar waterfalls click Here


Kishore Kumar B R