Daily Prompt # 87:When I think of my wife…..


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These were some of the opening lines from the Bestseller book “The Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. For those of you who have already watched the movie and have fully understood the plot, I need not  introduce you to the dark twisted world of Amy. And for those, who have not yet read/watched the movie, I would say… go and grab the book/dvd and start exploring the world of Amazing Amy and Nick Dunne, The worlds most fucked up couple ever….

Today I am writing about the opening lines of one of my favorite books, i.e Gone Girl. For any book, to be a definitive page turner, it needs to have an excellent opening. The first time I read about the story line, it did not fascinate me as much as it did, when I first opened the book in a local book store and started reading it. The above lines in the book, really gave a hint of what exactly was so intangible inside Amy’s head that her husband is so desperate to open it and read.

Then luckily the movie got released at the right time. Thanks to the exceptional director David Fincher who has thoroughly given so much of time and effort to describe each and every minute detail of the protagonist’s psycho mind, just as much the author would have wanted it to be. The opening scene where Nick strokes her hair and says these lines and Amy’s direct stare to her husband pretty much arouses the chaos  beneath the innocent face.

David Fincher is an auteur. His highly visual story telling makes any audience connect with the character of the movie in a very clear and deep way. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, Gone Girl are some of my favorites. Coming back to the opening lines of Gone Girl…. I have couple of things to share.

Why is it that some women are always having the dark shade of themselves sitting right next to them inside their brains, busy cooking something or the other? Some say, the character of Amy pretty much describes the Munchausen syndrome.


What is it that makes people in relationships, go out and kill each other and still crave to be with each other together forever??

gone girl quotes

What lies inside us which makes us go into the darker zone? Is it the bi-polar state of mind or the other side of the wolf which we have fed all these years?



The character of Amy pretty much puts any man into deep contemplation. From what I have observed from series of events and watching movies, I can infer that expectations always leads to disappointments which in turn provokes the demons inside us to ride over us. Its a very tough challenge to not have expectations and love someone unconditionally having known all of their flaws. But when you have committed yourself to someone after having a deep brainstorm inside you, I think you should ask “Am I perfect?”. The answer to this question always gives you a certain level of tolerance to accept and reform things in your life.

By doing so, you open up positive possibilities in life. The communication between 2 people opens up, you start feeling less negative about situations and you will no more be the victim caged in bars made of anger and resentment. What we can learn from Amy and Nick is… Marriage/Relationship demands hard work. Either of them gets lazy and stops giving an eff to the other, all you can expect is this kind of dark twisted tale. Not every time, a relationship can be in Spring Season. There are times when things go dry, you may feel things are not matching upto your expectations. And that’s the time, you need to counsel each other and sort it out, instead of taking extreme steps. Gone Girl indeed presents marriage in a topsy turvy fashion. It thus makes us understand how much distorted we can make our lives, if things are taken for granted. This story surely makes you think twice before you jump into any relationship in your life.

For those, who are not patient enough to read the book/watch the movie. Below is the monologue by Amy, describing the entire story in a minuscule.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 87:When I think of my wife…..

    1. Hi Himali Shah,

      Thanks a lot for your compliments on my blog.
      Me too loved the movie entirely from frame to frame.


  1. i have heard a lot of about this novel .. now after seeing the video clip here , i feel an urge to see the whole movie .. faking pregnancy part was something interesting there . haha .. thanks for recommending ..

  2. also .. what a character amy dunne sees to be .. should i call her a pyscopath? or a victim of a traumatic experience before? or an intelligent killer ? let me see the movie

    1. she is mixture of all that you have said 🙂

      Rosamond Pike from Bond Girl to Gone Girl complete transformational role…. Nodi sakkat agide.

      1. Read it… chennagide. Gillian Flynn at her best. Also you can read The Devotion of Suspect X. Onthara ee drishya story idd haage ide. Boyfriend sakkat intellectual guy… chenagide.

      2. Hell yes. nim blog na hangella odakke agalla. dedicated dina ne ettitidini. SUP DAY antha. aa dina full back to back odade….

  3. The more deeper you fall for someone, greater is the pain which cascades. Everyone has a dark side and we pretend we do not. I must say relationship is always a battle of ego,pride, love and all those other emotions of any human, its upto to the partners to give up on which they feel is hurting them and the relationship the most for the relationship to survive..:) You either solve the problem or run away. Mostly people chose the latter…:)

    1. “The more deeper you fall for someone, greater is the pain which cascades.” hell yes. Who else can better experience this other than people like us.

      Usually when things are rough in relationships, people always choose FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Flight is always easy so people give up and lead a secured life. What say HK?

      1. What’s de point of flight ..?? Huh in my view such cowards will never sustain in any relation… But yea they are de happy one , soulless yet happy n some how de freaking world is filled with coward’s, hahahaha

    1. Surely i will put spoiler alert. Basically due to my prolonged illness, I couldnt write much Mayur for a long period. Now I have fully recovered, the Daily Prompts are not so appealing at times, so I downloaded the 365 Prompts book by WordPress and started writing one by one. This was part of it. They had asked to write “Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it
      the first sentence of your post.”

      So I wrote it. 🙂 And yes the movie is indeed sexy as f*** !!!

      1. hell yes. I saw her interviews wherein she has said how much she had to undergo weight loss and weight gain within a short span of 100 days for this role.

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