Daily Prompt # 88:Teacher’ Pet ? Is that you?

Since my childhood days, one thing which constantly used to haunt me till my teens were few kids being constantly labelled as “apple of eye” by teachers. I being a teacher’s daughter, ideally should not be feeling jealous of such kids but the inner underdog sleeping inside my head, just refuses to keep calm.

One of the many problems that the non-favorites of teachers suffer are as follows:

There used to be a teacher who used to teach us Hindi during our High School (She is my friend in fb now. No Apologies maam). I have seen her horrendous red lines liberally crossing from one end of the paper to another end, marking glaciers and craters on my illegibly written answer sheet. Adding to the creative VFX she used to call me and personally give me a lecture of what exactly went wrong in each sentence. Whilst, the beautiful teachers pet used to get undivided love from her which always made me jealous.

This in turn demotivated me and finally made me think I can never become better in this Hindi subject. To my surprise, I came late to my class one day and one of my good friends said I was the topper in Hindi. This happened during my 11th standard. I was like WTF!!! But inside my heart, I just couldn’t help but dance to the rhythms of “Ungli dabake angoota banadoongi tyaun tyaun”. I then realized how much the High School teacher contributed in making my Hindi better. Thank you maam for all the remarks.

Next comes yet another experience of being a non-favorite to Guru devo bhava. It happened when I was in my degree, I was the kind of girl who hardly used to attend classes and get constantly targeted as Ambika = Absent in class. Even if I was present sometimes I was being marked absent by default. It so happened that, one of our Physics Lecturer constantly hated me for no reason. He hated me to such an extent that I had to label him as villain of my life. No matter how many people liked me in my campus for all my achievements, I failed to gain one word of appreciation from him. The effect of this was quite massive. It made me more rebellion and I started picking up regular verbal fights with him. Thank you sir… for bringing the rebel out of me.

Now when I sit back and think of these 2 teachers, all I feel is a great sense of Gratitude towards them. No matter how much they hated me, how much they cursed me, it all ended up in shaping a better version of me. Today I can speak Hindi more fluently than most of the Southies do, and I am better in taking all sorts of criticisms in life. My Physics sir taught me how even after being in the top, one can face grave criticisms in life and how not to give a heed to it. He taught me to stand up for what is right, each time he opposed my intentions, it provoked the rebel inside me to push myself more and achieve more.

My sincere thanks to both of them.

Did you experience any kind of “I am not a teacher’s pet” moment in your life? Please feel free to share your experiences. Each moment spent in schooling is a golden moment.

Thanks for stopping by.

 Lots of love and hugs,



13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 88:Teacher’ Pet ? Is that you?

  1. That’s a nice story, I can see you’ve taken the positive side of those adverse situations you faced during your curriculum 🙂
    From hatred to being thankful to them for carving you to this shape. 🙂

    1. hahahah thanks Apeksha 🙂 Double thanks for reading it 🙂 i hope you got to know which teacher i was referring to;)

    1. Great. By the way where did you study pathbreakingwriter? Have you written something on college life in your blog? If so please share it across. I would love to read them

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