Dudhsagared Part – 1

Dudhsagar railway station

It was 10.28 AM by the time we reached the Castle rock railway station, we hardly had time to realize things around us, we all started running towards the platform, “Run faster ladies… faster… we got to catch the train before it leaves …” I kept shouting as we all were running from the bus parking lot to board the train which was about to depart exactly at 10.30 AM.

Castle rock railway station

We heard the train honking, which made all of us run a little faster, 10.29 AM we all had reached the platform and to our surprise the train which we wanted to board was overcrowded either to step inside or to hang near the doors. We all were panicked, as we couldn’t find a place to get in…  After so much of effort to reach the station on time, we could only wave a goodbye to the train, to those who were lucky enough to get an inch of space inside the train . Yeah, we missed the train very badly!

It was back in August 2014, we 16 of us, had visited this place called “Dudhsagar”, one of the famous waterfalls in our Country, situated in the border of Karnataka and Goa. Unfortunately there are only two modes for reaching this place, one is through train and another is a 14 Kms of trekking/walking on the train track (From Castle rock railway station to Dudhsagar railway station). The trip plan included a couple of other places which we had visited previous day and Dudhsagar was the last and final one. All of us were visiting this place for the first time and we barely knew any information about this place except for the transportation modes.

YES! That is how it looks when you board a good train!

So we missed the train and it was not just us who missed it, there were lot of people who weren’t lucky enough to get into the train. But our enthusiasm to witness the beauty of nature was young and strong, hence even we decided to walk 14 Kms which would take about 3-4 hours as informed by the locals. Before we started walking, fortunately we saw a goods train at the station which seemed to depart in a while. We decided to meet the station master to inquire about the goods train, so that we could board the carriage to reach our destination. Luckily, we were permitted to board the train which would drop us to the place. If you are wondering how could one travel in goods train, when there are no passenger bogies… Well, if you have observed closely, any goods train would have a special bogie at the end, which is reserved to the pilots. With that, we all were more excited to board the pilot’s bogie.

Finally settling ourselves we started off with the photo session, yes! we had many photographers and couple of posers who were insisting to take photographs. Amidst the busy photo session people from the other side of the station who had missed train, noticed us and boarded the same bogie and joined us. Within minutes the entire bogie was now occupied by passengers leaving no place for the pilot. After waiting for more than an hour, the pilot, who is supposed to be the only person permitted to travel in that bogie, arrived and was shocked witnessing the crowd. He then reluctantly made his way inside the bogie through the crowd and settled in his place with the baggage (which included a brief case, signal flags and a torch light). After 15 minutes the train started, and the crowd cheered the start of the journey with ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’.
It was around 12.15 PM when the train started from Castle rock station. In fact it was an amazing and adventurous experience. we were lucky enough to witness the nature in an open top carriage compared to the usual passenger carriage. Once we travel about half a kilo meters from castle rock station, we witnessed that the route is decorated with greenery and small waterfalls which you would be encountering quite often in your journey. It is truly a bliss to watch this scenery, every nature lover must visit this place once in his lifetime is what I feel. Apart from experiencing the beauty of nature, one has to pass through 14 tunnels. It was one of its kind of experience traveling through the tunnels which are completely pitch dark and would make you feel that you are a part of void. Other way round, this place is completely dangerous, since the track is built on the edges of the mountain, you would see the mountain’s peak to the left and downhill to your right, there are bridges along way where we can see water flowing underneath. Must say again we were lucky enough to witness everything around us traveling in that open top bogie rather than a normal passenger one. It was a total paisa vasool for us.

river like water flowing underneath the bridge
Greenery along side the railway track
One of the tunnels we encountered during the journey
Dudhsagar water falls
Tunnel entrance

It took us about 30 minutes to reach the destination by 12.45 PM. The train stopped at Dudhsagar railway station. we alighted the train and the entire place was crowded. We failed to notice that it was a weekend and we definitely didn’t have any idea about the number of people visiting this place on weekends, It was shocking surprise though. Without thinking much we started walking towards the waterfalls which is about 300 meters from the railway station. Since we were really hungry and so we spotted a guy selling ‘churumuri’ near the station, we had a cup of it and resumed walking towards the waterfalls.

After walking for about 15 minutes we reached the waterfalls, I must say It was a magnificent, a jaw dropping scene, we all were stunned looking at the waterfall, those tiny droplets kissed our cheeks, the cool breeze made us relieved for a moment, the majestic view gave us a refreshing mind after a hectic traveling. Nature’s beauty surely holds power to heal a tired mind and soul and thus we all felt accomplished.

That is us! Feeling accomplished

To be continued…

watch this space for part 2!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

For more pictures of the Dudhsagar waterfalls click Here


Kishore Kumar B R


8 thoughts on “Dudhsagared Part – 1

  1. We went to this waterfall via road. Nh4 highway Probably. And that was an amazing experience in itself.
    Also, it is always the train journey which takes you through the best possible scenes doesn’t it.

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