A Song A Day #1 – Summer Loving Playlist

Following songs were sent by beautiful curators of “A Song A Day”.

“Spirit Voices” by Paul Simon
Paul Adler, Emo Rock Curator
“I absolutely love everything about this song, from the bass line in the verses, to the rich, verdant imagery Simon conveys through his lyricism, to, well, pretty much everything about the bridge”

“Air Balloon” By Lilly Allen
Janet Choi, Indie Pop Curator
“A perfect sunny tune for a time of year when my braincells seem to drift away!”

“Stinker” by Nice Guys
Jessica Shamma, Singer-Songwriter Curator
“It’s a little tough for me to choose a summer song of all time, but I’ll definitely call this my summer song of 2015. Some of the funnest shows I’ve been to had Nice Guys on the bill and they never fail to bring it. \m/ fuzz forever.”

“Aftergold” by Big Wild
Hugo Fauqueno, Neo Soul & French Touch Curator
“Big Wild from Venice, LA dropped this seismic track at the beginning of the summer. “Aftergold” will go under your skin in a matter of seconds with its unique style. Enjoy, it’s summertime. :)”

“The Plan” by Built To Spill
Mike Singletary, Indie Folk Curator
“For some reason, summertime always kicks me into a nostalgic music mode. Maybe because my favorite parts of summer have never changed; like floating down a spring-fed Florida river with a cooler full of beer and ten pounds of boiled peanuts. What better background music for such an occasion than Built to Spill? :)”

Hope you enjoyed the tracks.

Have a good day ahead all you beautiful people…

Happy Weekend.

Lots of love and hugs,



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