Daily Prompt # 90:Tossing a coin or two

Its a well known fact that people do believe in “luck” many a times. We see lot of people working nothing, yet achieving all that they want. While on the other hand, some people spend their entire lifetime working their ass off and still not reaching upto where they wanted to reach. Why is this so?

For some people, life is just like the tradition of tossing a coin in a fountain and making their wish come true. And for some, its like a never ending grinding stone, end of which you will only suffer exhaustion.

What is it that differs both the categories of people from becoming successful?

It is the magic of thinking big. All the great achievers and great scientists were once great dreamers and were strong believers in themselves. You cannot succeed in something, if you don’t have a positive outlook on life. So stop cursing, stop giving excuses, start acting on your problems. Don’t run away from them. The difference between the man who tosses a coin, making his wish come true and the one who tries harder and harder each day is simple. The man who makes a wish, believes in it. And when your belief towards something is strong, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

Its always said Genius is Luck 1% and Perspiration 99%. So next time you find someone getting what they want in life, stop labeling them as “lucky”. Our beliefs in ourselves is the biggest symbol of inner strength. Stop caging yourselves in prisons built by limitations set by others. Break the cage and toss a coin in air…. Make a wish. Believe in it. Act towards it. Be Positive. You will feel lighter than yesterday, stronger than what you were a few moments ago and will feel better than how your life was few minutes ago.

Good Luck Dear Friend!!!


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 90:Tossing a coin or two

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