Daily Prompt # 91:A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

Long time back I read this quote from Bible

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much

Recently few days back I encountered this situation for myself. I wonder why people have so much of free time in this world to peek-a-boo into everyone’s lives and get some titbits of news which they can transmit everywhere in this world. The nature of gossiping about people is quite rampant in all our lives. But little do they realize that, a gossip betrays the million dollar confidence and trust that you had on the person. It just makes you so rigid that next time when you encounter them, you don’t even feel like seeing their face.

Some people no matter how much you grow as a person, never grow up from inside. They still remain the same immature folks as they were before. Few days back, I heard that few of my friends were busy gossiping about one of my close friends. I was asked whether the gossip was true or not. My answer annoyed most of them in the group.

Because I said

“WTF… How the hell is this even connected with that person. Why dont you guys please shut the f*** up and mind your own business”

Honestly, previously I was under the wrong notion that, only girls are capable of gossiping about each other. Because most of the gossips came from my lady friends about my male friends. But my recent encounter made it crystal clear that Gossiping is UNISEX. They don’t need any credentials. They just drive pleasure criticizing about someone or the other all their lives. Female/Male both are capable of gossiping. I lost confidence on 2 of my close friends who instilled in me this fact. The best life hack I use when I encounter such folks is that


Does that mean every word coming from my mouth is sensible? NO. Every man has his own flaws. The point is instead of pin pointing each others flaws and glorifying them, its better that you keep your mouth mum. In a world where people are connected with just a click through WhatsApp/Viber/FB/Twitter, it takes no time to spread bad rumors about people. The resultant of these false rumors can be catastrophic since it damages one’s reputation in public. People say I appreciate people way too much. But honestly, appreciating a poor performer doesn’t cause any damage. Instead it just motivates him to work more. Appreciating people around you creates good vibes around you and helps build positive and strong networks.

Gossiping just betrays confidence and trust. Without confidence and trust from others in this world, it is quite difficult to have a self identity of your own. Imagine a situation, where people invite you in groups just because you are a bag full of rumors. The day you are proved wrong, imagine the amount of disgust that you will have to face from them. Unfathomable !!!

Be a person who builds others up and not humiliates someone. It is easy to spoil someone’s image ; even more easy to spread wrong facts. But it is impossible to earn TRUST from a friend who thought you were a gentleman.

I am sure, all of you who are reading this would have experienced one such situation where someone close to you would have caused huge amount of damage by spreading wrong facts about you. Let me know, how did you handle such a situation. Would love to read some inspiring stories.

Lots of love and hugs,



9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 91:A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

  1. first of all welcome back and secondly when gossip happens you keep quiet for a while give those sick bastards a while to come around but if they do not show them hell..:D

  2. Great thoughts regarding gossips and gossipers. I grew up in China, and was companied by gossiping, criticizing and bullying from all around. My “bad reputation” had never stopped me to pursue my own dreams. Instead it made me stronger and tougher. After I followed my heart and built my new life at US, those gossipers at my hometown started to admire me, and consider me as a role model. I agree that any gossips end with wise people, but I also noticed that any gossips can drive a dreamer going higher. If I am splashed by icy water, I will boil the water and throw it back!

    1. Hello Yan,

      Its great to know that how you have outgrown inspite of the grave efforts by gossip mongers to harm your image. I truly loved your last line of throwing the boiled water 🙂

  3. These things keep on happening. the hack that i found to realizing who the gossip is to see which one of the person never talks about themselves. The biggest gossip spreaders are those who never talk about themselves

    Nice post and images used!

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