Daily Prompt #94 : Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Source: Life Line

First of all I have never been on a long flight.

Secondly, I once bumped into a palm reader during one of my trips back from Bangalore to Mangalore in a train. The Palm reader saw my hand, and wrote some mysterious symbols on a piece of paper (which I still treasure it in my home town) and left off.

One of the prominent symbols which he wrote was a compass. And I pretty much relate myself to the needle in the compass. My life keeps steering relentlessly towards destinations led by my heart. My moods are also in perfect alignment with the course of journey I wish to take in my life. Sometimes I get lost due to terrible mood swings but just like the compass needle, I set my steering wheel of life back to track. It is with the same attitude, I could take on the turbulent voyages of my life with ease since my goal was always constant “To do what my heart feels right”

Thanks to my close friends, who are always beside me to help me with my mood swing issues. But honestly, I do not believe in palmistry/astrology. My mother is a huge believer of superstitions and over the years her affinity towards these illogical things have grown vastly. There have been instances where certain fortune teller said something and it turned out to be a huge flop show after few months.

Recently, she called me over the phone to report how one astrologer fooled her. Late realization mama !!!! So instead of believing in all these you have to do this…


What did your palm reader say about your life? Did it make sense? Do let me know your comments on the same.


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