365 Days Writing Prompts #4 – The Liberation Day

Festivus for the rest of us:
You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

Instead of me being named as the Supreme Ruler here is a fictional character called Banjosca who becomes the supreme ruler of the Universe.

His first order of Business would be to declare MAY DAY as LIBERATION DAY and declare the entire week as Holiday.

Banjosca is none other than someone who has

  • the criminal mastermind of a joker
  • brute strength and exceptional intelligence of Bane
  • and possesses brilliant knowledge on how to induce fear in people just like the Scare Crow.

Hence the name BAne JOker SCArecrow. Banjosca would probably look like this.

joker wallpapers dc comics

Here is a short poem that Banjosca might keep as his National Anthem if he becomes the supreme ruler of the Universe:

When I wake up this morning

I keep telling the person in my mirror

that let nobody bring you down

for you are not a MONSTER…

but you are just ahead of the curve….

When I wake up this morning

I dress myself up

and say to myself 

that I am born to

give the instrument of your liberation…

I take the detonator in my hand

and push it in my jacket

have a glass of champagne

to celebrate the victory

of people induced by the fear


I pick up the gun on the table

and walk down the street

taking  a glimpse of those fast-track courts 

where I decide “It’s not about what I want… but it’s all about what’s fair”

I pound the gavel down

and sentence all these

corrupt bureaucrats to death/exile

for whatever they choose, 

their final path would lead them to die their own death

My city doesn’t want any winged hero

to come and rescue them

to restore the anarchy

to pacify the chaos

to liberate them

to bring them out of darkness

to make them fearless

Instead all it wants is an

anti-hero Banjosca

Banjosca is not an anti-social

but he is a man with intelligence

ignored by the world filled with Conformists

Banjosca wins the war for he has made people 

to step out of their hide outs and be fair enough to 

embrace the sensible way of living

by breaking all the rules

The heroes of the city brand me as DIFFERENT

For which I agree…

Yes I am different FUCK YOUR OPINION

it has no meaning for I am still

searching for that one mad fellow

who is as crazy as me

and accepts my ruling unquestionably

Because I believe



I stop beside the money launderers building and

press the detonator button

Off goes the siren 

and the city is in chaos….

100 more people dead

Blood bath in the street

Some more people are liberated

The anarchy has successfully restored

the faith that no money launderer 

will ever be able to survive the

chaos created by Banjosca

The tattoo shops are all open

And the kids once again ink themselves with

the words



I give him 2 dollars

and come back to my home

Only to wake up next day

to upset the anarchy…..

and restore some fairness in our system.

Regarding the decorations, Banjosca would put up the below posters all the main streets of the city.

joker wallpapers joker wallpapers

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