Daily Prompt #96 – Unexpected Guests

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

Source: Unexpected Guests

Recently during one of my acting sessions on a short film set, I met a couple who were sharing a similar experience of having unexpected guests for dinner/lunch.

The lady was narrating the experience of having a husband who is an avid follower of BJP VHP or RSS. During the initial years of her marriage, her husband would inform her on a short notice that, some guests would be coming to home and she should prepare some 50 Idlies and Chutney. She explained the shock on her face at the very thought of preparing batter for 50 Idlies with her beginner cooking skills.

Not just this, there have been several incidents where she used to get such surprises from her husband which she recollects now and laughs. Her husband responded back saying how she persuaded him to come out of that place and start residing in Bangalore city where none of his activist friends would visit at such a short notice.

I was listening to the conversation and was seeing both of them. Inspite of such surprise unexpected situations, it is their love which has made them stick to each other all these years. Considering the husband, who readily agreed adapt himself to the new city leaving his vast friends circle and his fellow activists so that he could give his wife some peace of mind.

I really appreciate their love and patience to understand both their needs. Most importantly I admired the way they both have stuck to each other through thick and thin and yeah the unexpected guest arrivals. They both are just an awesome bunch of human beings whom you can follow on twitter here