Daily Prompt #97 – The Smartest Thing That A Woman Can Learn

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.
Source: Third Rate Romance

She used to admire him

and he used to ignore her relentlessly

She gave him her heart

and he showed his ass

She walked beside him

and he never saw that coming in

She begged for love

and got his denial

She decided to leave him

and he left her

She went on to write poems and more poems on him

and more and more guys started falling for her

She went on to become a rockstar….

Until, one day he returned back to her

asking for some love

and all she said was

“The smartest thing a woman can learn,

is to never  need a man”

He said “okay you are still looking the same…. with that awesome hair”

and she said

“I’ll run fingers through my own hair

and grab my own ass…Bye”

The quotes “The smartest thing…” and “I’ll run fingers..” are taken from Pinterest. The above poem is dedicated to all women who fall miserably for that one guy, who teaches them in turn how to not give an eff to any man in this world. Thanks to all those boys who bring out the alpha woman from that innocent lass.