How Mohini Can Inspire You To Be Bold & Beautiful

“Mohini – of Bollywood dreams and Obsessions” is a novel written by Ramendra Kumar. It is Ramendra Kumar’s 22nd Book. The author has been an award winning Indian Writer for children with 24 Books in English and Translations in 7 foreign  and 8 Indian Languages. Mohini is his first book exclusively written for Adults. The book has a record of being a best seller and was sold out completely during its first week of its release. (Src: WikiPedia)

The book is strictly written keeping very matured audience in mind. It is definitely not recommended for people who do not read on prostitution/ rape / misogynism/ violent abuse on women and gender discrimination. It presents the raw story of a girl called Manga who struggles her way up the ladder for the sake of becoming a superstar in Bollywood and succeeds in becoming one.

But the question remains…. at what cost?

Manga, the small town girl from Mumbai, dreams of becoming a superstar through hook or crook. She manages to fight all the obstacles that come on her way with unwavering courage and grit. Thanks to people like Imran Bhai, Vicky and Sam who serve as excellent aids to her in becoming one. Inspite of having the right people around her to support every step of hers in this endeavour, there are few times when her own circle of friends like Imran and Vicky play very strong roles of an antagonist.

In a world like Bollywood, where a woman is treated as a meagre sex symbol, Manga – begins her journey as Mohini and survives every challenge that people plot against her. The way Ramendra has provided the twists are worth reading and is definitely a page turner. The book mainly portrays the struggles faced by those millions and millions of girls who carry big dreams and enter the city of dreams, Mumbai and end up becoming someone whom they never wanted to be. It also shows the shades of grey hidden in each man in this huge Indian Cinema Industry and throws light on how as a woman you can beat the odds through your charms and wit.

I gave a rating of 5 on 5 for this book mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Mohini stands for the quote “Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove  we showed up for it”. Right from being the sidekick in the industry to becoming the dream girl, Mohini suffers a dreadful journey. Series of betrayals and loads of disappointments come her way. What makes her strong is her will to become superstar.
  2. Mohini is a sweet daughter, lovely partner for Sam, dream girl of many and a good human being from inside. But the world outside her, brands her as a sex symbol and an object of desire. She teaches how to not give up your dreams when you are swimming in an ocean full of people who leech out the positivity from you.
  3. Mohini is the kind of woman whom you will love and hate. You will love her for her innocence in trusting her good friends and hate her for being a bitch when she retaliates against men who try to harm her.
  4. Mohini is a perfect example for all those women who want to be fire and end up being one, thanks to the brutal society which judges them wrongly at each step and compliments the same woman when she is at the peak of her career.
  5. The book teaches, how fragile and dangerous a woman can be at any given point of time. She is the kitten for the man who loves her to the core and she is the bitch for the same man who tries to shatter her dreams by male dominance and ignorant behavior. A bold woman is nothing but a person who has the courage to swim against the current and emerge as a winner.

I would suggest this book to all those women out there who want to explore the darker side of Bollywood. Mohini definitely is a tale of bollywood dreams and obsessions.

The header quote is taken from Pinterest.


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