365/6– A Quote That Will Motivate You To Read More

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

pablo (5)I return to this quote again and again because, it reminds me of the importance of reading in one’s life. I have pinned this image in my mind strongly so that, even if get a minute of free time, I read something or the other which in turn has improved my overall personality exponentially.


11 thoughts on “365/6– A Quote That Will Motivate You To Read More

  1. Reading has been one of my favorite activities during spare time. I still remember those encyclopedia , manorama and wisdom book during my school days which made me enjoy this habit .

      1. Entha maathu.. Gyana padiyoke ondu maarga ashte. Those days wisdom was 5 rs. Now its 15 rs. Still available. But entha information kodatte antira ..

  2. One of my favorite quotes is this “if it works don’t fix it.” I have no clue who said it but it sticks in my head reminding me that my 25 year marriage to a abuser did not work so I finally fixed it. That was 4 years ago and I also am reminded that I am a work in progress so if something works for me and my new life then keep doing it. But, I am still a long way from fixing my whole self inside and out. But, now I have a choice to decide on my own with being bullied into it how or what I want to keep in my life. I chose fix or keep just like cleaning out the a hoarders house. I say there are a few leaky pipes under some of that crap I threw away. Good thing I read a DIY on fixing leaky pipes huh? lol
    Great post and quote…..made me think about how I use to read and go away in a good book. I don’t read actual books anymore I read about anything on this laptop(first thing I own of my own paid for by myself) I did love historical romances and I am going to write one someday……

    1. Its true Annette, we are all work in progress souls battered by the bitter moments. Its amazing how much you are resolved to fix yourself and create a new life for you. Not many women would be able to take that step.

      I hope you get more peaceful moments this year so that you can devote yourself for reading some books. Historical Romance? wow.

      Are you planning for this years National Novel Writing Month. Its a great way to start writing one’s own book.

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