365/7 – A Roundup of the year spent in Reading Books and Blogging

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Since many days I was longing to write this 2015 Roundup article and yet I was so busy in my work that I almost kept finishing all the other drafted blog posts except this one. Its already 18 days past New Year and today I am writing the 2015 Roundup article.

Last year, I started off with big lofty ambitions and ended up completing less than 15% of what I had actually pledged.

Some of the prominent ones being

  1. Completion of 100 Books in a year
  2. Completion of writing 200 Blog Posts
  3. Purchasing a Camera
  4. Reviewing all the 100 books

To my luck, all the 4 went utter flop. Prolonged Illness coupled with my recovery period totally took toll on my reading and blogging hours. But, there is always Next Time… isn’t it. I am happy for the fact that, inspite of all the challenges posed by life on me, I still managed to complete 16 Books yesterday which is good thing because in 2014 I could read just 12.

Books Read

Coming back to Blogging, I could finish off some 70 Blog Posts last year and which is a bad number as compared to my 2014’s record which stands at 119.

Apart from all this, I spend some awesome time with my friends during my short film shooting. It is due for release this 2016 and I am also happy for the fact that I got rid of some emotional vampires out of my life. But life is always unpredictable, right when everything is settling down, it sends a lil storm for sure, just to make sure you are NO GODWOMAN to escape from the troubled waters of life.

There were major ups and downs, sprinkled with lot of tears and mayhem but right now as I am sitting and writing all this… I feel whatever happened, happened for a good cause. Most importantly I learnt few things last year:

  1. Having big goals are always helpful. Because, if you miss the stars atleast you will land on moon
  2. Never expect all your plans to go the way you had sketched them. Life is highly unpredictable.
  3. Be prepared for challenges. They come when you least expect them to arrive.
  4. No matter what people say, trust and believe in yourself. You are born to shine.
  5. No dream is too big. Its all in your head. Because when me and my friend both started KTM Page we were really clueless. Today, after a year, the page is still going viral and we are both amazed at how our hardwork has finally paid off. The same applies for my BEING YOURSELF page too. I never thought, people would come to the page and support my message. 
  6. Never ever believe what others say to you. You are what you think of yourself. I think I am a writer and today I am proudly declaring myself one. You call yourself stupid, you remain stupid in your eyes forever. Its all in your thoughts.
  7. Its okay to be a failure for big things shall arrive. If not now, atleast after few days. God’s delays are not God’s denials.

This year, hopefully, I believe in completing few more books, and blogging few more posts. All in the name of Passion. Because that defines me perfectly. I am passionate and it is this passion which keeps me going amidst all the chaos in my life.


2 thoughts on “365/7 – A Roundup of the year spent in Reading Books and Blogging

  1. Amazed. Brilliant. U have nicely listed ur life lesson . that’s how we grow. Very true that everything doesn’t go smooth in life u will have to be prepared for uncertainty at times..
    U have done good with reading challenge. Uncle toms cabin is nice . I was moved .

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