365/10- The Most Scariest Thing To Do In This World

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

She was walking down the alley hurriedly when she heard someone calling her name from the dark. She turned back slowly to see the caller. To her horror, he was the Kerberos of her life…. guarding every move of hers since the time she came there.

She so wanted to get out of that place, but her legs were frozen. A masked man, came and dragged her back. She knew what was waiting her once she entered the darkness.


Lisa was awake now. The thunderous applause in the room had made her come out of her dreamland. The speaker had just now finished giving his speech and now it was her turn. Lisa was never much of an extrovert. She had spent all her life, hiding her nose behind the thick books and never came out in public. Her last memory of public speaking was in 4th Grade when she terribly failed to memorise a small psalm from Bible and broke down infront of the whole class. Since then, she had never stepped the dias. The backstage was her favorite.

But, Warren, her best friend, nominated her to the Public Speaking Club in her college 2 months back where she started slowly opening up. Her fears were embraced by the patient teachers and like minded friends. She learnt that, speaking infront of the crowd is scarier than death but it is very simple. And as she thought about all those countless sessions of her mentors tuning her into making her one of the best speakers in her University… she took one step towards the dias. Lisa was now going to deliver her very first TedX Speech.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach, the anxiety, panic and all those quotes which pulled her down… But she overcame all of them, with just one quote in her mind




There she went, right to the middle of the stage and delivered her speech. At the end of 15th minute, all she could hear was the hooting and non stop applause of people. She felt as if she had won the Oscars. Tears rolled her cheeks as she made her way to the backstage. All the moments when her friends used to bully her and the pain resurfaced in the form of tears. That day she decided to put an end to it. She thanked her friend Warren for making her come out of her comfort zone and thanked her mentors for making the shy kid become such a successful speaker.


The above short fictional story was inspired by Amy Cuddy’s TED Video.


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