#93 – Peaks And Valleys Making Good And Bad Times Work For You– At Work And In Life

“It Is Natural For Everyone Everywhere To Have Peaks And Valleys At Work And In Life.”

Yes ! It is absolutely true.

No man ever on this Earth had only peaks (good times) throughout his life. Life is always a mixture of good times and bad times (Valleys), and it is best enjoyed that way. I picked up this small book consisting of 112 pages from our Company’s Library and found the above mentioned quote very apt to my life.51a0P8SX5eL.jpg

Thus began my journey with an old man and a young man from the book, who took me deep through the valleys of life and roused my interest to the peaks, finally making me learn some beautiful things in life. I can never take this book out of my mind, atleast in this lifetime. This book has got so much to offer to each person. It is a short parable of a young man  who is very unhappy living in a valley. He decides to take the big leap, by deciding to scale up the peaks. What awaits him when he reaches up the summit and what lessons does that experience teach him forms the rest of the parable.

This story is like one size that fits all. It could be narrated to a small kid as a bed time story, and could be presented during your board meetings too. Such is the beauty of this story. Basically it entirely changes the way you start looking at your problems. It imprints some principles like below permanently in your brain:

“You Cannot Always Control External Events, But You Can Control Your Personal Peaks And Valleys By What You Believe And What You Do.”

The Path Out Of The Valley Appears When You Choose To See Things Differently.

You Change Your Valley Into A Peak When You Find And Use The Good That Is Hidden In The Bad Time.

The below quote is one of my favorites from the book:


I suggested this book to many of them and luckily all of them have given a positive feedback on the book. I request you all to purchase this small story book and start reading it.

Happy Reading !!

Lots of Love,



6 thoughts on “#93 – Peaks And Valleys Making Good And Bad Times Work For You– At Work And In Life

      1. Fish !! Is a very nice concept. A blog is coming out on the same from my side in March. It has helped me to find new ways of improving my boring work place.

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