Daily Prompt #100: Sentimental


Source: Sentimental

Okay… After a very very long time, I am once again back to blogging. Ofcourse, with a whole bunch of reasons like “I was busy with this that…” All are nothing but , according to me big fat excuses. Honestly, for a very long time i was busy with books and more books and more poetry to be specific. I do not know for what reason, but I was attracted to poetry and eventually I lost track of my blog.

So, today after a very long and tiring day, I thought I should complete this post which was lying idle since a month or so to be specific.  This is my 100th Daily Prompt Post here at “Passionate Ambika” and I am indeed very sentimental about this. Pretty much because, I have taken my Writing like a ritual over all these years. I have gone through all the stages that a writer will undergo. The initial blank phases where you struggle to write the first few lines, the mid life crisis of all bloggers, as to what needs to be written to keep the blog evergreen.. and finally the hermit stage where you keep writing, no matter who says what.

I have learnt a great deal of things like self-discipline, power of scheduling, content management here. I have explored myself through all these daily prompts and my heartfelt thanks to WordPress.com for keeping that tab always fresh. The purpose of writing this 100th prompt today is not something about me… It is about you, the reader.

I classify my blog readers into two broad categories. One, the usual blogger friends of mine. Two, the wanna-be writers/blogger friends of mine. This post is dedicated to the latter section of my readers who want to be a blogger, who want to resume blogging after a very long time or the first time writer.

The reason for choosing the latter section today is simple. I want to motivate them to write, to come out of their cocoon of excuses and start their own blogs. I want them to stop staring at their friends blogs and be envious about them and start writing what they feel like writing. Writing is a very powerful form of expression, especially for introverts. I still do not understand, why are people so scared of writing what they want to write….

My dear wanna-be writer friends, do not hesitate from expressing yourself. Stop giving excuses and start becoming who you want to become. Here are the top 5 things which I keep hearing from my wanna-be writer friends.

  1. One day I too want to blog like you. Please tell me some tips.
  2. I am so envious that you read so many books and write so many things.
  3. How do you find time to write?
  4. Where do you get your ideas from?
  5. Million dollar question… Why should I blog when nobody cares to read about it.

My typical never changing responses for them are as follows:

  1. “One day I want to…” never comes. So if you want to be a world class poet/writer/film maker… the best time was 10 years back… the second best time is now. Stop saying I want to… and start becoming who you want to.
  2. My dear friend why envy when you also have the same power as me. According to me, every person on this planet is a born poet. All it takes is to put them in a piece of paper and publish it. With the advent of so many social media platforms, it is pretty much so easy to write what you want to write.
  3. Time? Ever heard of the lines ” There is nothing like “No time”. It is all about setting priorities” It applies even to writing. Writing, by far is the world’s most loneliest exercise. You have to sit in a place, allow your mind to wander freely and start writing it. But, to be honest, it is also one of the most pleasurable activities in this world. So, there is never a right time to write. All the 99 Daily Prompt Articles in my blog did not happen over night…. It took me almost 3 years. But I did not give up. So friend, stop finding time to write and start writing. 1 line, 2 lines… 3 lines… honestly do not be afraid. Just write.
  4. Ideas? I derive all my ideas from various websites. Ideas do not have to be something super mind boggling. Nobody is a rocket scientist here. All you got to do is, observe things around you. Even the little annoying kid in your apartment, could be moulded into an idea for your next article. Think about it. The world is filled with interesting things and all it takes is to see them… feel them…. and put them into words.
  5. Ofcourse. In today’s world… nobody cares. But you got to ask question to yourself? “Do you live for the sake of others or for yourself? ” We do not live just because your neighbour wanted to see you alive. We all are alive because we like being alive. Same goes with Writing as well. Stop writing for people and start writing for yourself. It is true…. in the initial days people do not read your blogs… it might take some time… but in the end, I am sure you will find your tribe and will soon start networking with them. Let me tell you a secret… Writing earns you many a intellectual friends.

So, having said all these I want to wrap up my 100th Daily Prompt by telling few things for some serious writers out there.

Do not stop writing.

There will be days when you feel blank and do not feel like typing a word… but trust me… it is during these times you have to stay strong and start typing.

Always remember the power of scheduling things before hand, in case you are a weekly blogger. Helps you prioritise and makes your life easy on a long run.

No matter how many people mock at your writing rituals do not pay attention to them.

Set your writing goals clear… and keep working on them.

Last but not the least, read… read ….. read….. The more you read. The better you write.

A special thanks to the following people for encouraging me in this blogging journey.

  1. My first ever blogger inspiration “TheOnlySup
  2. My WordPress idol “Rarasaur
  3. My daily inspiration “Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss
  4. My biggest critic and loyal followers “Mayur” and “Chiru
  5. The person who helped me come back to WordPress during my big break 2 years back,  with his epic motivational words “Kishore

Thank you dear reader, for being a part of this amazing journey with me.



#96 – Travelling library: The two Indians on a road trip to promote books

Travelling library: The two Indians on a road trip to promote books – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-35742282

A very fascinating story of two Indians travelling the entire country with just a simple mission
I.e. make people read more books.

Read the different sets of people they have met during this tour and their message to the younger generation to buy and read more books.


#95 – Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

And what if you did not enjoy those 90,000 hours at all. What if ….

  1. Your organization lays too many restrictions on your working nature and hinders your freedom.
  2. Your organization doesn’t realize that you are getting bored with the same work which you have been doing since ages
  3. Your manager doesn’t like you wearing jeans or reading that novel on your desk and emphasizes you to follow a strict dress code and makes you read only Work Related Books.
  4. Your boss doesn’t like you listening that loud metal song 24*7 because he thinks, while you are working you are suppose to have no fun.
  5. Your enthusiasm in the job is declining each day
  6. Your family life is slipping away from your hand and you are unable to balance your life.

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then you ought to start FISHing in your life.

So what is FISH !!!

The FISH series is a set of books, which teach you how to transform that toxic energy workplace to a positive and re-energized place.

I finished reading the first one in the series that is the FISH ! which explains what is the FISH ! philosophy all about and what does it offer for you.

Let me remind you, we can apply this FISH principle everywhere. It works best for large/small organizations, it heals your ailing start up, it transforms relationships around you and helps you enjoy life each day. It is all about choosing your attitude today, tomorrow and each day. As the video states, it teaches you to the below principles that one needs to apply in life.

How did this help me?

It has helped me the way I see certain people around me. It has helped me how to have better control over my life and has helped me to get back on my usual Yoga Routine and sleep habits. It has helped me to enjoy my work and apply creativity in new places which I never discovered until I read this book.

This small book, is just  110 pages and it delivers so much within that short length. You will definitely enjoy the ride to Pike Fish Place and also learn how to enjoy life, when your workplace becomes a hell hole for you. I would recommend this book to all those people who want to stop worrying about their workplace and want to enjoy their work.