#95 – Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

And what if you did not enjoy those 90,000 hours at all. What if ….

  1. Your organization lays too many restrictions on your working nature and hinders your freedom.
  2. Your organization doesn’t realize that you are getting bored with the same work which you have been doing since ages
  3. Your manager doesn’t like you wearing jeans or reading that novel on your desk and emphasizes you to follow a strict dress code and makes you read only Work Related Books.
  4. Your boss doesn’t like you listening that loud metal song 24*7 because he thinks, while you are working you are suppose to have no fun.
  5. Your enthusiasm in the job is declining each day
  6. Your family life is slipping away from your hand and you are unable to balance your life.

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then you ought to start FISHing in your life.

So what is FISH !!!

The FISH series is a set of books, which teach you how to transform that toxic energy workplace to a positive and re-energized place.

I finished reading the first one in the series that is the FISH ! which explains what is the FISH ! philosophy all about and what does it offer for you.

Let me remind you, we can apply this FISH principle everywhere. It works best for large/small organizations, it heals your ailing start up, it transforms relationships around you and helps you enjoy life each day. It is all about choosing your attitude today, tomorrow and each day. As the video states, it teaches you to the below principles that one needs to apply in life.

How did this help me?

It has helped me the way I see certain people around me. It has helped me how to have better control over my life and has helped me to get back on my usual Yoga Routine and sleep habits. It has helped me to enjoy my work and apply creativity in new places which I never discovered until I read this book.

This small book, is just  110 pages and it delivers so much within that short length. You will definitely enjoy the ride to Pike Fish Place and also learn how to enjoy life, when your workplace becomes a hell hole for you. I would recommend this book to all those people who want to stop worrying about their workplace and want to enjoy their work.


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