Daily Prompt #101: What’s Inside Your Closet ?

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Source: Closet

A closet is every person’sΒ dream space. A place which always seems less for every shopaholic to stuff all his/her recently bought new clothes/boots/blazers etc. Many people dream of closets like the below ones in their dreams.

But off late, I have been blogging more on Instagram (insta blogging) and have found some amazing closets by famous instagrammers (also called as bookstagrammers)

Come, have a look at what they are upto.

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I figure while I am on a Harry Potter/mischief planning kick today, I might as well break into the Restricted Section. I received this fun "Restricted Section" candle this week from @halfoakcandles and just the name alone makes it fun to display on my shelves. It is cedar, dust, freesia and a hint of peony scented and actually does remind me a bit of old books. (Page sniffers out there? πŸ™‹πŸ») Do you guys have restricted sections on your shelves? Maybe the books are collectors editions? Maybe they are racy? πŸ˜‚ Violent? Scary? I personally don't like owning books I would feel SUPER uncomfortable with my kids discovering and pulling down to read. I am still working which ages will be allowed which books or if I will even enforce something like that. I suppose I have plenty of time to figure it out. Do you place age restrictions or any restrictions of any kind on your shelves? Are there books you won't allow your kids to read? Or are there books your parents don't want you reading?

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Hope you enjoyed the trip to the world of bibilophiles who enjoy racking their books in closets and on shelves.
Do let me know how do you arrange your closet?

Lots of Love,

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