Daily Prompt #103 – Fence

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Grass is always greener from the other side of the Fence is the new age mantra. The waiter at the cafe feels his owner is better off than him in terms of all the man hours that he puts into serving his customers. The employee in a regular firm feels his Manager is better off than him and his Manager feels his boss is better off than him…

Housewife craves for the freedom of a working woman and the Working Woman craves for the peaceful stay at home and pursuing her hobbies. The kid longs to become an adult and an adult struggles years together to relive his childhood…. Hence the mantra of Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is apt for today’s world.

Sitting on the edge of the fence and admiring the other side always leads to sweet illusions. This in turn makes us forget what we have in our hand. We lose track of the fortune that’s already been placed in our hands by God. We forget to be grateful for those little things in our life and spend majority of our time in admiring the other side of the fence.

One such incident, which happened with me was when I was making a transition from a Technical Role to a Non Technical Role. It took me a good 5 months to assimilate the fact that both the roles are equally challenging and no role is free from “obstacles” of its own. But the flow of life teaches you how to accept the change and move on. Now-a-days whenever I feel like throwing the towel and quitting a situation, I sit back and think of “What can be done to avoid quitting?”.

This habit has literally put me into bad situations at times… like I literally had to move my ass out of my comfort zones… But the risk was worth it. Hence instead of admiring what’s on the other side and regretting about your current situation is pointless. Let us take a few minutes, and accept ourselves, Love ourselves and try not to fancy what’s lying on the other side of the fence.

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