#107 – Age Cannot Wither Her

Writing a new post in response to the Twitter Prompt sponsored by @hourlyprompts. Today’s prompt is

age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety

Can you name one person in your life who fits the above description? For me it’s a mother who fits each and every word given in the above writing prompt.

For its only a mother whose age doesn’t wither her

Her love for her kids grows exponentially each day. She may hate you for all the wrongs that you have done to her, but at the end of the day she forgives all of them and gives only pure unconditional love to you.

She reserves the last piece of the pie to you and says she isn’t hungry. She bears the blows from the angry husband and makes sure you get a bright future. She slogs all day long but never loses her calm. Instead she comes home and happily agrees to prepare the dinner for the family.

No words can exactly describe what is Mothers love actually like. You can only feel it. You can only be grateful to God that he gave such a sweet guardian angel to you. You are indeed very lucky that you are not amongst those hundreds of kids who are orphaned without motherly love and are left in foster homes/orphanages.

We don’t need a specific day dedicated to thank her. We can thank her each day and each second of our lives for all the unconditional love that she showers on us. We owe our lives to our mothers. This post is a small dedication for all those mothers who reserve large chunks of their lifetime in the upbringing of their kids and family members. It’s for those mothers who are never thanked for all their sacrifices. It’s for all those mothers who are yet to give birth to their lil ones. It’s for every woman reading this and silently thanking her mom.
Who is that one woman in your life who defies age and shines like a diamond each day?