#113 – Don’t Count Your Happiness By Those Selfies

Not long ago, one of my new friends, asked me to share a smiling photo of me and to my surprise…. out of all the 5000 photos just a handful of them were smiley selfies of mine. My good friend , for a moment gave me a complex as to whether I was really happy in my life or not….

After a brief contemplation, I asked myself that ….was it all about smiley faces that act an index of happiness? A selfie where I am smiling cannot depict the exact state of my heart. If that was the cause, then all the fashion models in this world would be the most happiest souls in this world. One recent study says, two thirds of all models suffer from depression, anxiety and body image issues. This is a good example for the fact, plastic smiles are easily available in this real world.  So what is happiness according to you? According to me? Let’s keep it very simple.

It’s that moment when you see a Shahrukh Khan song on Television

It’s me waking up to the sound of a KTM Motorcylce early in the morning

It’s the warmth of a brother’s hug

It’s the warmth of a friend’s support when you are down

It’s those moments when people support your passion and help you transform the world around you

Happiness is being myself and inspiring others to get comfortable in their own skin

Happiness is purely my choice….. And should not be dependent on anyone.

It’s not the number of smiley selfies that you share on Instagram

It’s beneath you …. skin deep….

Happiness is remembering a dead person and still being able to smile at all their jokes….

Happiness is in short, letting go of negativity and embracing positivity.

Where is your happiness hiding? And how do you measure your happiness?



#112 – Is Being Someone Else Really Worth It?

People ask me why are you so rude and short tempered at times. Because, they refuse to understand why am I creating a situation, where other people would keep their mouth shut and move on. My answer to these folks is simple.
“I am who I am… and I hate being someone else because it’s just not worth it and if I feel something is wrong, I go all the way to fight back against it”.

Was I like this since day one ? No. For a brief period, I used to live a life of someone else… which was didn’t feel like me. I used to feel sad and drained all the time for no reason.No matter how cheerful the day used to, but sooner or later I was sad.

But one day my life changed. Thanks to Steve Jobs and his wonderful autobiography written by Walter Isaacson. The ruthless accounts of people abusing him and he in turn asking the writer to retain it opened my eyes. When a man of that huge persona can bare it all infront of readers what am I?

The below lines have had a profound impact on me.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.
Almost everything—all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.
Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”

It was sort of realization time to know who am I beneath this flesh and bones? That’s when I got to know I am not the one that the world is seeing me today. I am someone else. I am not the sad and depressed soul but the world’s most happiest person. So what is holding on? My fears…. My own self limitations were holding me back from being ME.

The moment I started feeling I should be my own, life became so simple. I don’t have to hide my anger, my pain, my feelings for someone just because “log kya kahenge”. All I had to was express myself. Be myself. I earned most of my good friends this way. I got people whom I love more than myself. The energy surrounding me now is completely different. I feel more positive each day and more motivated to do things which I am good at. It’s totally not worth being someone else in your life. It just drains you off all the energy in this process and makes you worthless.

Always be an original piece rather than die as a photocopied version of someone else. Its fine… if you are a chutiya (asshole) be a chutiya (asshole). Don’t try to hide that. Because someday some asshole is going to love you for the same reasons. The moment you try to become someone else, your downfall starts. People easily recognize what’s genuine and what’s not, just in a matter of few seconds. With this I end this short blog post along with a small video which inspires me day in and day out to be who I am.



#111 – How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Today marks the end of my 2016 Book Reading Challenge where I completed my goal of completing 15 books before the year ends. Last year I had this lofty goal of completing 100 books in a year and I ended up reading only 16. That’s when I got to know that in order to fulfill lofty goals, it is equally important to stay focused towards your goal and work double hard towards making it happen. Once in a month, if you slowly read paragraph by paragraph you are never going to finish 100 books !

So, this year when the 2016 challenge was announced on Goodreads, I resolved to read 1 Book. Yes, you read it right, I resolved to read just 1 book. Some of my friends on Goodreads raised their eyebrows looking at this silly decision of mine. A friend even asked “Just 1?” . I said yes “It is one book at a time”. I once read in a book, that if you want to eat an elephant… How would you eat it? In this case, the author referred to the problems of our lives as “elephants”.

Here is his beautiful analogy. No task gets completed if you get scared just by looking at it. It is always a good practice to divide the large task into small dices and then start eating it LIVE one by one. You manage to eat hundreds of elephants with this simple approach. Even with books, with the kind of work schedule and office work I had, it was impossible for me to complete even one book  with the number “100” dangling on my Goodreads profile all the time. Hence I decided to trash those double zeroes and KISS (keep it simple stupid). And the result was I managed to read more than last year with less stress. My brain somehow was way more relaxed.

Maybe, that’s why scientists say “Written goals have more power over the unwritten unrealistic ones”. Soon after I finished each book, I kept on progressing with another book. So by reading one book at a time, and resisting the temptation to buy more and more books and not reading them… I plunged into taking actions. Every day before sleeping I made a habit of reading atleast 10 pages. In this way, I used to get better sleep and also finish off one book each month.

Somehow, the strategy just worked for me. I further applied this strategy to all walks of my life, by tackling one issue at a time. Life seems to be much more simpler and happier now. 98% of all problems can be solved if we don’t panic and calmed the fuck down. What’s your strategy in dealing with problems/achieving goals in your life?



#110 – The Workaholic Syndrome

Off late many of my friends offer me suggestions like “You got to slow down girl !! You need to take rest blah blah blah”. But there are quite a few of them who stand beside me and cheer me up to say “You go girl… You can do it”. These are the people who I like to be with.

Doesn’t matter what happens, these are the people who motivate me to pursue my passion so relentlessly. They give me a complex and make me feel “What the f*** am I doing now?”.

A good friend once said “These days I am terribly sad because I am confused whether it is me running the life or the reverse”. And this is almost the same case everywhere, except for few people like you and me who are trying to wake up each day with the same passion in their eyes.

Be it blogging, photography, motorcycling or reading or something… every man should have some or the other passion in order to keep his mind from getting drained in mindless drama. The more I get time to pursue my hobbies, the most I enjoy.

When others see my pain, I see the long term benefits behind this painful phase of my life. Because as Gary Vee says

And yes…. this is what I like. How much do you burn out on an average rate per day? Do you feel/strained?

Let me know your comments.



#109 – What My Typhoid Relapse Taught Me

Image result for there are no accidents quote kung fu panda

This is what is the current state of mind is. Like that of Panda…. getting worried of too many if’s and but’s. Why not… life has thrown so many challenges and accidents all at once in my life… not once twice in the same year….


Yes. I completely agree with what Master Oogway says. There are no accidents. It’s all in your head and you are the master of your destiny. And sometimes, as Master Oogway says your destiny often lies on the path that you were trying to avoid all the while.

Forks on the road called life, are there for a purpose. It helps us realize the value of those choices we make at each fork. For a very long time, I had this habit of running away from things which gives me a premonition that “Tumse na ho payega”.

But after a brief sick leave spanning for around 3 weeks, I now have the clarity of what I want in life, who I want to be and what I want to do with it. I want to burn those feelings of regret and replace them with fire which keeps my passion alive. Due to a relapse of Typhoid, I was much much sick last month and I could not do anything barely eating and sleeping for hours together. During one of those never ending moments of staring the ceiling , I got to know so many harsh realities of life. Primary ones are listed below here:

  1. People are filled with drama. Each one of them. For each purpose of their own. You cannot reform all of them, but you can choose to be a better person each day and replace that negativity.
  2. Not all people are meant to be in your life all the time. There are times even without your consent, people just disappear out of your life without giving any reasons. Don’t give up on humanity. Be a better person by being there for someone who needs you out there.
  3. Problems are uniform for each and every person. You are not special to be treated well by this society. You too are as flawed as this society. So instead of trying to perfect your surroundings, you should try to be a better person and atleast try to keep your surroundings positive. Unnecessary panics are useless. Panic doesn’t solve problems.
  4. Know yourself. There can be no better friend than your subconscious mind. Make the best use of it.

Is there any situation which helped you to learn some major lessons of life? Please share it below in the comments.