#113 – Don’t Count Your Happiness By Those Selfies

Happiness is purely my choice….. And should not be dependent on anyone. It’s not the number of smiley selfies that you share on Instagram It’s beneath you …. skin deep


#111 – How Do You Eat An Elephant?

No task gets completed if you get scared just by looking at it. It is always a good practice to divide the large task into small dices and then start eating it LIVE one by one. You manage to eat hundreds of elephants with this simple approach. Even with books, with the kind of work schedule and office work I had, it was impossible for me to complete even one book with the number "100" dangling on my Goodreads profile all the time. Hence I decided to trash those double zeroes and KISS (keep it simple stupid). And the result was I managed to read more than last year with less stress. My brain somehow was way more relaxed.