#108 – Numbered Days Of Your Life

There are days when you feel that the day was incredibly short and there are days when you feel the entire day was #superboring. But ultimately the harsh reality of life is your life is finite and each day is precious.

Sometimes its tough to push yourself through all the odds and wake up early next morning and work hard towards your goals. Other times, it is exciting to work as early as eff and start running towards your dreams. What keeps us awake and what makes us turn off from our goals?

It’s nothing but our attitude towards each situation. Many people ask me how do I manage to read a minimum of 10 books each year. The answer is simple. I don’t force myself to read. Instead I have made reading books a habit. And many dumbfucks ask me why read so many books…what do you get…. I still have not been able to come up with a nose punching answer for them because my nose is busy hiding behind walls of a thick book.

I recently read this article of visualizing your life in weeks…. and after reading that I felt what the eff am I even doing in my life. I then realized I have one beautiful blog waiting there to get updated since ages. Hence I have decided to keep this blog a little bit real time and start posting as much as I can from today.

Life is highly unpredictable. You never know when you are going to be dead. So before that, either do something which makes your life worth while or either write something which will make others feel motivated and stay positive. Today was one such day for me. Thanks to team Buffer for always pushing writers to write write write….

What is that one thing you that you once used to do regularly and have stopped now….

Find out that one reason which kept you alive and pursue it with all your might.

Don’t be afraid of taking the big leaps…. Just do it.






9 thoughts on “#108 – Numbered Days Of Your Life

  1. And u should have known there fans like me who waits for ur post to read. What an amazing post Ambika ..there are many things which we desire to do and unable to do due to various constraints.. But then if not now then when are we gonna do that.. ?? Doesn’t it makes us feel incomplete when we think of having left doing what we used to do..
    Well yes I do feel .. Oh well reading books is the best thing I always do .. No matter how many books I have I still tend to buy new books..

      1. I won’t say I will read. I will comment and show u. After a very major catastrophic incident I’m collecting back myself. For sure I will read all ur blogs. It’s just that I didn’t even see my blog for a very brief period.

      2. i am overcoming once and for all…. life is hard but when the going gets tough… the tough get going along with the flow aste

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