#109 – What My Typhoid Relapse Taught Me

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This is what is the current state of mind is. Like that of Panda…. getting worried of too many if’s and but’s. Why not… life has thrown so many challenges and accidents all at once in my life… not once twice in the same year….


Yes. I completely agree with what Master Oogway says. There are no accidents. It’s all in your head and you are the master of your destiny. And sometimes, as Master Oogway says your destiny often lies on the path that you were trying to avoid all the while.

Forks on the road called life, are there for a purpose. It helps us realize the value of those choices we make at each fork. For a very long time, I had this habit of running away from things which gives me a premonition that “Tumse na ho payega”.

But after a brief sick leave spanning for around 3 weeks, I now have the clarity of what I want in life, who I want to be and what I want to do with it. I want to burn those feelings of regret and replace them with fire which keeps my passion alive. Due to a relapse of Typhoid, I was much much sick last month and I could not do anything barely eating and sleeping for hours together. During one of those never ending moments of staring the ceiling , I got to know so many harsh realities of life. Primary ones are listed below here:

  1. People are filled with drama. Each one of them. For each purpose of their own. You cannot reform all of them, but you can choose to be a better person each day and replace that negativity.
  2. Not all people are meant to be in your life all the time. There are times even without your consent, people just disappear out of your life without giving any reasons. Don’t give up on humanity. Be a better person by being there for someone who needs you out there.
  3. Problems are uniform for each and every person. You are not special to be treated well by this society. You too are as flawed as this society. So instead of trying to perfect your surroundings, you should try to be a better person and atleast try to keep your surroundings positive. Unnecessary panics are useless. Panic doesn’t solve problems.
  4. Know yourself. There can be no better friend than your subconscious mind. Make the best use of it.

Is there any situation which helped you to learn some major lessons of life? Please share it below in the comments.




10 thoughts on “#109 – What My Typhoid Relapse Taught Me

  1. Very wise words! I have spent many years trying to learn from my past, yet yearning for it none the less. But in those times of wishing and wanting, I’ve learned to reflect and try my best to be my best self.

  2. Ambika , yet another powerful post.
    Well yes people do disappear without consent and we cannot stop them ..
    Only way is forward. As u told, to grow as much better person .
    And yes deep inside u know what is that u really want from life..
    Life isn’t all about having pleasant experiences we all have stories to tell , stories to learn from..u have shown the grit the willingness to overcome odds. Its hard to face health issues amongst it. But u have overcome.so don’t worry u will do good ..

      1. yes. sometimes when you fall… you wont have anyone except yourself to “get your back up”. Books, quotes and poems, memories all play a crucial role in it.

      2. I have always kept saying myself you’re on your own.. No men wil come to ur aid .. And somewhere that made me become more resilient.. Its always important to find source that keeps u motivated enough..

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