#110 – The Workaholic Syndrome

Off late many of my friends offer me suggestions like “You got to slow down girl !! You need to take rest blah blah blah”. But there are quite a few of them who stand beside me and cheer me up to say “You go girl… You can do it”. These are the people who I like to be with.

Doesn’t matter what happens, these are the people who motivate me to pursue my passion so relentlessly. They give me a complex and make me feel “What the f*** am I doing now?”.

A good friend once said “These days I am terribly sad because I am confused whether it is me running the life or the reverse”. And this is almost the same case everywhere, except for few people like you and me who are trying to wake up each day with the same passion in their eyes.

Be it blogging, photography, motorcycling or reading or something… every man should have some or the other passion in order to keep his mind from getting drained in mindless drama. The more I get time to pursue my hobbies, the most I enjoy.

When others see my pain, I see the long term benefits behind this painful phase of my life. Because as Gary Vee says

And yes…. this is what I like. How much do you burn out on an average rate per day? Do you feel/strained?

Let me know your comments.




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