#113 – Don’t Count Your Happiness By Those Selfies

Not long ago, one of my new friends, asked me to share a smiling photo of me and to my surprise…. out of all the 5000 photos just a handful of them were smiley selfies of mine. My good friend , for a moment gave me a complex as to whether I was really happy in my life or not….

After a brief contemplation, I asked myself that ….was it all about smiley faces that act an index of happiness? A selfie where I am smiling cannot depict the exact state of my heart. If that was the cause, then all the fashion models in this world would be the most happiest souls in this world. One recent study says, two thirds of all models suffer from depression, anxiety and body image issues. This is a good example for the fact, plastic smiles are easily available in this real world.  So what is happiness according to you? According to me? Let’s keep it very simple.

It’s that moment when you see a Shahrukh Khan song on Television

It’s me waking up to the sound of a KTM Motorcylce early in the morning

It’s the warmth of a brother’s hug

It’s the warmth of a friend’s support when you are down

It’s those moments when people support your passion and help you transform the world around you

Happiness is being myself and inspiring others to get comfortable in their own skin

Happiness is purely my choice….. And should not be dependent on anyone.

It’s not the number of smiley selfies that you share on Instagram

It’s beneath you …. skin deep….

Happiness is remembering a dead person and still being able to smile at all their jokes….

Happiness is in short, letting go of negativity and embracing positivity.

Where is your happiness hiding? And how do you measure your happiness?




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