#115 – There is no fucking “Coincidence” in life

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Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous..

Many times we think that whatever is happening in our current lives are a result of some bad karma. But in reality there is nothing called as “Coincidence”. Everything happens for a reason. This involves including the breakup which you had last week, the job which you lost today or the fight which happened between you and your brother.

Nothing happens just like that. Everything happens for a reason. You might not know the reasons immediately but sooner or later you are going to thank the invisible force for making it happen. There is a connection why people arrive in your life when you least welcome them and people depart when you most want them. There is a connection as to why some situations happen in your favor and some against your will.

Earlier I used to get disturbed a lot. But now, I am used to the uncertainties of life. Because I have stopped drifting from one emotion to another. I have started accepting life the way it comes to me. Hard situations have taught me how to be grateful to each small happiness in my life. Happy situations have taught me how to enjoy and live in the moment. Each day is a new day and each lesson is a new lesson that you learn in this school of life.

My Yoga Guru once taught me ….

That the best way to lead your life the happy way is to trust the process and believe that nothing happens by coincidence. Everything has a reason beyond our comprehension.

This mantra gives me so much of positivity that, I seldom break down now. Episodes of crying hours together has now been replaced into episodes of laughter. I no longer brood over things which are beyond my control. Instead, I trust the process. It is not so easy to reach this state. It has taken me over a year and a half to let go of few things and being in unlimited positivity inside my mind and soul. But each effort taken towards that direction was worth it.

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