#119 – Gratitude – A Choice, A Practice and An Attitude

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In 2013, ShahRukh Khan was awarded one amongst the 25 Global Living Legends by NDTV. The award was presented to him by the former President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee.  Out of all the funny and witty lines said by SRK, one thing which stuck in my brain forever was the line

“Gratitude should be an attitude”.

He said

You have to be grateful to the Almighty, to your parents, to your teachers… not only them…. because that is something we all follow but we got to be grateful to everyone who works for us,works with us, makes us who we are brings us to what we become. Because on your own I believe you’re not unique you are just alone so gratitude should be an attitude.

But before making gratitude an attitude you need to follow two more steps in order to completely reap the benefits of gratitude.

First, you need to make gratitude as a choice and then second, you should make gratitude as a practice in your daily life. Then alone, it sinks in your skin and becomes your attitude. Grateful people also have bad days in their lives. But their choice to stay grateful for people and objects around them allows them to not get mind boggled. Happy people also encounter lots of set backs but the practice of staying grateful to each and everything around them, makes them less prone to anxiety, depression, getting mindfucked etc. It also further improves the quality of your life. Training one’s mind to stay positive and be grateful to every situation is not an easy task. It takes years of practice and patience. But once you achieve it, there is no end to it.

Being humble and grateful to life teaches you how not to take even simplest of the things seriously and lose sanity. For example, you wanted to start a new venture. Before even writing the business plan and pitch, what if you allow your mind to wander into all sorts of negative things and mindfuck your own self? Losing sanity amidst a world full of distraction is very easy. Gratitude is sometimes like gravity. When your mind says “What if I don’t get initial capital… what if nobody buys it… what if… this that etc” , gratitude makes you aware of the current situation and helps you stay grounded. It makes you realize that you are so lucky that you have atleast your basics covered.

Does this mean that even when the world is going against the grain you have to be super calm and peaceful ? No. You definitely should not. But that doesn’t mean that you tackle all the issues and start creating a dark ecosystem for your own state of mind. It is all in your hands whether to stay calm and think about a solution or get mind fucked and do nothing.

In my own life, I am grateful to everyone. This includes even those people who still doubt on me and say “I am useless”. I am so lucky that in every tragic situation of my life I never got any help. This not just made me super strong but it gave me the mental strength to deal with any situation now. Some people still think I am anti-social, but it is not true. I just choose people wisely into my inner circle now.

I would like to give credits to Yoga practice as well, for putting me into a fine balance and helping me achieve greater clarity on life. With each breath, I know I was better than who I was yesterday. I won’t stop until I become unstoppable. At the same time, I won’t change myself to someone who is not me, just because they were mean to me. I practice the power of gratitude daily and also try to make it a part of my personality.

How do you practice gratitude in your daily life?