#125 – Why Should You Switch Your Job Atleast Once In Your Lifetime?

P.S. This post is purely written based on my opinion and experience. So, please do not hold me responsible for your mood swings after reading the article.

November 30, 2017, will always remain one of the most memorable moments in my life. Primarily because for the first time I decided enough is enough and tried to pull plugs off my big MNC job and hunt for something else in the market. My mom said “I was insane” but never mind, I have learned a good deal of things during my 60 days notice period.

It all started with this Instagram post (please read the caption) which I composed during my commute to office:

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My favourite question for myself is always WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING. 😁 Most of the times, this is how I jump and take a leap of faith. Yesterday someone asked me in office asked me how is it that you never give a fuck to anyone. My simple answer is I always ask myself this question. Panic and anxiety will never take you anywhere. The moment you understand who you are truly from inside you overcome most of the bullshit that u keep fooling yourself daily. Somebody's perception about you will never change the fact that you are invincible. People might label u with hundred different names. But how much of it actually matters. If someone calls you lazy, unorganised, mediocre let them be… Critics are born to criticize. You do your work with 100% honesty and leave the rest to the Universe. If something is bound to happen it will. Else fuck it. 😁 #iphone #photooftheday PC : @impatient_biker + @arpith_rai

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Sometimes people say “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”.  

But, just like all the modern applications on Android, your mind asks for 2 step authentication.

  1. Do you really wanna resign this job? *question I asked myself*
  2. Hey dude, I am going to put down my papers. What say? *question I asked my best friend Anudeep*

For the second question, a quick call to Anudeep was sufficient to make me hit the resign button. (I can’t thank you enough for this motivation)

So why the fuck did I decide to resign after 6 years of stint in the same comfort zone?

Here’s the sequence of events which kept happening with me for around three long years.

  1. My daily office hours would start with a cup of coffee and end with several cups of caffeine in order to keep myself awake.
  2. You have literally nobody to look up to and learn.
  3. You stop hanging around with friends and start spending more time on long walks around the office figuring out how to get out of this place.
  4. You no longer wake up early with enthusiasm.
  5. You are just task driven animal waiting for a paycheck at the end of the month.
  6. You are desperate for a change but do not know how to start and where.
  7. You try moving around inside the same old stagnant workplace looking out for internal job postings but end up settling down for something the same.

And then comes the final push… “A nudge which makes you quit all this bull shit. ”

That’s it. With no second thought in my mind, I resolved for once that this large MNC ain’t serving me any good. The comfort zone had become too complicated for me to figure it out. Before I could lose my sanity, the two month notice period served me as a mirror of how much people are capable of hurting you, if given a chance. Right from passive reinforcement to negative brainwashing, I was subjected to all of that in the name of “Employee Retaining”.

There were people who genuinely wished I should rethink my decision. And then there were people who wanted me to stay just because their lives would be smooth as butter in the coming few months. There were people who played a very nice game of creating negative perceptions about me (You guys are going to get a nice post dedicated to you, relax). And then there were people who took me out for long walks and encouraged me to not come under any pressure.

Amidst all these things, the best decision I ever took was to stick to my decision and never dilly-dally. Salary was not a constraint anymore. Because I had come to terms that “Work satisfaction is more important than anything else”. A lot of offers came which offered me a better pay than the current company but they once again lacked the freshness in them. And finally, I ended up signing up for a startup. A place where I am learning so many things each day and growing.

I don’t say that MNC’s are toxic places to work because the first three years of my life in the same MNC were the best. But as and when you move up the ladder, you start seeing something like this.

You start seeing who your leaders are and what are their true psychotic features up close.

“Except true work, you can see rest everything happening”

Quitting a job which offers you comfort, job security is sometimes a too big risk. But if we keep seeing the below cartoon daily, we will very soon realize what is ultimately going wrong in all our lives. We are too afraid to get out of our comfort zones.

The 60 days notice period helped me utilize the time efficiently by reading about new trends in my domain.

At the same time, I have something to say for those who come to MNC’s from outside this large MNC ecosystem. If you are someone who is reading this blog post, is currently working in a startup and wants to move into a large corporation, then please read this article and save humanity.

Working in a start up makes you so agile and sharp that, once you go into an organization where to even get a pencil you need 2 business days from the facilities department, you are bound to get upset with the process and people around you. You cannot expect everyone to nimble along with you at your pace.

Your aggressive tactics of getting things done will never be appreciated. Instead, your patience and levels of tolerating bullshit will be welcomed. The learning curve will be very slow as compared to startups.

If you are joining an MNC from a startup, please please please remember that you are an alien to that environment and not the employees working there. So, stop feeling very proud of the new culture you are getting into the company and start expecting others to behave like that. It hurts really hard when a management team which acts like a sloth gets on your way and throws their two cents on every innovative idea of yours. So, try to switch only when you want to feel how being brain dead feels like.

Getting out of your comfort zones is one of the toughest jobs you can take up in your life. But, trust me its worth it. You might feel like pulling your hair when things get messier and you end up losing sanity. But a calm sea never made a good sailor. In order to sail from one place to another and to grow, we all need to quit the same old lake and start training ourselves in the art of sailing on turbulent seas. You will drown a few times, but in the end, hardships bring the best out of you.

Try switching jobs at least once in your life and see the changes for yourself. 

Wishing you good luck,