Instagram Stories & Me

phone showing instagram

For a very long time, I had a question at the back of my head

“Can one catch up with all the stories that gets piled up on your Insta feed?”

But then, every time I posted a quote or a screenshot of my favorite post from Reddit, I instantly saw a lot of people coming to my stories and consuming my content. This selfless act from others made me take up the 7-day challenge to see every story that pops up on my feed. That’s when I decided to catch up with all the stories that flash on my screen.

Now that I follow 500+ people on Insta this meant that I need to dedicate a minimum of 1 hour a day just to see what people are posting as stories.

I used my lunch hour to go through the stories and initially my reaction was like

“What the hell are people doing here…. except posting crazy selfies and random shit”.

But slowly I began to realize the power of stories:

  1. Instagram stories are very powerful ways of conveying direct messages to your audience which self-destruct after 24 hours.
  2. They are more personal and sometimes when you have too many photos to go through the grid, seeing stories actually helps you to catch up with all the latest things that is happening with the account.
  3. Some story feeds are so interesting that the live polls and the live videos actually make more meaningful than going through each account and checking their photo feed.
  4. I saw that some of the famous Instagram accounts were even running Ads on Insta stories. When I asked one of them, she said the lead generation from one story is more than that of fb stories and an Ad on Instagram.
  5. I also understood that some of them don’t really understand the difference between what needs to be put on their feed and what should not be.

It was also interesting to know how some brands were literally harnessing the power of stories to showcase the brand’s behind-the-scenes videos. It was a great way to interact with their fans and increase their engagement.

I have now stopped scrolling endlessly to catch up with all the photos. I now go through all the stories and interact with my favorite Instagrammers by DM’ing them right away.

This helped me to initiate meaningful conversations with some of the leading Insta influencers in my city.

So, all in all… I can say that the story feature in Instagram is quite interesting. And if you are one like me, who always thought “Why Stories?”, then probably its time for you to ask yourself “Why not see some stories?”