Moving to Mumbai – The City Of Dreams (Part 1)

Life in Bangalore was too good. Surrounded in a bubble-wrap of love, warmth and my lovely family in Bangalore I have now moved to Mumbai. Well, a lot of my friends still think it was my worst decision ever… But why let others decide what you want.


And every change has some meaning in it.

A friend of mine once said, “I am getting good opportunities in Gurgaon but I do not want to leave Bangalore and here the salary needle is not moving at all”. I could push him to an extent to go to Gurgaon but ultimately he did not budge. He chose to stay in Bangalore only with the same position.

This friend had the fear of missing out on all the fun and activities that he was used to in Bangalore. He simply did not want to take the risk of traveling to a new place again, relocating all his stuff and getting adjusted to the new surroundings.

To be honest, even I was like him a few years back. I longed for my comfort zone. Bangalore – my Kannadiga people – the comfort zone of not having to deal with an identity crisis or deal with totally new kind of people. It put me in the FEAR ZONE – where every little thing started bothering me. I was affected by opinions from others and cared a lot about what others would think of me.

What happens when you dwell in this zone of fear?

It leads you on a negative path which hinders your progress in life.

So, stop wasting too much time thinking about what could go wrong and trust your decisions.

Travel as much as you can right when you are young and independent enough to achieve it. Hold yourself accountable for every action that you take in life. Do not take anybody for granted. Hustle. Persevere. 6 months of consistent hustle can put you two years ahead in your career.

Never let go of a good opportunity just because of your fears.

Trust the process. Everything happens for a reason. Even if you fail, you will learn something from it. Do not let your past mistakes dictate your future.

Do something every day that scares you. Each day is a new beginning to explore your fears and grow. Just take a deep breath, gather your five seconds of courage and let go of your comfort zone.

Conquer your fears every day. When I initially landed in Mumbai, I had (and I am still having) my own share of struggles. Everything was confusing at once. But then, that’s the part of life. Nothing comes easy in life. And if you think, life is unfair to you, go watch GULLY BOY. Life is always unfair at some point for everyone, but that’s nature teaching you the art of survival. Do not put yourself down just because of your inexplicable assumptions and fears. Thousands of people come to Mumbai every day, with no solid background or money with a small hope of living their dreams. Every day when I see those people walking briskly near Kurla station, I can feel their enthusiasm, their struggle to get things going….. and their sheer determination to achieve their dreams.

After having stayed in a beautiful and pleasant city like Bangalore, for sure it was difficult to adjust in this kind of fast-paced city. Everyone is in a rush here…. Nobody has time to ask about your whereabouts or your well-being. Everyone is so disconnected but at the same time connected to a common thing “DREAMS”. Getting a proper accommodation is a big hassle in Mumbai, but there is nothing to be afraid of as there are umpteen number of FB groups and apps whose daily life is nothing but connecting you to a potential PG or a flatmate.

When people used to say Bombay is the city of dreams, I used to wonder what is so special about it as any city is a dream city. Now I understand why….

This city is like a melting pot. And this is just the beginning of my experiences here. (to be contd….)

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