Before Packing Bags to Mumbai (Part 2)

With little knowledge of what awaits me ahead, I entered Hotel Grand Hyatt at Ulsoor.

Little did I know, that things were about to get a 360-degree turn.

I answered my interview questions and vroomed back home zooming past the Bangalore traffic with ease. (All thanks to my humble CT100).

After a few days, it was confirmed that I had cleared the interview and my new job location would be Mumbai. I did not know how to react for a moment. I asked myself should I be happy or confused or sad. And a strong gut feeling said “Fuck You… Buckle Up and just go with the flow”.

In December 2018, I took a 2-months break from my awesome job at a fintech startup. This two-month window gave me a strange level of daredevilry to accept whatever was coming my way. I said yes for the relocation and dialed all my possible acquaintances to understand what is it to stay in Bombay. I have to say 90% of the feedback was not so positive.

But as I said, I was already pumped up with blind confidence… So, I asked a 2-week window from the new employer to sort things from my end and start this new journey to Mumbai. In this short duration of two weeks, all I did was put a closure to all the issues that would bother me once I go to the new city. One of the key important things was to first hunt for a stay in Mumbai until my PG was sorted. The second important thing was to transfer my two-wheeler to Bombay.

While the majority of them said that riding on my CT100 would be an awesome experience, there was this one friend who put some sense in my head. As the joining date approached near, my accommodation was becoming more of an issue. Primarily because the employer did not have the arrangements for the stay inside the campus. In this kind of situation, it was definitely not the best option to ride all the way from Bangalore to Mumbai on my humble 100cc vehicle. Because it would only make me more tired and would have left me with very less time to go and hunt a decent room for myself.

Two days before my departure to Mumbai, I did one last round of checkup for the bike, removed the clingy mobile holder and vroomed to Majestic Rly Station with all the necessary papers… Little did I know the drama that was about to unfold before me…

(to be contd...)

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