Unpredictable Indian Railways – Part 3

Whoever has shifted their vehicle from one state to another using Indian Railways are very well aware of the kind of paperwork and jugaad that goes into transporting their vehicles. While, packing of the vehicle is one aspect, the amount of unrest that one has in their heart until the vehicle reaches its destined place is another thing.

For a noob like me who dreads train travel primarily because of all the jargons that they use, it seemed like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. But, thanks to my friend Arun who had mastered the art of sending all kinds of bikes safely from point A to point B through Indian Railways.

“CT100 in rail? What if something goes wrong? What if there is damage?” were the initial questions that I asked Arun. His one answer was “People send RC390’s man! ….”. (Okay, I got my answer)

My bike had almost zero fuel, but still, to be on the safer side we filled fifty rupees worth fuel and went to Majestic Rly Station. As our friend Arun was well versed with the paperwork, I took my pen from my pocket and started filling it as if this is the 100th motorcycle I was sending from Bangalore. Halfway during the paperwork, there was an agent next to us. With a thick Kannadiga accent, he asked: “Baaambay huh?”. In unison, we both nodded yes. He then passed a wry smile and turned his head towards another Railway official. The officer said, due to some unexpected repair work in the platform, for the next 10 days all the cargo that needs to be sent to Mumbai had to be sent via Yelahanka Railway Station.

I immediately had this sentence in my mind “Did I hear him say Yelahanka?”. (Whoever has stayed in Bangalore knows what a pain it could be to go from Majestic to Yelahanka in the noon).

I went to the nearby ATM, withdrew some 2000 rupees cash and then we started slowly riding towards Yelahanka. After some time when we reached the station, we saw there were few officials and a whole idle station with barely a few passengers waiting for their trains. When we asked the Enquiry, he confirmed that the cargo for Mumbai arrives there and one needs to wait for the Supervisor Incharge for Cargo until 5:45PM.

We checked our watch and it was just 1:45PM.

With the already filled paperwork in my hand and a helpless face, I looked at Arun. My expression clearly said, “Now what?”

He quickly said, “Let’s check how do we empty the fuel and keep the bike ready so that by the time the supervisor comes we are all set to transport it”. Right then, we could hear the railway police shouting at an RE rider. He was arguing that how will he push his bike all the way from outside to get it packed inside but the police had his grim face which said: “That’s your headache….”.

At once we both were happy that someone else is also part of this safar (suffer).

To be contd



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