JLT – Just Like That

I won’t be continuing the Part 4 of my Mumbai series, partly because today was one hell of an adventurous day. Traveling the GULLY BOY featured Lower Parel flyover and attending the Grazia event at Phoenix City Mall…. it was all life in fast forward.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. We learn new things only to apply it tomorrow for a better future. Today was no exception. One of the biggest lessons that I learned today was about the importance of being authentic in the job that you are doing.

A series of events today taught me that, if you are not truly passionate about the work that you are doing, you will definitely not enjoy doing that work. It’s very important to love what you are doing. Otherwise, you will end up being an imposter amongst a crowd of spectators.

PASSION is something which cannot be copied.

LOYALTY is something which cannot be bought.

BEAUTY is something which cannot be judged superficially.

TRUST is something which you can never break.

SMILE is truly the most inexpensive gift of human life. But unfortunately, the wave of social media has truly changed the meaning of a smile. Almost everyone whom I met today was sad…. for one thing, or other. But everyone had mastered the art of hiding it and faking as if they are leading a 100% perfect life.

While I am nobody to judge them. I mean… who am I to ask them to not hide their real feelings. Everyone needs a mask. Some need it to hide their pain, and some need it to hide their demons. Reasons could be many, but the overall objective is to hide your real self from others. Social media today has made it really difficult to stay authentic. Everyone wants to be seen, and everyone wants to be accepted just like others.

What everyone has forgotten is that “You are unique and You are beautiful…. just the way you are…..”.

That’s it for today’s JLT post.

Thanks for giving it a read!


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