Packing of my CT100 – Part 4

By 3PM, we already understood that our fate is going to be in this Yelahanka Railway Station for an eternity. Till 4PM, the policeman kept telling us that no need of wrapping the vehicle, but the agent was telling us that it’s a risky affair to transport without any wrapping. The agent who agreed to wrap the bike said it will be Rs.700 for each vehicle. We three, with our puppy faces started bargaining and finally, my friend played the victim card.

He said, “Boss, look at the bike and arrive at a decent price… We do not even have money to go back to Bannerghatta… Please adjust…..” The way he said made that agent feel pity for both of us and then he generously agreed for Rs.400

We paid our dues and then walked back to the platform. And then started discussing whether 400 rupees was even worth it or not. Right from draining the fuel, to pushing it till the platform it was all our effort. All that the agent did was to put two cardboards on my bike and then use some plastic gunny bags to wrap it all over.

(Remember that CT100 is an economy bike… Even if you think there is no fuel left in the bike, you will still be surprised to find fuel in the tank. In my case, we got around 2L of petrol from the tank).

By the time it was 5:45PM we had lost our patience. We kept on stalking the supervisor chamber every ten minutes. We were literally the most hated personalities of the day for the enquiry office personnel. At 7PM, the supervisor arrives and says throw away the old paperwork and write a new challan. We wrote our details in it and put the value of the vehicle as described by him. (Poor RE Rider had to re-brand his bike from RE to Bajaj Pulsar to avoid extra money for shipping). I asked for places where the bikes will be delivered from that particular cargo…to which he responded that it stops only at four places i.e. Mumbai CST, Kalyan Jn, Pune, and Lonavla. I did not have a clue on other places and just wrote CSMT. (Short form for Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus – UNESCO Heritage Site with daily over lakhs of footfall every day)

In ten minutes he finished off all the work and asked us to leave. Before leaving he told us “We are pushing your vehicle today and it will reach CST the next day. First 6 hours it will be kept for free, post which you have to pay a fine of Rs.10 per hour. And please write your phone number on top of the gunny bag so that the railway personnel can call you (TBH Nobody called me when my bike was dropped at CST. I had to pay a fine of Rs.380 to get my bike back)

With my two-wheeler safely packed to board inside the cargo, I breathed my first sigh of relief. I knew something big awaits me in Mumbai (in terms of dealing with Indian Railways) but I was mentally prepared for everything.

To be contd...

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