Master The Art Of Getting Things Done Rather Than Waiting For The Right Moment

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“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl… but by all means, keep going” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever come across people who want to accomplish their goals yet are trapped in a cage full of excuses?
Not sure about you, but I have come across many. A classic example of this behaviour can be seen in a group of bookworms. Whenever there is a group of people who love reading books, you can clearly see the distinction between people who read on E-readers like Kindle and another group who refuse to move away from paperbacks.

It has happened to me so many times. People sometimes just don’t get the actual reason why I moved away from paperbacks and switched completely to Kindle. It always leaves an element of curiosity in them. Because after all, books are nostalgic….it’s a different feeling to hold the book in your hands and read. [I agree]

You might be wondering why did I pick this specific example. Let me explain this for you all.

I am a person who focuses purely on the journey and not the egalitarian ways of working things out in another way. For me, it’s all about getting my work done on a daily basis and reaching a few steps closer to my goals.

I primarily focus on getting shit together rather than worrying about the right time to launch things.
In other words, I work towards making results happen and do not take any excuses into account.

As a result, every year, I manage to finish my book reading goals as compared to my other friends. This was possible, only because I read a few books on Kindle and a few books from my paperback library. I was not even once bothered about how was I achieving my goals…. my focus was only to finish my challenge. Kindle or paperback never mattered.

When you focus on getting results, you don’t get stopped by obstacles. Come what may, you always find ways to work it out. But when your focus is purely on aesthetics and other stuff, you get easily derailed from your journey and before you know, you would have lost a great opportunity.

A perfect example of this is the guy who is obese and wants to join the gym. He knows that the only solution to lose weight is to join a gym and start working out. But, he still keeps grumbling to himself that he does not have the right kind of gyms nearby / he does not have friends to join. On the other hand, there are so many self-taught yogis who practice yoga daily all by themselves 365 days a year. Whether they are in their homes or out on the streets, you can always see them not skipping their daily practice.

My two cents are very simple.

Focus on getting your goals completed successfully.
When your focus is completely determined towards becoming #1, your brain starts processing the information deep down your subconscious mind. This is the beginning of holding onto the journey of your dreams. Never be bogged down by phrases like “right-time or perfect-time”. The time will never be right… it’s all in your hands whether to make it right and use it to your advantage or just wait for the perfect moment [which never comes at all].

There is nothing called a PERFECT moment. This moment is all you that you have got to make your dreams come true. Stop procrastinating and start chasing your dreams.

Jon Tyson