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My Experience With Audible by Amazon

For those of you looking for a short & crisp review of Audible here you go:




If you are someone who just wanted the gist of the whole article then yes the article just ended with the last image. You may now go and catch up with your Netflix show or bore yourself with any other article on the net.

But, if you are someone who wants to read the long-form article and make me happy then here you go with the longer version of my  experience with Audible.

“…. This is Audible… The Compound Effect…Multiply Your Success One Simple Step At A Time by Darren Hardy…” said the deep voice from the newly installed “Audible” app by Amazon.

I woke up at 5:45am in my hotel room and finished my ablution to get ready for my yoga session when I was reminded of the fact that I had downloaded this new app called Audible by Amazon right when my Indigo flight was about to take off. After my shower, while my daily dose of black coffee was ready to be brewed in the kettle, I was just scrolling up and down the app to just get a hang of it.

I had read somewhere that either you can purchase the audiobooks directly from the app/Amazon website or you could download one book per month [Free-Of-Cost] as a credit from the audible library. Without delaying a second, my mind chose the second option of downloading one book on credit. After all, we are Indians and we are like this only. We want to see how good an app fits our expectations by fully exploiting all that is available for us on the table without paying one rupee.

Like a kid in the candy store, I was completely lost in the library of audiobooks. I did not know whether to take refuge under self-help section or jump straight into the piles of books listed one after other by some famous authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Bailey, Shashi Tharoor, Vikram Seth etc. My black coffee was done and it quickly reminded me that I now had just another couple of minutes to quickly finalise my decision. There came this beautiful white cover of “Compound Effect by Darren Hardy”. I tapped on the “DOWNLOAD” option and then kept the phone aside.

After finishing my cup of black coffee it was time for me to go downstairs and start my Yoga. It was during this time, I was going thru how to get started with audible and how to I….

Before I could realise all of this, I was almost halfway through my Yoga and was already enjoying my first chapter from Darren’s Compound Effect narrated in his own voice, set at 0.85x speed [because I cannot do a proper downward dog with a voice going in 1.5x and expecting me to concentrate… I could be a turtle at times and I enjoy it].

I took an oath that every day I will listen to Audible until I finish my workout. While I was mostly travelling during the majority of February month, I ended up finishing the book in a matter of 25 days. The book said it was 4 hours 44minutes long. Some people listen to it like their whole life depends on audiobooks by listening to the book at 2X speed and end up much before than 20 days. While some turtles like me, who listen while bending and twisting their head in contorted body positions find it extremely peaceful to go through the audiobook at lesser speeds.

On the 19th day, I simply could not believe that I had simply finished a book by just listening to it for a mere 15 minutes every day. [Well… I was working out only for 15 min the whole month] Not bad! Was my first thought. So will I now go ahead and purchase books on Audible? Hell yes [But I managed to download another book this month using my credits.]

Here is why I think Audible is best if you are a person who loves podcasts and listening to the radio.

Your Audible Book Layout Looks Like This
  • The collection of books runs from Arts & Entertainment to Crafts and Hobbie’s; From Food & Wine to Literature & Fiction; From Mature Content to Science & Math and many more genres. So stop giving excuses that the collection isn’t vast.
  • You can listen to the book at your own pace. Speeds vary from 0.5x to 3.50x
  • Jumpstart to any chapter that you would like to listen first.
  • Snooze off automatically with the Sleep Timer at the bottom of the screen.
  • What’s more… Bookmark your favourite chapters and lines from the book just like how you do it on a Kindle or your paperback.
  • If you are a person who regularly gets stuck in traffic or you are always busy with greasy hands in the kitchen then you have this amazing option called “Driving” mode which will remove all the unnecessary options and just helps you skim through the book at ease.
Audible in Driving Mode
  • Download your audiobooks to your phone and listen when you are stretching your legs in the plane or a place where your Wi-Fi sucks.
  • Just like your Kindle, Audible also could be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Even if you switch devices, you will never lose track of your books or your bookmarks.

For the guilty mommies and daddy’s who never ever tell Grandma’s Stories to their kids:

If you have kids at home, and you are one parent who hates telling bed-time stories to your kids then just invest in a nice pair of wireless headphones and put them on your kids head and switch on the audible app. Audible is now offering free books for kids. [Time to be a good mom/dad without dozing off and embarrassing yourself in front of the kid]

For the Hindi Book Lovers:

Lekin humein Angrezi nahi aati hain?

Koi baat nahi… Audible main Hindi Books bhi hain. Bas kaan main lagao aur sunte jao.

My Judgement:

I loved listening to books on Audible and I think it’s a new age tech for all those “old-school book lovers”. But, it’s time to upgrade yourself and listen to the book narrated by your own favourite authors. Even if you are an arch-enemy of these new-age reading apps just like the way you uninstalled the dating app from your kid’s phone… download karo Audible magar pyaar se.

How did I benefit from Audible?

I commute a lot [before the lockdown2020 ofcourse] in the crowded cramped Mumbai Locals with a fictitious baby bump [my laptop bag] and a dupatta wiping the sweat off my forehead after the marathon from one platform to another.

Whoever has travelled in Mumbai Locals know that nothing matters more than catching the right train at right time and also saving your life hanging by the thin thread of life and death. So it’s clear I do not want to hold a book in one hand and be the Sharmila Tagore of “Mere Sapnon Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu” song while my whole life is hanging by the worn-out grab handles of the local.  There are days when I have the luxury of having a nice place for my bum and reading THE WEEK magazine and throwing shades at all those miserable people standing with “mujhe seat de do” look in their eyes…. and then there are days when I literally pray to all the 10,000 Gods in Hindu Mythology to just let me inside the train. There are times when even the strongest Airtel network cannot penetrate the crowded trains and reach my phone… so the offline version of audiobooks on Audible perfectly suits my requirement.

On the other hand, I fly a lot as well. Most of the times, I end up taking a mid-night flight which means you are always having red-eye and people think you are a ganja addict. To keep myself awake, I plug in Audible into my ears and pretend as if I am listening to the world’s best rap music. By the time, the air hostess asks “Yatriyan Kripayan….” I am already done with 3 chapters and 4 paragraphs. Thanks to the Sleep Timer, by the time the flight is halfway to the destination, the app is off and I would have slipped to an indefinite coma.

I am a huge consumer of audio content, so be it a podcast or audiobook, I literally don’t give a flying fuck. For me, it’s all about consuming content. So yes, Audible literally suits me the best. Be it my gym, or my commute or my long hours of cooking something which I end up throwing in the dustbin… I am rest assured I am listening to something really meaningful and not wasting time in listening to the B-Town gossips streaming from the local radio stations. Even from a pricing perspective Audible is really light on pockets. So, yes mitron… during Covid time… try kijiye Audible. 


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