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How Are Big Goals Achieved?

We have almost crossed half a year, and it’s time to have a quick look at our goals. Some of them would have started off 2020 with rosy resolutions on January 1, like reading x number of books a year, or hitting the gym three times a week etc.

How far have you all reached? If you have already halfway on your journey to achieve your resolutions then well done my pal! You are on the way to achieve glory.

If you ask me, last year I sucked at a lot of things and excelled in many more areas. This year the history repeated itself. Series of failures, followed by corrections in my own habits which led to success in achieving goals. I have to give some credit to Mr Brian Tracy here. Because without him, even this year my goals would have gone down the drain.

In his book, GOALS!: How To Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, Brian emphasized on a whole set of dos and dont’s. Out of everything, the only thing I remember is the following:

  1. Write your goals down
  2. Hold yourself accountable for them
  3. Believe in yourself and go after it.

I would like to add one more line here.

Never be hard on yourself.

While you are on your journey to achieve goals, there are times when your goals might wander off, you may lose focus. You might take some time to realise that you have strayed away, which is perfectly okay. By choosing to be kind on your own self, you are helping yourself to stick to your goals again. Being hard on yourself will only push you towards non-performing zone leading to anxiety, frustration and disappointment.

Whenever you want to achieve any goal/habit, you need to simply start making it a part of our lifestyle. Like if you want to remain fit for your whole life, starting off with 2 hours of gymming is a bad move. Instead, starting off with 10 – 15min of simple workouts could be a great starter. Once you make the 15-minute routine as a part of your daily lifestyle, you may now increase the interval from fifteen minutes to twenty-odd minutes. In this way, gradually over a period of time, there are chances of you not missing the gym and consistently meeting your fitness goals every day.

Similarly, if you want to inculcate reading as a habit in your life then start carrying a book everywhere. If you know you have to wait in a long queue or stand during your way to the office, then it’s time to open your book/kindle and start reading a few paragraphs. Remember what I said earlier, never jump into big steps immediately. Start small. Once your brain gets used to the fact of reading for two or three pages, you may now jump to a whole chapter. If you want to write 10 blogs a month, start by writing your first paragraph then another followed by a blog post in the first few weeks. Once you are familiar with the process, then you may gradually increase your posting frequency. Never set unrealistic expectations to spoil your fair chance of winning those rosy dreams you dreamt on January first.

It is important to remember that there will always be that initial discomfort when you are about to start a new routine, new habit, or do something completely out of your comfort zone. Acknowledge it. Note the discomfort in a diary and keep going with your goals until you achieve end results. Doing the same thing religiously for more than forty to fifty days will surely remap the neurological paths in your brains leading to better results. Consistency ultimately beats natural talent. Never compare your goals with others or your pace with other people around you. Your only competitor should be you, yourself!

Tell me how do you plan to work on your goals in the coming weeks. I am excited to know.

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