About Me

Hello There!

My name is Ambika and I am from coastal part of Karnataka. Blogging is my escape into the world of words. I enjoy reading and try to pen down my thoughts here.

I started writing blogs just to be called as a blogger. Very soon, unconsciously I was caught up competing myself with other bloggers at WordPress. I understood quite late that it’s the quality of blog which matters than the quantity. I stopped running behind the number of blog posts, engagement and various other metrics and focused on perfecting the art of writing.

I now, spend around 80% of my time reading a variety of books and spend the rest 20% in writing. I have come a long way from writing my first shabby ugly post to what I am writing today. And I am proud of myself. I have made gazillion mistakes and have learnt so many best practices from my fellow blogger friends like Rarasaur and Chronicles of Anglo Swiss, Cristian Mihai and many others.

I have not deleted any of my ugly posts because I want to make other budding bloggers see that nobody gets it right in the beginning.

Here is my evolution

  1. My First Post – Life is Beautiful With Love
  2. 10th Post – I Love You Steve (3)
  3. 50th Post – Theatre – An Introduction
  4. 100th Post – Reading is Sexy!
  5. 200th Post – Fourth Wall
  6. 300th Post – The Smartest Thing A Woman Can Learn
  7. 350th Post – 20 Things I Learnt After Reading 2107 Pages
  8. Recent Post – Bye Bye Chinese Apps… Now What?

It’s only after writing one blog post after another I have refined. I started writing here about my daily life in Bangalore and have now graduated to writing about stuff that bothers the common man in India. Unlike other bloggers, I do not have a fixed frequency of posting. I still have to learn the art of blogging consistently. However, I have now made a point of writing one paragraph each day before retiring to bed. This habit has allowed me to publish one post every week. [It’s strange how small habits can totally change your entire game]

Finally, I would like to thank every reader like you who took time from the busy noisy social media landscape and ended up here. It’s because of your support, that we bloggers are still alive. A little motivation from you goes a long way. It helps us in ways you could have never imagined. So a big heartfelt thanks to you! I love you!

Do follow me on my social media handle(s) and let’s stay in touch.

52 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I finally had a chance to check out your lovely site. So much depth! I wish I could hang out all day and will definitely be back.

  2. I don’t know how but I stumbled by your blog page a little while back and it interested me to read what someone else with my own name had to write. From your thoughts, flow, inspirations, perspectives and interests, I am drawn to the blogs you’ve been posting. I really like coming by now and then to find a new post that catches my glimpse and to have my eyes hover over your banner saying ‘Ambika’. It’s just got a ring to it, our name does! Doesn’t it? Much love, Ambika πŸ™‚

  3. This aint no ordinary site, a master piece! No ordinary writer, talented and hard work driven! Looking forward to reading your posts, glad to have discovered your blog! Cheers Bud! – Cezane

    1. Thank you Cezane. Your words mean a lot πŸ™‚ Humbled to receive such huge amount of compliments from you.

      Stay Blessed !

    1. i liked your blog concept very much. Honestly, some simple techniques are so hard to invent. I am glad your blog is doing that for all of us.

  4. Hello ARK! (sounds like SRK πŸ˜‰ )
    loved your blog!
    Same here! I also follow Vivekananda, Steve Jobs, Robin Sharma and I am trying to inherit certain qualities of these great people in my life too!

    keep blogging!

    1. hahahaha ARK fan of SRK. haage adu. lol I am die hard fan of SRK. Nim blogs tumba chennagide. i wish kannada dalli nim alliro 1% panditya bandidru saakittu nange. 😦

  5. Inspirational… Really you are influenced by the qualities of these great men and the very conclusion that I can draw is – “You are an influential and superb writer”
    Will keep looking for more of your posts and get motivated with the same….

    1. Hello Rahul!!

      I am humbled with all your kind words. Love people who generously express their feelings with the help of words.

      Thanks a lot for praising my writing skills. I was a dumb writer back then… so i joined WordPress. Thanks to daily prompts and people like you who motivate me to write daily.

      Keep in touch.


      1. me too a Software Engineer here… seeking same support from you as well… feels great when 2 techies write some literature stuff

      2. I’m glad we’ve met! Software Engineer is my title too! πŸ™‚ 2 techies writing some literature stuff (LOL), yes, I’ve been told to knock myself out writing birthday cards instead of code! Ha!

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting my Page too Angie!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful words about Passion with me…


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