#133 – AC Chalao Bhai!!!

Today as I was comfortably sitting inside the cab and watching the Kumbh Mela @ Bommanahalli Signal, the Uncle who was sitting next to me started ranting. I think ranting is pretty infectious. Very soon, the other Uncle who was sitting in the cab also started complaining about traffic, heat, dust, politics, roads phew…. the list went on and on and on…

Now trust me, this ranting was not something which happened then and there. These uncles had a problem with every damn thing in the cab. Sometimes its the AC not calibrated enough to give them Shimla like temperature and other times its the route Google Maatha was showing. Every two minutes, one was busy talking on the phone and the other constantly checking push notifications from various apps. This was the classic scene of “restlessness”. Why can’t people just chill and focus on the present moment?

Finally, when we crossed Bommanahalli signal, these Uncles were fighting who should have the first drop. It was then I took the headphones off my ears and closed my crime fiction book to cut the crap.

I gently leaned forward and told the driver, “Straight hogi sir, Nandu first drop” (Please go straight and drop me first). The cab driver diligently dropped me first, meanwhile the Uncles were giving me nasty stares.