#127 – 10 Best Moves That Changed My Life Forever

Here are the top 10 moves that I started adapting over the few years which changed my life for good.

  1. Never announce your moves before you make them. Keep it to yourself and journal it for your daily reference.
  2. Save for today.
  3. Plan for retirement in your early 25’s
  4. Decrease your dependency towards depreciating assets and plan your finances carefully.
  5. Always have emergency funds at your disposal. If you are wondering how much should I have in my emergency fund now, calculate it here.
  6. Distance yourself from people who no longer fuel your ambitions. Read how you can achieve it here.
  7. Take good care of your body by exercising daily. Your body will thank you later. These seven minute workouts are really going to help you begin the journey.
  8. Prioritize your life first. Declutter rest everything from your life. Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple and effective ways to begin with.
  9. Do not burn your opportunities for temporary indulgements in things which serve no purpose a year later. Always apply the 1-3-5 rule when in confusion.
  10. Start reading a book every day. It is always hard in the beginning but you will love reading once you start embracing it as your daily routine. ‘

What are the best moves in your life?

Daily Prompt #32 :Dear Diary…

Today I am writing a short snippet from my diary…

It is inspired by one of my office incidents… where one of our colleagues snapped back at another friend of his in a very unprofessional way.

I just dont understand when people who are as matured as elephants commit some small mistakes and then try to cover it up with a goofy smile and false sympathy. Oh yes… as soon as I type this word “Mistake” i ask few people “Dont you commit mistakes?”

If the answer is “NO” then no need to read this entire post because this is for all those people who snap back at others if they find any mistake in others but fail to notice their own history/archives of mistakes be it big or small. Here goes few lines for people who create unnecessary melodrama in the name of #Mentorship.

Life is so strange. Its just like some scripted drama with regular intervals of happy moments and sad breaks. What keeps us alive amidst all this confusion? Is it the dire thrust to survive or is it the necessity forced by the norms of the society??

Till now we love someone and trust someone but in the very next instant one bad moment breaks the hard glass of trust and makes us hate the same person.

Is it because we get hurt when we least expect it to happen in our lives or is it because someone conspired against us way before we realised it?

The answer lies within us.

I hope someday I shall understand whom to give importance in life and whom not to. Thanks to all the people who bring bad incidents in our lives. They teach us good lessons.

Daily Prompt # 29:Top 5 things to make anyone smile!!!

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile.

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Hi Friends!!!

Myself ARK – a blogger who blogs often at WordPress.com who loves to write each and every day.

As i was surfing the WordPress community forums I got to see this nice question posted by one of our daily prompts members.

It asked how would you make someone/yourself smile??

Well, I have seen many tricks and techniques specialized by my great great friends Sharath Pai  @Kadale_Puri @MetiAbhi @BlrVeer @Dreamman2020 @Anushree @Kobbari_Barfi @dabbako @techie_baba etc etc and the list goes on.

But the above mentioned people are the epitomes of cracking jokes, humming some tunes from old retro movies or some unique thing which make even the saddest of the saddest person on this Earth to smile.

1: I was once very much sad at one of my friends and was pretty much depressed for few days consequently.

The one technique given by my friend was to hit the words #funny in Twitter and read some random tweets and just see how funny are few people even though life has been so rough on them.


For more tips please read my complete article here 


Daily Prompt # 28:Live just for today!!

Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time.

 If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

Many of us will already guess the answer for this would be childhood.

But for me its the present which always makes me relive again and again because in the present I always feel I did not live the moment to its fullest.

In this context I always remember the lyrics of the song “If today was your last day” By Nickelback

My childhood was not much great. Even the college days. But now it all seems perfect not because I dont have bad moments. Infact now I have more bad experiences than before yet now I have understood one thing.

The best way to relive your life again is to enjoy what you have in your hand right now. Let the dead bury its past.

Because as I am not afraid to make a start today. Its never too late.

I know I cannot mend my mistakes which I committed an hour ago but I know I can always learn from those mistakes now and try to reform myself to become a better person.

My biggest strength in life are my good friends who always evoke the sense of “Live up to this moment”

As SRK says in his famous blockbuster movie Kal Ho Naa Ho 

Haso jiyo gungunao… Kya pata kal ho na ho.

What is your opinion on living life for just today???

While thinking about an answer for the above question, you can hum this song….

Please feel free to express your opinions on this article.

Lots of love,



Daily Prompt # 25:Dealing with “Change”

Daily Prompt: If You Leave.

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CROSSROADS.

The word Crossroads reminds me of  Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Quotes
Taylor Swift

I agree with Taylor Swift 100%.

Music is a kind of therapy which can help you deal with many of those crossroads which you encounter in your life. Not just Music, your hobbies, new decisions, your forgotten old habits, new friends, new environment, new cities, new people, old scars, past experiences etc etc all may help you choose the right path amidst the crossroads of life.

Lets talk about how to deal with each crossroad situation in life.

WARNING: I am not any guru in helping people discover what’s right what’s wrong. I am just a small nobody who wants to express my views on various situations of life.

1. When we switch from our old job to a new job?

We often resist a change in our life. Maybe because we never ever want to get out of our usual comfort zones. When we get an opportunity to change our jobs very often we convince our heart by saying the offer is not worth it. The company is not worth working for. The HR was not good to me when they were interviewing etc etc. Or very often we hear that people were not satisfied with the pay they were being offerred in the new company and they refrain from moving out of the old Job.

What happens when you keep swimming in the same pond for years together?

New Job Opportunities
Struggling to move out of the situation??

You get bored of life as there is nothing interesting happening in your work life which further leads to office-drama

Office quotes

Instead why not embrace yourselves to new job. Think how much excited would it be to meet new people, new opportunities, new things happening in your life. Each day would pose a new challenge and will help you grow instead of getting stunted day by day.

2. Shifting from one country/place to another.

I am sure most of them create a lot of fuss over moving out from one place to another. It sure is such a pain.

Tips to move house

But just imagine when thousands of people are wishing to live and enjoy life at different places you are actually getting an opportunity to move into another new place. New neighbours, New surroundings. Imagine what a peace it can bring you for your later part of your life???

New house bangalore

3. Leaving your ex and moving on in life.

How to forget your ex

Yes its true. Not all love stories are meant to be have a happy ending… after all life is not a fairy tale. So when someone does not make it to your future why waste your days remembering all the bad memories and hurting yourself over and over. The best way to tackle this sort of situation is to embrace these ways:

  1. Cultivate a new hobby

how to cultivate new hobbiesIn this wide world which is full of many opportunities its very easy to find a group of people who are having similar interests like you.

Once you find those bunch of people, start learning new sports, start going to some music classes or maybe language classes.

These hobbies not just help you forget those bad moments but also helps you to network with some best people who may inspire you to see a fresh + different perspective of life.

2. Start concentrating on taking good care of yourself.

Its high time you have wasted thinking, crying or maybe even dying daily in the memory of your Ex Memories. Why not start taking care of yourself from now onwards.

There are plenty of options like starting to hit gym, or maybe joining some Yoga /Pilates/ Zumba class.

Trying to relax by reading some good book or going on some adventurous trip alone.

How to overcome loneliness

 Top ten tips before going to hiking alone

Crossroads can be for good/bad in life. But if you stop running mad and start thinking whether it is good or bad you will find an answer for yourself within your heart.
Sometimes all it takes it just a small pause button in your life to stop being consumed by the busy vortex of the world.
The answer lies inside of each one of us. So what are you waiting for? Start analyzing the crossroads of your life and move on.

Life is beautiful quotes