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I am the murderer of my child !!!

A beautiful poem written by one of my blogger friends. I wish more and more parents would spend time with their kids instead of thumping a fistful of expectations infront of them.

Here you go with the blog:

A girl,belonging to my husband’s extended family committed suicide a few days ago apparently for reasons unknown to her parents until then.I presume,she had lots to say but could not.This is inspired by her.

Source: A Confession…

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Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Embrace Your Dark Side

Writing from your dark side can make a difference in the world

Live to Write - Write to Live

charging knightI once wrote a post called Get Mad: Marketing from Your Dark Side. I’ve mentioned it before briefly in the context of Terry Pratchett’s passing, but I’d like to come back to it again because I recently read two blog posts that touched on how artists use their personal fears, conflicts, and even tragedies to infuse their art with passion that resonates far beyond their own experience.

In my original post about marketing, I talked about how a strong brand is defined as much by what it stands against as what it stands for:

Without an opposing force, a hero is just a person who is going through the motions.

Without an opposing force, there is no fire in the hero’s soul. There is no sense of greater purpose, no fierce commitment, no do-or-die mission.

Without an opposing force, we never get to see what the hero can…

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Are you the Target or the Arrow?

A very different style of blogging. Must read this one.

An Upturned Soul

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target”
― Ashleigh Brilliant


Random things have a way of connecting, creating a pattern, a bit like random stars get clustered into constellations.

I’ve often marveled at the designs attributed to constellations, wondered why whoever connected those sparkly dots not only connected them but also decided they were a dragon or a bear or pair of scales. They just look like random dots to me, yes, sometimes I see threads connecting them if I stare long and hard enough and force myself to see those lines (because they are supposed to be there), but the designs they make don’t look like anything other than a connect the dots puzzle which creates a weird shape.


Cetus_or_Sea_MonsterCetus or Sea Monster by Samuel Leigh


Even though I’m dense when it comes to constellations, I’m fairly…

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The Drama Parlor

Beauty may only be skin-deep but it had better be healthy skin at that! says Mythili Rajkumar who has written the below article on how the glossy parlors fool you in the name of “Herbal” products. 

Walk into my parlour… | Business Line.

A must read for every woman who wishes to get her face bleached while getting her hair done from the hair dresser.

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To love is not to hold

On The Heath

to love is not to hold
just as to live is not to grow old but to never fold

therefore, not to will but to do, is to be bold
so too – a story well-told has more weight than a pot of gold

© Heath Muchena, 2015

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Quick Reading: Add blank space after 4 digits and limit para to 4 lines

Tzp Formatting

Your Well Wisher Program

Quick Reading - Add blank space after 4 digits and limit para to 4 lines

Thanks indeed to Aamir Khan – Movie maker for Taare Zameen Par
For Text Version

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Never too late to call your parents

random rants ruminations ramblings

The day you grazed your knee at school.
Your nurse told me.
You never called.

The day you missed the bus on your way home.
Your teacher told me.
You never called.

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A common man’s Party !!

Here I am sharing a very sweet post written by Jayne.

She describes about her ideal way of partying which touched my heart because

  1. The Post is very short + sweet.
  2. The points described in the blog post almost hit the ground reality.
  3. It makes me realise that even today there are people who are happy with all the simple things that life offers us each day.

Not just this Jayne blogs not because she enjoys expressing her thoughts and loves to write on Random topics which struck a chord with my style of blogging.

I hope you all will enjoy her post on “Partying”. It’s My Party!!.

Lots of hugs and Love,


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Experimental Movie Maker – Upendra

‘A’ ಫಾರ್ ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ.


This post is dedicated to all those people who want to explore more about Experimental Cinema Making.

Its a story about one of the top 100 Directors of the World called as “Upendra”.

Please have a look at it.

My friend Adarsha A has really made this post viral over facebook so thought of sharing this with all you guys.

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Trespassers Will… Break My Heart

Trespassers Will… Break My Heart.

I am damn sure each one of us atleast once in their life time must have felt how terribly they failed to live upto the expectations set by their parents.

Here i introduce one such dynamic blogger who pours her heart out and speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love you all,


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Short and Sweet … That’s my Guru theOnlySup

Its Your Life.Face it. Don't Facebook it.

Amazing personal review on Pros and Cons of Facebook… I liked it very much… I hope you too will find it useful…

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Will You Still Need Me, When I’m 64

Will You Still Need Me, When I’m 64.

The famous song sung by Beatles reveals the fact that True love is something which defies age limit/obstacles in life. It makes us stay together no matter whether we are 14 or 34 or 64.

Today we hardly see such true love instances in this fast paced technologically advanced world. Sometimes i feel there is no place for true human relationships….. Its all something to be seen and lived only in Shakespearean/Nicholas Sparks/ Yash Raj Films…..

My only question is what would people do without having lived a lovable life… without having a deep truthful relationship with their loved ones….. Do they ever regret for not having such simple yet costly pleasures in life? I doubt….

Just when i was almost losing hopes on this thing called TRUE LOVE… Thanks to Broken Light: A Photography Collective for sharing AJ Kings’ Photo taken during one of her Photographic Excursions to Portsmouth.

Thanks a lot for reading my pressed post.

Love you all,


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Flag Book

Considering the Flag Book.

Hi People,

I found this article interesting. Hope so you too will find it interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love you all,


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International Puppet Festival in India

International Puppet Festival in India.

How many Indians have been to this Festival?

Puppet Show- Such a creative form of art is being let into ruins. A very disappointing thing for all Indians.


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Theatre- An Introduction


According to WikiPedia… Theatre is nothing but a form of fine art which uses live performers to present a piece of Story (maybe real or fiction) infront of live audience. The mode of expression of their feelings can be in many forms as mentioned below. Continue reading “Theatre- An Introduction”

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Kallara Santheya Nodrappo

Kallara Santheya Nodrappo.

Yet another post from IT Kannadigas on Kannada and its situation in Bangalore. Very funny and filled with facts.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love you all lot,



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The only blog for IT Kannadigas

Kallara Santheya bagge swalpa pisu maathu.


Hai Guys…. Check this one…

Only place for all Kannadigas to chill out…

Thanks for visiting my page.

Love you all,


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R.I.P. James Dean

Obituary for James Dean and Open Letter to Jet Airways and the Delhi we Love.

Gone baby gone...

Hai Friends,

As i was surfing thru WordPress top posts i got this blog from WILD AT HEART. I was really moved by the story of how a cute cuddly cat which was left for care by Jet Airways was killed due to the negligence of Jet Airways and how inhumanely they treated the pet and the owner after the “cat”astrophe….

Be it a cat/dog/cow/lizard whatever… pets are pets… infact pets make us more Human in this selfish world. One can never express how it feels when their beloved pets are churned to death in the hands of cruel people  in this case the JET AIRWAYS

My Question is why don’t people ever have some sympathy towards these lovely creatures …. why do they mock at their death and prevent their owners from expressing their condolence on the loss of their pets.

I am very saddened by reading the death of James Dean (beloved pet of Preeti). Rest in peace James Dean… You always stay in our hearts as  a cute kitty forever.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Love you all,




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Phil Pills for the day by Jim Valvano

My Mission Statement/New Personal Philosophy.

Hello Friends….

I found few lines from this post very useful before starting my busy schedule at office…. So instead of opening my Outlook 2007 I started with some few blogs ….

I am very happy to share few blogs with you today…

Thanks a lot for stopping by

Love you all,



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Divine Wonderland of Karnataka

Dharmasthala- Wonderland of Karnataka..

Check this post by Adarsha A to view picturesque view of one of the most famous yet not known Temple of IndiaSri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Swamy Temple.


Check out all the information about this amazing place and take a virtual dip in the holy river waters and feel the divinity in the air …. also experience the various Charitable Trusts which has given lots of help in the upliftment of the poor and the destitutes in the society.

Thanks for reading my post

Lots of Love,


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Simple Joys

Simple Joys.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever said John Keats… Just check the picture in the blog.

Thanks for reading my post.


Love you all,





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Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is permanent


Do you run into difficulty, get into trouble or have problems almost every day? Have you ever wondered why things don’t always work out the way you’d like them to?

Here are just some reasons why life isn’t always easy and trouble free.”

Sakshi’s blog teaches you new concepts in the name of Art Of Learning… Trust me guys its awesome.

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Water is the driving force of all nature

Every drop counts. Bengaluru- The city of gardens is now facing such a huge water scarcity. Why? Is it not each one of our responsibility to realise how precious is each drop of water to us? Read blog on the same issue only on WANT TO BE NOMAD…

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Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night. Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars… can’t describe this post more beautifully than this…

Check out this post and see the whole sky painted in Red…

Thanks “Coming East” for posting this.

Love you all


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Valentine’s Orchids I Gave to My Wife

Valentine’s Orchids I Gave to My Wife. Can’t be a better way of expressing love towards someone… Good Work Joe.

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From the trenches to the road

From the trenches to the road. Awesome blog on Trench Coats… How and why they became so famous amongst Women. I have a crush on them since i saw Burberry Ads in a magazine. What about you guys?

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Are you Shop-a-holic???

Are you Shop-a-holic???.

Whats the definition of Proper Financial Planning? Any idea??? Check this post for clarity.

Lots of love,


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I Believe , I motivate

I Believe , I motivate. Motivation of the day for me. How about you too share some Motivation from the post?

Lots of Love,


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Tips for saving money at young age.

why save at all. Perfect blog on Investments and Personal Finance. Just give it a good read. Simple and lucid and juicy with lots of information.

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Dogs know best

Dogs know best. I strongly agree with TBM as Dogs are those people on this Earth who can be our best friends when we are in times of need. Be it when we are lonely or sad they are always with us. Nice post TBM…Keep blogging more

With lots of love,



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Travel Photo of the Day (February 6)

Travel Photo of the Day (February 6). Guys want to see Mark Twains House…then you must follow “50 Year Project” blog by TBM. Nice inspiring blog.

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Temples of India

Temples of India. A blog worth seeing by “Out of Focus”. Join this blog and it will take you to amazing places in India

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You have to think big to be big.

Hi Friends,

How are you guys? Well in this new post i am going to tell you something about Mr.Catholina Lambert who is a true testimony of Hardwork and Determination to fulfill ones dreams. Without wasting another second of yours let me take you to a short tour of Lambert and his dream castle famously known as Lambert’s Castle

Lambert ‘s Childhood:

lambertolder copy

Full Name: Catholina Lambert

Born on: March 28, 1834

Place: Goose Eye, Yorkshire

He was the eldest son of his parents. His Parents worked in Cotton Mills and had to travel around the country to find some work. Due to financial problems he studied only till age 10. Since age 10 he has been working in the mills. He earned respect from his owner at Boars Head Cotton Mill. The owner trained him well and by the time Lambert was 17 he had 7 years of apprenticeship experience.

Soon he discovered that America is the land of opportunities and at 17 he took his brother William and set sail to Liverpool with just 5 pounds in his pocket.

How those 5 pounds multiplied into several hundred pounds?

Early life in America:

At Boston he secured the job of book-keeping for just $4 in a silk mill. Silk Making was the new trend in America that time. So Lambert worked very hard and impressed his owner again. He was successful in securing a partnership in the firm. Soon he worked even more harder and became the owner of the Silk Mill and renamed the  mill as “Dexter Lambert and Company”

Love Life:

He met Isabella Shattuck and married on September 9, 1857.

Isabella Shattuck
Isabella Shattuck

His business grew very rapidly and his silk mill became very famous. Isabella gifted him a land along the cliffs of Garret Mountain and this became his future destination of his dream castle “Lambert’s Castle”

He and Isabella had 5 children named as

  • Florence in 1859
  • Frederick in 1861
  • Walter in 1863
  • Isabel Louise in 1866 and
  • Clifford in 1869

They were very happy until there came a tragedy in his life…

Tragedy in Family:

His younger brother William with whom he came to America died mysteriously while travelling South America.

  • In 1870, their infant son Clifford died of cholera.
  • In 1871, their son Percy was born, only to die in 1882 of scarlet fever.
  • Another son born in 1873 died within weeks of his birth.
  • In 1875 his first son Frederick died of scarlet fever at the age of 13.
  • A son, Harry was born in 1875, only to die in 1885 before the age of 10.
  • Their oldest daughter Florence, married and had a child in 1882 and another child in 1883. She died of pneumonia soon after, at the age of 24. Florence’s death was to forever sadden Lambert. In fact, one of the stained glass windows in the Castle is a portrait of Florence.

However his business prospered and he bought mills. He also built a mill in remembrance of his daughter Florence called as “Florence Mill”. His oldest son Walter, 22 and son-in-law William Suydam ran the mill. His mill became a popular destination of all silk mill workers.

The Castle- A dream land of Lambert

Since he was a boy he had always dreamt of having castles like the ones in  Yorkshire and Warwickshire


In 1891 he began designing a new home at Paterson, the place gifted by his wife Isabella for him years before. The castle was made up of sandstone and granite. The castle costed $1.5 million at that time.  In 1892, the Castle was finished. In January 1893 the housewarming session was held in the presence of 400 people including President Mc Kinley.


Lambert Castle
Lambert Castle

In 1896, the 70ft observation tower was constructed on the crest of the cliff.  A gallery was also added to display European ArtWork.

70 ft observation tower
70 ft observation tower
The Gallery of artworks
The Gallery of artworks

For quite some time he remained as a businessman only working 16 hours a day. And in 1900, he opened the castle’s artifacts to be seen by public every saturday afternoon.

But…sooner or later all good things have to come to an end

The fall of Lambert’s Empire:

These factors have been largely responsible for Lamberts fall

1900-1904– Paterson had Great Fire and 2 floods and a devastating tornado affecting all the businesses in that place

1901- His wife Isabella , 44 years old died

1904– He married Isabella’s sister Harriet.

1913– The famous Paterson silk strike starts

1913 Silk Strike

WW1 and Silk Strikes ruined Lambert’s business. He lost a large amount of wealth and was forced to sell his estate.

1916– He auctions a large part of his collection of artwork ( 368 paintings and 32 sculptures)

Lambert's collection
Lambert’s collection

1917– He sold off his Silk Mill

Unlike other bankrupts …Lambert managed to clear all his debts and and was proud to repay every creditor from his own wealth. In Dexter Lambert Company too…none of the investors lost their money.

1923– Feb 15 he died at the age of 89. He is buried next to his wife, Isabella in Paterson

Grave of Lambert and Isabella
Grave of Lambert and Isabella

The Castle after his death:

1925– His son Walter sold the castle and the property for $125,000.

The Castle contains hundreds of acres of wooden area behind the cliffs above the castle. The Historical society now holds social gatherings, craft shows and fundraisers at the Castle. Its a favorite site for NEWLYWEDS taking wedding pictures. The Museum is open to the public throughout the year.

wed laur



Sorry for making the post very lengthy…I hope you have enjoyed it till the end. All we can infer from Lambert’s story is that we can also grow rich in our lives only if we start thinking BIG. Happy Reading and All the best for you people who wanna think big ….