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AC Chalao Bhai!!!

Today as I was comfortably sitting inside the cab and watching the Kumbh Mela @ Bommanahalli Signal, the Uncle who was sitting next to me started ranting. I think ranting is pretty infectious. Very soon, the other Uncle who was sitting in the cab also started complaining about traffic, heat, dust, politics, roads phew…. the list went on and on and on…

Now trust me, this ranting was not something which happened then and there. These uncles had a problem with every damn thing in the cab. Sometimes its the AC not calibrated enough to give them Shimla like temperature and other times its the route Google Maatha was showing. Every two minutes, one was busy talking on the phone and the other constantly checking push notifications from various apps. This was the classic scene of “restlessness”. Why can’t people just chill and focus on the present moment?

Finally, when we crossed Bommanahalli signal, these Uncles were fighting who should have the first drop. It was then I took the headphones off my ears and closed my crime fiction book to cut the crap.

I gently leaned forward and told the driver, “Straight hogi sir, Nandu first drop” (Please go straight and drop me first). The cab driver diligently dropped me first, meanwhile the Uncles were giving me nasty stares.

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Notes from a friend – A Review

Yes. This time I finished off another book in a week by Anthony Robbins. He is the famous author of books like Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

I had got a glimpse of Tony’s writing in the book Unlimited Power where he had described how much our diet plays an important role in fueling excellence and peak performance in our lives. I was amazed at all the tips given by Tony and was surprised how we all do the common mistakes and abuse our own bodies and later blame the lifestyle saying “I am tired due to this fast moving life”.

The book “Notes from a friend” is no less than a 100 pages book. It is combination of both Unlimited Power + Awaken the Giant within. The main purpose of writing this book was to condense the 400+ 400 pages worth information from both the books into one single small book. Tony has once again proved himself that he is a leader in terms of helping people realize their true potential within these 100 pages.

Here are some of the things that the book teaches you:

TONY (1)

Following are the stories described in the above image.




Tony asks us to write down the 2 important decisions in our lives and focus on them.

The Lilypad








pack (4)

In addition to all these, if you find a copy of Awaken the Giant Within the following chapters could be read if you find the entire book quite intimidating with its huge volume

  1. Decisions: The Pathway to Power
  2. Belief Systems: The Power to Create and the Power to Destroy
  3. How to get what you really want
  4. Questions are the Answer
  5. The Vocabulary of Ultimate Success
  6. Destroy the blocks, Break down the wall, Let Go of the Rope and Dance your way to Success: The Power of Life Metaphors
  7. The Magnificent Obsession- Creating a Compelling Future
  8. The 10 Day Mental Challenge
  9. Energy: The Fuel of Excellence (From Unlimited Power)

Overall I would give this book a 5/5 rating since it speaks in a very simple manner what is required to get hold of your life when life controls you and drives you crazy.

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A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

Long time back I read this quote from Bible

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much

Recently few days back I encountered this situation for myself. I wonder why people have so much of free time in this world to peek-a-boo into everyone’s lives and get some titbits of news which they can transmit everywhere in this world. The nature of gossiping about people is quite rampant in all our lives. But little do they realize that, a gossip betrays the million dollar confidence and trust that you had on the person. It just makes you so rigid that next time when you encounter them, you don’t even feel like seeing their face.

Some people no matter how much you grow as a person, never grow up from inside. They still remain the same immature folks as they were before. Few days back, I heard that few of my friends were busy gossiping about one of my close friends. I was asked whether the gossip was true or not. My answer annoyed most of them in the group.

Because I said

“WTF… How the hell is this even connected with that person. Why dont you guys please shut the f*** up and mind your own business”

Honestly, previously I was under the wrong notion that, only girls are capable of gossiping about each other. Because most of the gossips came from my lady friends about my male friends. But my recent encounter made it crystal clear that Gossiping is UNISEX. They don’t need any credentials. They just drive pleasure criticizing about someone or the other all their lives. Female/Male both are capable of gossiping. I lost confidence on 2 of my close friends who instilled in me this fact. The best life hack I use when I encounter such folks is that


Does that mean every word coming from my mouth is sensible? NO. Every man has his own flaws. The point is instead of pin pointing each others flaws and glorifying them, its better that you keep your mouth mum. In a world where people are connected with just a click through WhatsApp/Viber/FB/Twitter, it takes no time to spread bad rumors about people. The resultant of these false rumors can be catastrophic since it damages one’s reputation in public. People say I appreciate people way too much. But honestly, appreciating a poor performer doesn’t cause any damage. Instead it just motivates him to work more. Appreciating people around you creates good vibes around you and helps build positive and strong networks.

Gossiping just betrays confidence and trust. Without confidence and trust from others in this world, it is quite difficult to have a self identity of your own. Imagine a situation, where people invite you in groups just because you are a bag full of rumors. The day you are proved wrong, imagine the amount of disgust that you will have to face from them. Unfathomable !!!

Be a person who builds others up and not humiliates someone. It is easy to spoil someone’s image ; even more easy to spread wrong facts. But it is impossible to earn TRUST from a friend who thought you were a gentleman.

I am sure, all of you who are reading this would have experienced one such situation where someone close to you would have caused huge amount of damage by spreading wrong facts about you. Let me know, how did you handle such a situation. Would love to read some inspiring stories.

Lots of love and hugs,


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What’s True & What’s Untrue?

At this wee hours… I want to share a few things.

The Struggle between the truth and the false

In life very often, we are caught amidst a strong vortex of “What’s true and what’s not”. Its this dilemma which causes great things unfold infront of us.

The constant lies that we keep telling ourselves…. like the ones we say to ourselves whenever we see ourselves obese on the weighing machine. Instead of getting out of the couch and jogging the next morning, we choose to be lazy enough to say to ourselves “You aren’t yet that fat to workout”

The strong truth which slams our faces when we see our dreams getting shattered infront of us. The bitter truth of “betrayal” seasoned with irrational proofs making us believe “Humanity doesn’t exist anymore”. What’s true?

The friend who stays with you in the name of “revenge”. or the Lover who stays with you in the name of fatal destruction. What’s true? What’s untrue?

Each day, I convince my heart saying “Today is going to be the best last day of my life”. Why best last and not “best” or just “last” day… you may be wondering….

I always feel that way. Because each day it is indeed the best day to be better than who you were yesterday… and the last day to be the worst version of yours. Its never too late to be who you want to be. Never too early to believe what you perceive it to be….

Tiny droplets of #OneLove kissing my cheeks…. Feet drenched in puddles of memories….Thunder of the revenge of past…. and Soothing calmness of the sea awaiting to drown you down forever in a deluge ….What’s true and What’s not…

My soul is still searching the truth of life….

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Few more books for this year

I was going through archives of newsletters by Robin Sharma and found few books recommended by him as useful.

Hector and The Search for Happiness by François Lelord

Maximize Your Potential by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Die Empty by Todd Henry

Relentless by Tim Grover

The Entrepreneur’s Solution by Mel Abraham

Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly

Please let me know if anyone of you have read these books. Would love to hear the influence of these books on your personal life.

Keep reading. Keep growing.

Spending 10 minutes a day reading a book makes an hour worth reading in a week. Do not give excuses and start reading books.

Reading is having conversations with finest minds of the past centuries.

Have a great day ahead!!

Lots of love and hugs,


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Superstitions & Love

Monsters Devils

Today i am going to write on a topic which is quite different from my conventional blog posts. It was real hot Saturday afternoon when i was strolling around my home out of boredom i thought why not read a book. Just as i was about to go inside i heard a dog wailing in pain. And as i scanned for the creature all i found was a dog being stoned by a man. I asked him why are you stoning the dog and the answer was it keeps on howling facing my home. My dad is severely ill and i fear this creature may fasten up his process of going to heaven….

I was seriously taken aback with this statement and i questioned him back “But was this not the usual dog which used to daily sleep near your veranda?” And he nodded his head in agreement. I then asked him “Howling is really irritating and i agree but how is this linked to stoning a dog which never howled before… Maybe it is sufferring from some problem” and as i was saying this i observed the dog had contracted a very serious infection right behind its head. As the place was unreachable for the dog to lick and heal the wound got further putrefied and festered. The odor was indeed unbearable and i could understand how much pain the poor thing was undergoing. Without paying heed to what i actually want to convey he started stoning it and some kids joined him in the process. Finally the dog gave up and fled away from the scene.

I started thinking how much each one of us are caught up in the trap of superstitions. I myself believe in certain superstitions like if i see my aunt early in the morning my entire day shall be grumpy one… or even worse the day i wake up late is never a good day for me.. In a hurry i forget keys to my house door or forget my oxygen supplying headphones (Music is my oxygen) or forget my ID Card and then i blame it entirely on the “i woke up late” moment. Its hard to even imagine a life in India where one doesn’t believe in single superstition.

As planned i came inside cursing the poor irrational mindset of the man and picked up the much awaited book which was gifted by my bro Adarsha i.e. Of Love & Other Demons by the famous Colombian Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Of Love & Other demonsThis was the first book that I had started reading from Gabriel Garcia. So i quickly gave a read to the Author’s appreciation from Various sources followed by the Introduction of the Author.I then read the backside of the book


this short line gripped me more… i quickly opened the first page and once again found this

“For hair, it seems, is less concerned in the resurrection than other parts of the body.” – THOMAS AQUINAS On the Integrity of Resurrected Bodies

These lines made me further curious to know what has this story got to do with hair and dog.

The book opens up with Maestro Clemente Manuel Zabala editor-in-chief of a newspaper who is informed about the burial crypts of the old Convent of Santa Clara which are being emptied as some 5 star hotel was going to built on that place. The first step was to empty the crypts and then transfer the remains to anyone who claimed and bury the rest in a common grave. A strange thing that happens when laborers are digging out a body. As the laborers axe the grave a stream of living hair of dark copper color emerges out of the grave and when they start excavating more the more longer gets the hair. When they measure the entire hair they find that the hair was 22 meters and 11 centimeters.  The name on the grave would be SIERVA MARIA DE TODOS LOS ANGELES

A worker standing by the grave says that human hair grew a centimeter a month after death and 22 meters means this hair must have been growing since 200 years. Just as the workers says this Gabriel Garcia is reminded of a legendary tale which his grandmother told him. The legend of a 12 year old marquise with hair that trailed behind her like train and who contracted Rabies caused by a dog bite and had supernatural powers. The tomb became the news for Maestro Clemente Manuel Zabala but for Gabriel Garcia it turned out to be masterpiece book.

The book is simply written beautifully in neat 5 chapters. Each chapter highlighting the transition of the girl from her childhood to various stages of her life till her death by exorcism.

Chapter 1:

The dog bites the girl Sierva Maria which the Servant maid ignores by just doing a minimal first aid and the thing goes entirely unnoticed in the family. The girl’s step mother  Bernarda Cabrera is a woman wasted in various bowel problems always. She doesnt pay attention to this incident. The father of the kid Marquis de Casalduero also pays less attention to this.The girl Sierva due to this negligence spends most of the time in slave quarters learning their slangs and their culture. She refuses to be a part of this English family of hers. She learns the ability to speak and sing in different voices and the slaves too get deeply attached to her. Once when the servant maid discovers that the dog which bit the girl was rabid she informs this to Bernarda who ignores this as the wounds were dry and nothing serious had happened to the girl after the bite.

It is Sagunta a healer for rabies comes and informs Marquis that his daughter was the first one to be bitten by the dog and the dog was rabid. In a frenzy he inquires about this with his wife whose reluctant response irritates him. He visits the nearby hospital Amor de Dios Hospital  and sees the pathetic condition of a rabid victim who is tied to a pillar and is left to die. He meets the controversial physician of the city Abrenuncio de Sa Periera Cao. The doctor Abrenuncio says how bad is rabies and suggests one should either poison the victim or leave him to death since there was no cure for that and human body cannot withstand the plague. This completely disheartens Marquis and he brings the girl back to his house and makes sure she gets good care. Initially the girl comes with Marquis rather acquiescing manner. When he asks the girl whether she was bitten by the dog, the girl lies to her dad saying nothing had happened. Unable to see his daughter turning into a victim he visits Abrenuncio who says do her something which makes her happy since her days are numbered.

Chapter 2:

During the course of next 3 months until March the father and daughter try to bond with each other. Marquis learns to braid her long hair which was pledged to Virgin Mary that it shall not be cut till she gets married. He also tries to teach her some English Mannerisms which the girl would not learn. Abrenuncio visits to see the girl and asks Marquis to wait since there is no signs of Rabies for that little girl yet. Its then the actual war between beliefs and love starts. The father out of desperation to save his daughter seeks help from all sources which nearly takes a deathly toll on both the physical and mental well being of Sierva. The little 12 year old girl will be subjected to various unhealthy superstitious medications which disrupt her entire health making her weak and fragile. When she fights back those healers people brand her as someone who has been possessed by demons. Its then that a Bishop Don Toribio de Caceres y Virtudes offers help to Marquis. The Bishop then suggests that she is being possessed by Demons and she needs to get them exorcised by nuns from Convent in Santa Clara. Marquis religiously follows this advice and thinks he is doing it in best interests for the well being of his daughter. But things turn upside down and Sierva’s life takes complete U Turn.

Chapter 3: 

The girl Sierva is being entertained in the Convent in rather unwelcoming manner. The nuns allocate a lonely devastating cell to her where they lock her. 93 days after the rabid dog bite a girl is being locked in cell where she would spent the rest of her days till death lays its icy hands on her. People start looking at her wierdly and are hugely amused by necklaces around her neck and try to steal all her belongings and when Sierva bites one of them the entire convent turns into hostile environment. She faces huge opposition from entire convent and more and more people come to see her locked up inside the cell. Meanwhile physician Abrenuncio comes to know that the little child is being left to rot in the hell. He reminds Marquis again saying its not fair to leave the kid alone suffer in such a dungeon from where she would not return alive after exorcism.

It is then Father Cayetano Delaura gets a strange dream where Sierva sat at a window eating grapes one by one. Each time when she pulled off the grapes , new ones grew in her lap and she was finishing it slowly as the last grape would mean her death.

grapesWhen Delaura explains this to the Bishop, the Bishop agrees to handover this case to Delaura. It is then the entire story takes twist. Delaura initally visits the cell of Sierva for examination. He sees that the poor girls room was left to decay with remains of food and worn out mattresses. He examines her and prescribes urgently that the girl be nursed urgently and her bruises must be treated gently. He further orders that her cell must be whitewashed and kept clean. At one instance when he tries to communicate to with her she bites him off. Over a period of time she begins to heal and starts treating Delaura as her friend. Delaura insists the convent people to let her mingle with her neighbourhood cell mate Martina Laborde

Chapter 4:

Meanwhile Delaura reads all those forbidden books needed to treat demons inside her and later discovers that the demons are not inside of her… It is inside of souls of people who see her just as a person possessed by Demon and not as a little 12 year old girl. Its during one of the eclipses Delaura meets Abrenuncio and the 2 bond well. Delaura realises day by day he is losing himself for the girl who is bewitched by demonic people inside convent. At one of his visits , he sees Sierva dressed in her best attire and her potrait being painted by an artist. When the painting is done Delaura examines the potrait. It portrays the girl best dressed in her gown with demons flying all around her. Seeing this Delaura feels it is the society which is possessed by the demon and not the poor girl.


Day by day Delaura has sleepless nights as he is unable to convince the Abbess of the convent that the girl is in need of some love and some free non judgemental environment. But the Bishop, the nuns and the entire convent despises his argument. Its then Abrenuncio advises him to visit the Hospital and serve people and stop running behind the girl. Delaura reluctantly obeys them.

Chapter 5:

Eventually after many days he loses his control and rushes to meet Sierva in her cell and the 2 start bonding deeply. During nights, Delaura comes and gives her company throughout the night and returns back to serve people at hospital in the morning. It is during one such visit that he feels Sierva and he are both made for each other. He forgets that he is a 36 year old man and she a 12 year old girl. The 2 find solace in each others arms and eventually confess love. But Delaura never indulges in any sort of physical relationship with her as he still hashopes that the Church shall accept their relationship one day and they can be together forever.

During one of his visits he gets shocked to see the beautiful locks of her hair would be cut short as a part of exorcism rituals to get the demon out of her. She would be tortured to death and she confides with Delaura and begs for death but he manages to convince her that everything would be ok. But Sierva still begs him to take her away from the cell.It is during one such visit, he gets caught and he shall be banned forever from entering the convent. Its during this time the 2 suffer the most.

Delaura would be banned forever from entering and this shall be unknown to Sierva. All she remembers was the last meet where Delaura says he will come in 2 days to meet her and take her away from this hell. Meanwhile in those 2 days Delaura tries his level best to plead beg and convince everyone  including the church. He even testifies the fact that the girl is not rabid and is just a victim of superstitions and false allegations. He tries to convince the fact that demons which reside in the hearts of people cannot be exorcised and tries to change their mindset but in vain. Finally one day, Sierva would be dragged from her cell forcefully and the convent people as a part of exorcism ceremony. The poor fragile girl fights all her strength to escape from the torture. But the nuns shave her head off and make her drink forcefully potions of holy water. After 2-3 days of refusal from Sierva to eat anything she finally sits beside the window watching the snow and keeps eating grapes in her lap one by one…

She tries to recollect the entire journey of her as a little kid in the blocks of the city to her ending up as a witch. She thinks about millions of questions which remain unanswered like Why did Delaura not return and make her rot here. The next day the warder returns to cell for last round of exorcism and finds her dead on her bed with her eyes radiating like new born baby and hair grown like bubbles round her head.

And the book ended

I closed the book and walked away towards my balcony with a heavy heart and found the wailing dog taking refuge in our veranda. As it saw me it started walking away and i comforted it by calling it back to veranda. I could see the relief in the eyes of the dog that someone had left it to die and not bother with stoning or see it with disgust and angst. Why are superstitions sometimes so harsh on poor fragile things on Earth??


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When you are old – W B Yeats

Today as usual when I was as usually strolling through Tumblr I came across a blog named “Writings for Winter“. An Anonymous asked the blogger “Do you remember the first poem you ever fell in love with?” 

She mentioned 2 poems out of which the 2nd one touched my heart… Its as if my old age was running infront of my eyes… 

So here I go sharing the poem “When you are old” Written by W B Yeats

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

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Back of the Queue

Back of the Queue.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

I always wanted to be a dancer and a singer.

But what went ahead stopping me from becoming what i wanted to be was my “FEAR”

Fear of what may be the reaction of people when they see an idiot like me dancing…

Fear of what if people will laugh about my silly voice…

Fear of peers teasing …

Uff… endless fears…

Then I read this line by Marianne Williamson

Indeed our fears prevent us all the times from achieving the fullest of our own potential. The best remedy for this is to get out of that couch and start learning something new… I attempted the same and i participated in a flash mob held in our own Company.

Though i danced like an idiot it made me feel so proud that atleast i tried. Its better to have tried than not to have tried at all.

Comfort Zones

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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

via Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

Hey Hello Beautiful People!!!!

How are you all doing??

Today the WordPress guys threw this topic “Wasted Days & Wasted Nights” to all amazing bloggers out there.

So I am not a big English Pundit to be frank so i quickly googled what is this phrase all about. Afterall English is not our Grandfather’s language 😉

Then I got to know that this phrase “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” is from a famous song by Rock and Roll Musician Freddy Fender. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights was supposed to be one of his biggest hits.

The song was a major hit in New Zealand where it stayed for as No.1 for 12 weeks in New Zealand singles charts.

This song is amazing not just it was composed by Freddy Fender but for many other amazing reasons. Please see here:

Must say the lyrics are very nice. Want to have a look?

Click here for song plus lyrics.

Coming back to WordPress guys. This is what they said to us.

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

We all know that right from good old student days till our workaholic days we always work on one principle

Objects at rest will stay at rest and objects in motion will stay in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Until our ass is on fire we never wake up. Very often we land up in situations where we only think that

Isn’t that so funny??? 

I was exactly following the same principle until one day I read this book from Great Modern Philosopher Robin Sharma called as “WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE?” The quick answer for this question was “My Manager”. 

As i opened this book and started reading pages I got really glued to some of the most simple things that we fail to achieve in life only because we have wasted days and nights in not getting our life organised the way it must have been. Take my example, weeks before I read this book I used to be a big queen of having countless tabs opened in Multiple Tabs of Chrome until my system used to slow down indicating that “Hey you… Stop opening another tab”

I understood few points in this book to be very relevant in case of many IT Folks who toil day and night in closed AC rooms sweating out their brains to get things done only at the last moment.

  1. Toiling day and night forgetting that our body is like a machine which needs its daily dose of oiling and that you can only achieve if you donate atleast 30 min of your day towards some physical activity. Here is what a simple 30 min physical activity can do to your amazing body. You lose weight systematically, helps you keep fit, stops your unnecessary mood swings, improves your overall cardiac health and helps prevent some of the common IT diseases like diabetes, backache etc.
  2. Sleep deprived folks = People who work for IT Companies. With the kind of unscheduled lifestyle we often risk our 8 hour beauty sleep and start giving our grey cells in the name of Client Calls, Never ending deployments etc etc…
  3. Stagnant IQ Levels. With the kind of schedule that we enjoy daily we often forget what really interests us and what does not. We simply keep on working until there comes a day when we stop and think “Wait what about the Cricket Player in me? Is he snoring in the deep graveyard of my heart??” But alas… it would be too late by then.
  4. One can often find these IT folks roaming around the vast corridors of magnificient skyscrapers with their Oxygen Pipes plugged into their ears. (HEADSET MANIA). If not oxygen pipes atleast a device on which their eyeballs are glued no matter even if their manager is having a pep talk with them. Even worst you can find sacred words like F#%$#%%^ A$$%^&^* etc etc humming around you in haste.

Where am i heading? was the first thought which came in my head. HAVE I ALREADY WASTED 25% OF MY LIFE FOR SOME RUTHLESS CAUSE???

Then i decided to say to myself

That is when i decided to take to Yoga a little more seriously than ever. I stopped cluttering my desktop, thanks to my bro +Adarsha A who kept an eye on me whenever my desktop became a dustbin. I started focusing on things which are important to me. And also started to read one page daily and write one page daily no matter how busy was my schedule. I started letting go of my past painful memories and started taking Music very seriously. Thanks to Divine Mozart and Beethoven for those endless symphonies which brought the human in me back to track. One thing where i still am not successful is “SOCIAL MEDIA”

With loads and loads of amazing people around me i often find it very difficult to quit Twitter and FB. But i hope there comes a day when i seriously stop tweeting like mad cow and start reading more more and more books.

I try to follow atleast one thing mentioned in the below image. To be frank i fail each day each second. Still i wont give up. Because its never too late to mend your “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”

Thanks a lot for giving this a read.

Love you all amazing people,



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Top 5 things to make anyone smile!!!

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile.

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Hi Friends!!!

Myself ARK – a blogger who blogs often at who loves to write each and every day.

As i was surfing the WordPress community forums I got to see this nice question posted by one of our daily prompts members.

It asked how would you make someone/yourself smile??

Well, I have seen many tricks and techniques specialized by my great great friends Sharath Pai  @Kadale_Puri @MetiAbhi @BlrVeer @Dreamman2020 @Anushree @Kobbari_Barfi @dabbako @techie_baba etc etc and the list goes on.

But the above mentioned people are the epitomes of cracking jokes, humming some tunes from old retro movies or some unique thing which make even the saddest of the saddest person on this Earth to smile.

1: I was once very much sad at one of my friends and was pretty much depressed for few days consequently.

The one technique given by my friend was to hit the words #funny in Twitter and read some random tweets and just see how funny are few people even though life has been so rough on them.

For more tips please read my complete article here 


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Live just for today!!

Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time.

 If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

Many of us will already guess the answer for this would be childhood.

But for me its the present which always makes me relive again and again because in the present I always feel I did not live the moment to its fullest.

In this context I always remember the lyrics of the song “If today was your last day” By Nickelback

My childhood was not much great. Even the college days. But now it all seems perfect not because I dont have bad moments. Infact now I have more bad experiences than before yet now I have understood one thing.

The best way to relive your life again is to enjoy what you have in your hand right now. Let the dead bury its past.

Because as I am not afraid to make a start today. Its never too late.

I know I cannot mend my mistakes which I committed an hour ago but I know I can always learn from those mistakes now and try to reform myself to become a better person.

My biggest strength in life are my good friends who always evoke the sense of “Live up to this moment”

As SRK says in his famous blockbuster movie Kal Ho Naa Ho 

Haso jiyo gungunao… Kya pata kal ho na ho.

What is your opinion on living life for just today???

While thinking about an answer for the above question, you can hum this song….

Please feel free to express your opinions on this article.

Lots of love,



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I Believe, I am Indian !!

Daily Prompt: I Believe.

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

But forget about what the Daily Prompt guys are asking me to write. I would like to slightly perturb from their description and would like to write something about India. Yes, India – the country from where i belong to, a country which has shaped me.

What is the one thing that comes into your mind when I say “India”?

India Traffic

Indian Gods

top 10 bollywood movies

top 10 quick breakfast india


But is that what India is all about??

As most of my blog subscribers are from USA and GERMANY i would love to present on the belief system in India. How deep are they grounded in our veins and how much it actually controls the entire India. Behind this mad crowd, chaos and all the mess lies some of the core values which each Indian abides to.

We treat our tourists/guests to be equivalent to Gods “Athithi Devo Bhavah” meaning a guest = God.

Incredible India tour

We believe in Peace, harmony and try to connect our lives with the Almighty in all possible ways. We believe that each Individual has a “God” or the “Paramatma” inside him who guards us all time saying what is right for us and what’s wrong. India is all about discovering oneself by uniting himself with God amidst the great chaos.

Ashtanga Yoga India

“Indians are the Italians of Asia and vice versa. Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy, and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop at the corner. For them, food is the music inside the body and music is the food inside the heart. Amore or Pyar makes every man a poet, a princess of peasant girl if only for second eyes of man and woman meets.”
Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

Here is what dance is in India…keralafall-36AparnaRamaswamyARTSPIX_Bageshree_2286shobana

Here is how one can get lost amidst the chaos in India. Yoga- 5000 Years old discipline which has remedies for almost 90% diseases in world and helps in discovering how flexible you can mould yourself to unite your soul into the Almighty.


India is not about different states. It is about cultures melted into one another and creating a neat blanket of fraternity. India makes you believe in a colorful life full of possibilities and dreams. It may not be as advanced as USA UK JAPAN but is unique in its own way. Its culture is unparalleled with any other culture because Hindus, Muslims, Christians all are treated equally here without any hatred. Ofcourse there are some riots and some disturbing conditions prevailing in some parts of the Country. There are many gaps between developing a fully advanced India but it has not come in the way of living a peaceful and independent life for millions of people. India believes in freedom and helps each individual to pursue what his heart really wants to. Its not just Bollywood, Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Corruption. Its much more than that.

Its a place to be born again on Earth.


Its a place to explore yourself and let go of all worries


Its a place where unlimited colors come together as Holi (a festival of colors in India) and unite people across the Country

India during Holi Festival
India during Holi Festival

India is a place where people bleed in Blue for Cricket.


India is a place where wedding is not just an exchange of 2 rings and vows. But its wedding of 2 families who connect with each other and stand by the couple through thick and thin always. The 2 families unite as one and accept each others cultures happily


Indian Bride
Indian Bride

Indians believe in Bollywood. They eat, pray, sleep bollywood. Movies still rule the hearts of Millions of Indians.

Shah Rukh Khan signing autographs for his fans
Shah Rukh Khan signing autographs for his fans
Amitabh Bacchan and his fans
Amitabh Bacchan and his fans
3 legends of Indian Cinema. Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan
3 legends of Indian Cinema. Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan

India is indeed a place to believe that yes there is a place on Earth where you can rediscover your soul back again. Get mad in the crowdy streets again and enjoy yourselves amongst the frenzy. Not all days are to be plain and peaceful. There has to be a little chaos, a little madness in order to enjoy life. What say friends?


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i am enjoying writing this post.

Please feel free to express your opinion here. I would really love to read your views on India.

Lots of love,


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Online Friends

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong.

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

I have 2 good friends.

They are Veer and Arjun and we met over online 7 years back.

We have been good friends since then. The only thing that has kept our friendship so strong till now is that we trust each other very well and also give each other the personal space that is required for both of us.

Glad to have both of them in my life.

Me and Veer
Me and Veer
Me along with Veer and Arjun
Me along with Veer and Arjun


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Dealing with “Change”

Daily Prompt: If You Leave.

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CROSSROADS.

The word Crossroads reminds me of  Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Quotes
Taylor Swift

I agree with Taylor Swift 100%.

Music is a kind of therapy which can help you deal with many of those crossroads which you encounter in your life. Not just Music, your hobbies, new decisions, your forgotten old habits, new friends, new environment, new cities, new people, old scars, past experiences etc etc all may help you choose the right path amidst the crossroads of life.

Lets talk about how to deal with each crossroad situation in life.

WARNING: I am not any guru in helping people discover what’s right what’s wrong. I am just a small nobody who wants to express my views on various situations of life.

1. When we switch from our old job to a new job?

We often resist a change in our life. Maybe because we never ever want to get out of our usual comfort zones. When we get an opportunity to change our jobs very often we convince our heart by saying the offer is not worth it. The company is not worth working for. The HR was not good to me when they were interviewing etc etc. Or very often we hear that people were not satisfied with the pay they were being offerred in the new company and they refrain from moving out of the old Job.

What happens when you keep swimming in the same pond for years together?

New Job Opportunities
Struggling to move out of the situation??

You get bored of life as there is nothing interesting happening in your work life which further leads to office-drama

Office quotes

Instead why not embrace yourselves to new job. Think how much excited would it be to meet new people, new opportunities, new things happening in your life. Each day would pose a new challenge and will help you grow instead of getting stunted day by day.

2. Shifting from one country/place to another.

I am sure most of them create a lot of fuss over moving out from one place to another. It sure is such a pain.

Tips to move house

But just imagine when thousands of people are wishing to live and enjoy life at different places you are actually getting an opportunity to move into another new place. New neighbours, New surroundings. Imagine what a peace it can bring you for your later part of your life???

New house bangalore

3. Leaving your ex and moving on in life.

How to forget your ex

Yes its true. Not all love stories are meant to be have a happy ending… after all life is not a fairy tale. So when someone does not make it to your future why waste your days remembering all the bad memories and hurting yourself over and over. The best way to tackle this sort of situation is to embrace these ways:

  1. Cultivate a new hobby

how to cultivate new hobbiesIn this wide world which is full of many opportunities its very easy to find a group of people who are having similar interests like you.

Once you find those bunch of people, start learning new sports, start going to some music classes or maybe language classes.

These hobbies not just help you forget those bad moments but also helps you to network with some best people who may inspire you to see a fresh + different perspective of life.

2. Start concentrating on taking good care of yourself.

Its high time you have wasted thinking, crying or maybe even dying daily in the memory of your Ex Memories. Why not start taking care of yourself from now onwards.

There are plenty of options like starting to hit gym, or maybe joining some Yoga /Pilates/ Zumba class.

Trying to relax by reading some good book or going on some adventurous trip alone.

How to overcome loneliness

 Top ten tips before going to hiking alone

Crossroads can be for good/bad in life. But if you stop running mad and start thinking whether it is good or bad you will find an answer for yourself within your heart.
Sometimes all it takes it just a small pause button in your life to stop being consumed by the busy vortex of the world.
The answer lies inside of each one of us. So what are you waiting for? Start analyzing the crossroads of your life and move on.

Life is beautiful quotes

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Reading is Sexy!!!!

Daily Prompt: New Sensation.

New hairstyle, New clothing, New boots… Exploring different fashion trends… i hope all these perfectly describe the adolescence when we are more anxious to try out different stuffs and experiment a lot with our looks.

We try to make each step a “Fashion Statement” and we are very much restless if we don’t try out different stuffs with respect to Fashion.

During my adolescent years, I was very much keen on experimenting with my looks but due to some or the other reasons i always found “Books” taking a top priority than clothes/accessories.

Books have always seduced me more than anything else and have always given me more pleasure than any other thing in life.

gg Books have always helped me to widen my knowledge on different aspects of life and has always helped me to overcome the problem of not having a good friend in my life.

The very moment i used to enter into the library i used to forget the outside world completely and start digging myself deep into the world of fictional characters. It used to make me see all the other cribbing issues in my life very small.

There once came a moment in my life when i met a huge crisis in my life and i was totally upset with my everything i encountered with. It was an awful phase of my life. Away from friends, family, and coping up all the shit alone.

For days i used to lock myself up in the room and think … think… think.

How to come out of this hell?

There i came across a quote in newspaper.

“Reading is therapeutic”

I found that interesting and started taking this reading habit so seriously that over few years i finished reading atleast 100 books. And i won’t call myself as a big time reader but yeah i have really found Book Reading to be a fashion statement.

People can take away your wealth from you. Time can take your beauty away from you. People may betray you. You may lose your loved ones in this journey of life. Fashion can change over decades. Only thing that remains constant is the content in the books. They were apt yesterday… and are valid even till today. The best example for that is The BhagavadGita.


The Gita is considered to be the holy book for Hindus. The concepts and the verses mentioned in Gita are valid even till today. And the best example is that even till this date millions and millions of people are still reading it and finding answers for all their current day problems.

Books never become outdated like other fashion statements. And Reading is very sexy.


I once read in a book written By Edward De Bono on “How to have a beautiful mind?”

In the introduction of the book, the author mentions the relevance of having a beautiful mind over beautiful body. He says what is the point in being dressed in modern clothes and being fashionable when you have the most boring minds on this Earth. On the other hand, no matter how you dress… if you have a beautiful mind which has lots of interesting stories/parables/anecdotes/jokes/amazing things to share I am damn sure you always win more friends than others.

Reading books has helped me a lot to improve my own mistakes in life and has helped me guide myself when i was undergoing many ups and downs in my life. Books have helped me network with some of the greatest and amazing people that I have ever seen in my life. I can live without money but not without books. They have become an inevitable element in my lifestyle. No matter whether i read or not but i always have 2 books in my back pack. The very presence of books gives me the courage to achieve the impossible in my life.

I am proud to have made Book Reading as a fashion statement in my life. I have earned true friends thru this habit of mine.

What about your fashion statement? What is that one thing without which you cannot live?

Please do share your views on the same.

Lots of love,


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Inside the Actor’s Studio

Daily Prompt: Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Hello everybody today I am supposed to write answers for few questions as a part of daily prompt programme by

1.What is your favorite word?

my favorite word is “awesome”. The main reason why I like that word is it is the best word to describe something which is delighting to your Soul.

2.What is your least favorite word?

least fav word is “ok” even worst when people use it in chat messages with “hmmm ok”. It annoys me a lot. It makes me feel that the other person is no more interested in our conversation.

3.What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally

creatively I like people who can fuel my imagination and can believe in the power of making impossible the possible.

spiritually I like connecting myself with mature. Anything which makes me feel peaceful becomes a source of my spirituality. Be it work or yoga.

emotionally I like being with positive people who always fill hopes in any situation. I like people who value others time and their importance.

4.What turns you off?

diplomacy, mean people turn me off. Diplomatic people are tolerated only few minutes in my life. Mean people get the below words.

5.What is your favorite curse word?

my fav curse word is “WTF”

6.What sound or noise do you love?

I love the sound of Om. It contains all the vibrations of this world and is very peaceful one

7.What sound or noise do you hate?

hate the sound of some people who sneeze very badly. I hate the noise of someone banging the door very hardly

8.What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

a lawyer. Yes I would definitely like to be a lawyer.

9.What profession would you not like to do?

the profession of a banker

10.If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates

Welcome to my abode.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Lots of love to all,


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Daily Prompt: Conflicted.

You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CONFLICT.

Well recently i have encountered many a such conflicts when both the parties are trying to approach me for help. In most of the cases it becomes very difficult for me to arrive at a proper judgement as my decisions can hurt one person and provide relief to another. Unfortunately, both are my friends. In many a cases after being judgmental on a certain conflict i am being accused of “You speak only Negative” Or even worse “You take only the other side nobody wants to hear my story”

So for many days i too had restless mind. Day and night i would think how to resolve a conflict when the argument just gets hotter and hotter and then finally when i intervene both the parties show their angst on me.

Recently, i just had a conversation with one of my close friends regarding this.

He suggested me a best solution. That would be to quit entering the argument. Because when both of your closest friends are fighting and your intervention is causing them pain. It would be better to leave the platform then and there itself and avoid being in a catch-22 situation. Having said my this decision to both of my friends taking all the courage in my heart… i am now at peace. 

Thanks for my friend for providing me such a valuable suggestion.

I hope you got some clue in future whilst resolving some issues like this.

Thanks for reading my post.

Lots of love,


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Your Life, the Book

Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book.

Hi everybody… Hope your weekend is going very great!!! If not, then please don’t get disheartened…you can cheer yourself up saying “Tomorrow is Sunday anyways!!!”

Ok coming back to the point… today the daily prompt guys are telling that whom would we choose to become our biographer…

At the first point … let me first understand what is the point in writing biography  of a great nobody like me…? Everyday when i get up sometimes… i repeat sometimes….. i remember words of Great People ringing in my ears like some siren. Out of all those words the below mentioned quote rings in my ears sometimes

This quote is taken from famous speech by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam the former President of India

He said that

What would you like to be remembered for?
You have to evolve yourself and shape your life. You should write it on a page…
That page maybe a very important page in the book of human history.

And you will be remembered for creating that one page in the history of the Nation-
whether that one page is the page of invention, the page of innovation or the page of discovery or the page of creating a societal change or a page of removing the poverty or the page of fighting injustice or…..

As soon as i think of this i just close my eyes and contemplate on the importance of that one page …. and the magnitude of difference it can bring into lives of others.

Right at this point of time i feel very “confused” and let my fear get controlled by my imagination. And i imagine as if i have created that one page in history.

Ask me what ? Reply is “Becoming a great nobody who is known to everybody…” When i say great nobody i mean that I don’t want myself to be portrayed as a very genius or some extra terrestrial organism… i only want people to understand the values which i stand for in my life… be it my rebellious nature or my depressed views on certain aspects of life..

I would like the following 2 persons to truly portray me as i am in real world …whatsover may be the views … i would strongly recommend these 2 guys to be my biographers.

#1 and #2
That is my Guru of blogging “Supreet” and my close friend “Veerender”

Now why Supreet and Veer? I say why not Supreet and Veer

Veer came in my life at a very right point of time when i was a complete LOSER in life….my dad had expired, my grades had gone low, my social life was devastated, my family life was painful…it was only he who stood beside me and showed me “Its now or never” attitude. He made me face all the problems in my life saying “You can do it!!” and helped me overcome my major obstacles in life. So he can be the best person to portray my best and worst part of my life very well.

Sup came in my life as a miracle. It was total unexpected thing for me and Sup showed me a perfect example of “What is 10/10 in life” 10/10 is none other than he himself. He has been my mentor and my close friend in office and has seen my undergoing my worst part of my life at office. He has always made me understand what does the word “PRIORITY” mean in life… and how to set them.

He is a wonderful blogger who writes honeypunch words and makes readers go gaga throughout our Company…adding to this he is a very honest critic in judging things…So he can be the best person to narrate my story to others in a way it touches lives of others.

Thanks Veer and Thanks Supreet for making me reach here….Thanks for your support and constant encouragement without which i would have been a LOSER till now…

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Love you all,

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Daily Prompt: Earworm.

Hello everybody!!

Once again i am back with the prompt response for Daily Prompt guys.

The topic for today is “EARWORM”

What is the meaning of this word Ear Worm?

I checked it out in Google and found this

A catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person’s mind.

What does the Daily Prompt Guys have got to say regarding this?

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Well as i am a highly distracted personality… i am going to discuss about a quote, and also a song lyric which has earwormed my week.

First things first and so is the case with Quote. Thanks to my friends Anushri and Vivek to motivate me to go to the Ramakrishna Ashrama at Gandhi Bazaar Bengaluru


Nice place, total peaceful place amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangalorean traffic i got totally carried away by the ambience and the pious people around the Ashram. As i was strolling around the book stall in the Ashram i found a calendar of Swami Vivekananda clad in black tunic and with a quote which pursued me to buy it.



The quote was “You are the Creator of Your Destiny!!”

Such a short yet so much meaningful thought very much apt to my distracting nature.

I read books, sing songs, love cooking, dance alone in the middle of the night… i mean all the wierdo jobs you see… but this quote made me just stop for a while and ponder over the basic question in life “Where is my passion for life taking me? Is it creating my destiny or …?” The wallpaper is now stuck right opposite to my bed so that whenever i get hyper i can see those words and get back to ground Zero Excitation Level.


Second earworm that has been ringing in my ears since this Monday is from the movie Coach Carter … yes the line “Our deepest fear…”

I am so much moved with this line that already i have discussed about this line in my previous post here… and now again i am quoting it here with a video only because we all are somewhere stuck between what we can achieve and what can we do to stop ourselves from getting blinded by success… With power comes the feeling of breaking down… and with no power comes the fear of not achieving things… so how do we stay balanced? It depends on what you want from your life… Whether you want to use your potential towards good or towards something which destroys hopes of many people.

Sorry for giving some “hi-fi” theory on EAR WORMS… I hope that you guys enjoyed my post…

Thanks for reading this…

Love you all,

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21st Century Citizen

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen.

Hello guys,

After a long time again I am back with some blog post. Thanks for the prompt response of Daily Prompt guys who help me a lot by providing some interesting topics daily.

Today’s topic says “21st Century Citizen”

Along with that they have given a set of questions like…

Do you belong in this day and age?

The answer is YES and NO both…Sometimes i seriously feel i do not belong to this age when i see people back biting against each other and turning their minds into workshops of witch crafts… or maybe taking some unknown pleasure while hurting/rebuking others feelings…

Yet when i see the power of human intelligence used in solving some complex problems of the World like AIDS, Cancer, TB, Malaria etc i feel i am so lucky to be born in this era.
Whenever i see people suffering from social problems like Racism, Poverty, Illiteracy, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Pollution etc i sometimes feel why am i here? But at the same time some great people try to find solutions for these and are doing a tremendous amount of good work to fight against these Problems which are very very huge in magnitude as compared to the previous eras. Thanks to  people like these

bill_gates-abortion    72795_10151491451969192_813503488_n


So the next question is …..

Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century?

Yes, I am comfortable being a citizen of the 21st Century because this century teaches us to be ADAPTABLE to all the circumstances. Even if you wish or do not wish… adaptability is one such thing which has to be learnt by each and every individual in his lifetime.

This thing was long predicted by Charles Darwin.


Every part of the story has 2 shades in it. One , the brighter side and the other is the darker side… Why is that we always brood over the darker side?? Why is that we “by default” tend to think the world is bad (including me). Because its because of our perceptions towards the world.
We tend to think that the world today is very bad. We have lost all the hopes that our ancestors had on this world partly due to the day to day events that we see in Newspapers and Media or due to few bitter experiences in life.

So here i would like to share a few things that i do everyday just to keep myself Positive amidst all the bad things that tend to happen in our day to day lives. Trust me guys… i am not at all exaggerating anything here… all the things are pretty simple yet we often neglect them thinking “Come on… i am too busy to think of these things”

The first thing i do every morning is not to open the newspaper … yeah you heard it right… Its been 6 months i have stopped reading newspaper early in the morning…
and i do have strong reasons for it.
One, Each day you cannot expect something like “thousand lives saved due to this vaccine” or “Mr. so and so is all set to release #invention for the betterment of so many people” or even better “Mr. XYZ … who was a mess to society was finally jailed forever” … Instead you find news like “3 year old raped by 40 year old guy who unfortunately is her father!!!” or “Woman killed and chopped off near so and so Road … killers missing !!!” or even worse “Reputed Politician caught in a sex scandal with a famous social media activist!!!” I mean early in the morning itself there is the MURDER of the word HOPE.

And man can survive without food but not without HOPE. It is an essential ingredient in one’s life.


Secondly i strongly believe in doing things which i love everyday.


No matter how much ever busy i am i make it a habit to complete things which i love… i never go off to sleep without reading atleast a page from any book. I cannot call myself as a voracious reader but yeah i make sure i read daily. I love seeing beauty in all the small things in life….so i make sure that i never let those small moments that i spend with my friends goes off waste by doing some nonsense chit chat. Instead i prefer to stay in a group where people make me happy all the time.

Now please see this…


Listen to some peaceful music each day whenever you feel things are getting out of control. Example see the below video. You get engrossed by the music atleast for 5 seconds and you will know what’s the power of Music in your lives

The lyrics of the following video can be seen here

Music indeed soothes all the pain and hard feelings from your heart and energizes you for the rest of the day. So instead of opening the newspaper you can listen to some good music everyday before you dig your heads and yell “WTF”

Third , whenever i feel my expectations are not met. I… just like any other abnormal human being….get wild… i sulk, i cry, i shout but end of the day when i watch some stuff like this … i feel “Thank God !!! I am so lucky”

Also when i see that i am stuck with some mental blockage thinking this thing cannot be done from me… I always remember this video…

So each day whenever i feel World is not helping me to pursue my dreams i keep remembering myself that “Nothing is impossible” and try to be optimist.

Friends i may not be some great inspirational source to you. But i would like to conclude this piece of post by saying the following things:

We all tend to be vulnerable at some point of time in our lives but its upto us how we learn lessons from those moments and grow. 21st Century teaches us to adapt ourselves in a world where imbalance is coexisting with the balance and there is lots of chaos and disturbance everywhere. But amidst all these confusion and fury we need to find a niche for ourselves so that we can exist the remaining days of our lives peacefully. After all  what’s the point of surviving a life without mental peace??

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Thanks for reading my post and you are welcome to pen down your thoughts on the same by commenting on my post.

Love you all,

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Journey to the world of Blogging

Daily Prompt: Journey.

Hi Everybody… After a long time again i have woke up from deep sleep and am upto responding to one of the Daily Prompts… 

Today the topic is “JOURNEY”

First of all this time i was blank… so as to decide what would be my topic ???

So i quickly went thru some beautiful blogs and started cruising thru their little world of imagination…. Initially i was slow in reading some blogs… but later on i became so engrossed in my blog surfing that i entirely forgot i had some 40 mails in my office mailbox which had to be replied ASAP…

I then quickly noted down what i want to write in a rough book and started my office work… When i finally finished off my office work all i found was the time was up… It was time to go home and fall flat on the bed…

But instead i thought i would complete this small piece of my journey in…

I am going to narrate you my journey of 2000+ miles in the world of blogging under the name “”

Date:  November 26, 2009

For the first time i read the definition of WEBLOG in Wikipedia. It struck a chord in my heart + mind and created ripples of imagination… I have always been a very Alice kinda lady who believes in imagining the most craziest and wierdest stuffs in this world. So, i keep writing all my feelings and opinions in a diary… The very word “blog” gave me a niche to express my views to thousands of people across the world. All your opinions / feelings that you wanna share is just a click away from you… isn’t it amazing?

Some great person once said



How would i know where to start blogging ? How to share and spread word? It was like i had a magic wand in my hand in the form of Google but i have no power to use it efficiently.

Thanks to which helped me create my first blog in the year 2009. With much enthusiasm i wrote my first post and left it untouched for years!!! Yes, you read it right “Years”. I kept on giving lame excuses to myself saying “No time to write”, “No ideas to write” etc etc…

All the lame excuses came to an end when i got a job in an IT Company where you are supposed to get your heads glued infront of the PC all the time (atleast for 8.5 hours). When you are bound to sit at one place irrespective of your dislikes/likes you find 101 ways to distract yourself. And one amongst those Mission 101 was Blogging. That’s how i started my first blog in on the day “January 3rd , 2013”

I resolved that day that i am not gonna end this blog like the blogger one… I am gonna nourish it regularly with my feelings and grow along with other people who do some serious blogging all the time. Thanks to the following people who stood as pillars to my blogging skills.

My all time good friend in Blogsphere –

My office colleague + best well wisher + best friend –

The intense writer one and only Sakshi –

My First follower –

My inspiration for blogging daily –

My best buddy here “Mike” who always motivates me thru his honest comments –

My one and only teacher for Photography –

Thanks a zillion for all you people who helped me reach here….

When i initially started i never expected that my blogs would be read by people across the world… Daina was the first one who followed my blog. Thanks sweetie for giving me huge support thru your first click on my blog’s FOLLOW button.

Huge heartfelt thanks to all the sincere WordPress readers who evaluate my blogging regularly and help me achieve many more miles in this vast Blogsphere.

I am aiming at writing some good fictional book someday before i retire from this world forever. Hope these daily doses of fun filled prompts help me in achieving it soon…

Thanks for reading my post.

Love you all,


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Life in Sepia…

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry.... show LIFE that you have a thousand reasons to Smile....


All thru life , be sure and put your FEET in the right place .... and then stand firm...


The best mirror... is none other than your Best Friend....


Blur the line between Work and Play....


Being the BEST is great... you are the Number 1.... Being UNIQUE is greater ...because you are the only 1..


The prettiest SMILES hide the deepest SECRETS...


Don't JUDGE me because I am quiet... No one plans a MURDER loud... LOL




Sometimes you have to FORGET what's gone...
APPRECIATE  what still remains...
& LOOK FORWARD to what's coming NEXT....


Success of Team Work:


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Your Time to Shine

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine.

The best quote on Mornings goes like this “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it. ” 

Now after having read that I sit back and think about the truth hidden behind this statement.

Before shifting to my new home i used to daily get up at 5 am and finish off all my ablutions etc and used to practice yoga for almost 1.5 hours daily.  I shifted to my new house recently thinking a house near to my office would leave me with more time for myself and will give me more time for myself. But i was totally wrong.

The office is quite near now… but my good habits have gone for a toss since 3 weeks…. Its almost a month I haven’t practiced proper peaceful Yoga…

Whatever maybe the reasons i think its high time that i start all my golden habits again so that i can concentrate more on my body…

I tried experimenting a lot with my timings… like how shall it be if i am a night owl? i try to come office early each day and only end up in staying late… and the moment i come home i am all tired/ hooked up with various to-do’s leaving no time for daily meditation.

Ahhhhhh….. Lack of organisation in life sometimes sucks. It really leaves us in a mess and makes life more tangled. 😦

Being a night owl only made me more sleepy in the day and made me realize how badly i miss those early mornings…

I need to find some or the other way thru which i can regain all the organisation that my life had before 3 weeks. Some famous person once said “Its alright to be imperfect in many a things of our life…. because you cant be perfect all the time nor your requirements in life” I somehow cannot adopt this mentality at all.

Probably because i believe Continuity in anything is the ultimate key to achieve long term success. Maybe i am wrong.. but i am what i am…

Thanks for reading my post… and please wish me Good Luck to start over again.

Have a good day guys….

Lots of love,



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This thing called Love…


I often hear people saying “Love is life” “Love is God” etc etc… but in my life I have always experienced only one form of love…. i.e unrequited love. Since 23 years… i am facing the same situation… Now all i believe is only in unconditional love. And must say Thanks to the following people who make my life so beautiful

1. Early morning when i visit my work place …. the beautiful marigold flowers and the cold dew on them… When i touch their tender buds which are chilled in the nights cold… Its such a joy… totally inexplicable…          mari

2. The Tulsi Plant outside my home…. which always awaits when will i water it… Poor thing… never ever withers away… Whenever i see it promptly swaying to the mild breeze i feel sorry for it as i cannot take care of it 24×7… due to my ofc hours

tulsi (1)

3. The lonely dog which sits near my veranda…. it expects nothing from me except a small pat on its head and few pieces of biscuits…


4. The trees in my office and the rocks near them…. whenever i sit under a tree on a cold rock all my emptiness dissolves and i am filled with a strange bliss that i am so happy.

5. The 12th floor …. where i work… from where i can see the whole of Sarjapura campus… at 6.30 am in the morning….sipping hot steamy cup of coffee and the bright sun entering straight from the Windows… Its such a rare luxury i feel every time when this happens with me…


6. The loneliness which fills my heart all the time leaving no space for other weird thoughts… some say Loneliness is very bad…. But i find it as a way to live ….. because when you are happy with yourself you will never crave for others love…

Thanks to the Almighty for filling my life with such unconditional happy moments…and always making me believe in this thing called LOVE… which need not be the same love as depicted in Movies nor as percieved by a common layman…god

lifeThis thing called LOVE is so complicated to explain… yet so inevitable in life…

This thing called LOVE makes my day special everyday no matter how much rotten people make it by hurting me sometimes…

This thing called LOVE makes me trust this world each day saying “The World is filled with good things everyday… what if we encounter bad people….. They are the ones who make good people as good…. or else what would be the difference between Good and Bad…”beauty

This thing called LOVE makes me look the brighter side of all things and makes me die peacefully someday…look-on-the-bright-side-of-life-

Thanks a lot for reading my opinion on this thing called LOVE…

Lots of love to you all,


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Will You Still Need Me, When I’m 64

Will You Still Need Me, When I’m 64.

The famous song sung by Beatles reveals the fact that True love is something which defies age limit/obstacles in life. It makes us stay together no matter whether we are 14 or 34 or 64.

Today we hardly see such true love instances in this fast paced technologically advanced world. Sometimes i feel there is no place for true human relationships….. Its all something to be seen and lived only in Shakespearean/Nicholas Sparks/ Yash Raj Films…..

My only question is what would people do without having lived a lovable life… without having a deep truthful relationship with their loved ones….. Do they ever regret for not having such simple yet costly pleasures in life? I doubt….

Just when i was almost losing hopes on this thing called TRUE LOVE… Thanks to Broken Light: A Photography Collective for sharing AJ Kings’ Photo taken during one of her Photographic Excursions to Portsmouth.

Thanks a lot for reading my pressed post.

Love you all,


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Flag Book

Considering the Flag Book.

Hi People,

I found this article interesting. Hope so you too will find it interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love you all,


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International Puppet Festival in India

International Puppet Festival in India.

How many Indians have been to this Festival?

Puppet Show- Such a creative form of art is being let into ruins. A very disappointing thing for all Indians.


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Kallara Santheya Nodrappo

Kallara Santheya Nodrappo.

Yet another post from IT Kannadigas on Kannada and its situation in Bangalore. Very funny and filled with facts.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love you all lot,



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World’s Most Romantic Flower Fields

The Earth laughs in flowers- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Such is the beauty of flowers. They are the most beautiful means to express one’s feelings. Their fragrance and color adds ambience to any environment they go… Such is the beauty of flowers. Flowers may not last for long time but their memories stay in our hearts forever. They act like connectors to Heaven…. the moment you see them you are filled with inexplicable positivity. In many parts of the world flowers are used as a main ingredient during worship of Gods. In some parts of the world they are seen as symbols of prosperity.

In my own office i see the Marigold flowers all lined up in series gleaming brightly in the Sun and dancing for the mild breeze. Ah! What a beauty it is to see such a thing daily…. Today i thought of sharing some pictures of World’s Most Romantic Flower Fields with you guys. I hope you too will enjoy seeing them

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The only blog for IT Kannadigas

Kallara Santheya bagge swalpa pisu maathu.


Hai Guys…. Check this one…

Only place for all Kannadigas to chill out…

Thanks for visiting my page.

Love you all,


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R.I.P. James Dean

Obituary for James Dean and Open Letter to Jet Airways and the Delhi we Love.

Gone baby gone...

Hai Friends,

As i was surfing thru WordPress top posts i got this blog from WILD AT HEART. I was really moved by the story of how a cute cuddly cat which was left for care by Jet Airways was killed due to the negligence of Jet Airways and how inhumanely they treated the pet and the owner after the “cat”astrophe….

Be it a cat/dog/cow/lizard whatever… pets are pets… infact pets make us more Human in this selfish world. One can never express how it feels when their beloved pets are churned to death in the hands of cruel people  in this case the JET AIRWAYS

My Question is why don’t people ever have some sympathy towards these lovely creatures …. why do they mock at their death and prevent their owners from expressing their condolence on the loss of their pets.

I am very saddened by reading the death of James Dean (beloved pet of Preeti). Rest in peace James Dean… You always stay in our hearts as  a cute kitty forever.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Love you all,




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The best “About Me” Page i have read so far

About me.

Since the day I have entered into Blogging i haven’t seen an About Page which is a perfect combo of Desi Daaru and Angrezi Cocktail sprinkled with lots of Humor all thru the Page…

Meet Mr. Samson Joseph… The Proud Owner of TRIPPING ON LIFE blog …. only at

Thanks a lot for reading my post..

Love you all…




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Divine Wonderland of Karnataka

Dharmasthala- Wonderland of Karnataka..

Check this post by Adarsha A to view picturesque view of one of the most famous yet not known Temple of IndiaSri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Swamy Temple.


Check out all the information about this amazing place and take a virtual dip in the holy river waters and feel the divinity in the air …. also experience the various Charitable Trusts which has given lots of help in the upliftment of the poor and the destitutes in the society.

Thanks for reading my post

Lots of Love,


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But this is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here….

Daily Prompt: Silver Screen. Hai friends… How are you all? Sorry for not posting anything since few days as I was fully lost in my wonderland. And now Daily Prompt Guys have made me write again. They have come up with some nice topic called SILVER SCREEN in which the theme says

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

Coming back to the theme…

My Favorite Movie(s) : Alice in Wonderland, Batman

OFFICIAL-cinema-Poster-alice-in-wonderland-2009-9603957-1440-720 the-dark-knight_6cf06b4a

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Simple Joys

Simple Joys.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever said John Keats… Just check the picture in the blog.

Thanks for reading my post.


Love you all,





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Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is permanent


Do you run into difficulty, get into trouble or have problems almost every day? Have you ever wondered why things don’t always work out the way you’d like them to?

Here are just some reasons why life isn’t always easy and trouble free.”

Sakshi’s blog teaches you new concepts in the name of Art Of Learning… Trust me guys its awesome.

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Water is the driving force of all nature

Every drop counts. Bengaluru- The city of gardens is now facing such a huge water scarcity. Why? Is it not each one of our responsibility to realise how precious is each drop of water to us? Read blog on the same issue only on WANT TO BE NOMAD…

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Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night. Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars… can’t describe this post more beautifully than this…

Check out this post and see the whole sky painted in Red…

Thanks “Coming East” for posting this.

Love you all


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Valentine’s Orchids I Gave to My Wife

Valentine’s Orchids I Gave to My Wife. Can’t be a better way of expressing love towards someone… Good Work Joe.

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From the trenches to the road

From the trenches to the road. Awesome blog on Trench Coats… How and why they became so famous amongst Women. I have a crush on them since i saw Burberry Ads in a magazine. What about you guys?

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A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her

Hai Friends…

Its 00.00 hrs according to Indian Standard Time and i am writing this post with a broken heart. The nostalgic moments come alive and i feel totally alone in this wide weird world.

So guys… coming back to the title of the blog…

 "A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her- Marilyn Monroe"


caught my attention just now when i was surfing Google. I really agree with each and  every word of this sentence mainly because of its relevance in today’s practical life.

People today have become so selfish that they don’t even bother whether the person who helped them a lot during their distress is standing now alone in a lonely planet without any help from anyone. How could they just turn a blind-eye towards others?

Every day they scar others face with knives of hatred, avoidance, arrogance, scheming, back stabbing above all making them feel bad with their evergreen capacity of pissing the other person’s mood off with their so called “silly things”. These silly things include the following

1. acting a big dumb hypocrite
2. acting very self centered
3. acting super super dumb when the other person is in desperate need

I experience this each day and at the end of the day i feel

"I have won over the battle of Good v/s Evil and pat myself saying 
I am being strong by not uttering a single word against them and 
resisting all those negative treatments with my hard core silence"

Sometimes i feel what Marilyn Monroe is so so right. These days i have learnt how not to care for these people in my life. I have learnt that i should not let these people piss my mood off because if i get disturbed by their words its as simple as stating the fact that

"Other people can piss your mood off just like some SWITCH and
 you are some puppet in their hands "

Instead what you can do is do is a self analysis of your own behavior and think and rethink what is the mistake from your side…. And hopefully if your inner subconscious answers that you are right then Friends you can say to yourself that

"I don't need them in my life... All i now wanna do is 
move on with loads of lessons taught by them and 
be optimistic in life instead of re-thinking it each 
and every moment and hurting yourself more and more each second"

When this case applies for a girl i feel ladies can simply try to take the first step towards becoming more and more strong in their lives and not giving a damn for those people who cannot stand your happiness. They are not even worth of having a place in your beautiful mind. All you can do is move on and forget them as soon as possible….

Thanks a lot friends for reading my depressive post…

Lots of love to you all,


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All About Me

Daily Prompt: All About Me.

Hai Friends. Welcome to yet another part of DAILY PROMPT.

Ok so…. without beating around the bush lemme say what  the Daily Prompt says “Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you”

So….If you see my Blog’s About page … its having nothing but a picture with White background on which there are full of words tiled Vertically Horizontally Diagonally etc…

I chose my blog’s title under my name basically due to few reasons

  1. I wanted to create a niche for myself in this vast under my original Name and not some fancy names like “Lovely Angel”, “Lively Me” etc because I am neither an Angelic Beauty nor a person who lives life to the fullest. I cuss about Life many a times and love it infinite times… and coming to the point of fancy names like Angel… God has not blessed me much with my looks.
  2. Creating a blog was a dream since 2009… main reason for this is i am kind of crazy lady who is always in her own world of Dreams.. just like Alice in Wonderland… so i somewhere believe that there are many more people just like me who still believe in Fairy Tales and the goodness in them…

I believe that people who are carzy enough to think the impossible are the ones who bring about a change in this world. I am always proud of what i am… no matter what people call me as “dumb” “numskull”…

When they call me “dumb” or “numskull” all i feel is

“i am just in wrong place…that’s it… that’s the reason these ppl feel i am a misfit here”.

My blog is the perfect place for me to be myself.

That’s why… my tagline is “all about being ME!”…

I wanna cherish the fact that I am being Myself at one place called and i have a small group of people who follow me and my posts regularly… I am extremely grateful to all those people who are in my blogging community for their constant feedbacks and support which makes me write each day with a new spirit.

Main motto of my blog is to put down all those thoughts in my heart into a place where few souls like me would read it and feel “yes there is another Lady of our clan…”


Thanks for reading my blog post…

Thanks Daily Prompt for giving this Idea..

Love you all,


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Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

Hai Everybody… First things First. A happy Valentine’s Day to you all !!! Love ya fellow bloggers and sincere readers of WordPress.

OK coming back straight to the Daily Prompt Theme… It says “SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA” that means what i wanted to do…and why i did not do…and why i wont do it also…

Well at this point of time if i start thinking about




Then i am sure i would break into a pool of tears because i have done lots of things i should not have done…and i regret for lot many things which i could have done but did not do…and hope i would do this …or do that for many situations in daily life. But the major question is what is stopping me from these SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA ??? Why is the “A” Factor still there when God has given me full potential to achieve whatever i want in life???

Then i remember my Mother’s divine words…. “LETHARGY… LAZINESS… RECKLESSNESS…. IMPROPER FOCUS… + all negative adjectives of good things” Lol.

On a serious note i feel what she said is right…I remember few lines from Coach Carter movie where the coach says to his students and the Jury of the School a few lines from Marianne Williamson

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
 Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
 It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. 
 You playing small does not serve the world. 
 There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people 
   won’t feel insecure around you. 
 We are all meant to shine as children do. 
 It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone.
 And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give 
       other people permission to do the same. 
As we are liberated from our own fear,
   our presence automatically liberates others"

This purely means that we are always afraid to attempt to some task because of the pre-notion that “What if i fail in this?” “What if people say i am nuts? . Its the Low self esteem and low self confidence/ self doubt that holds us from achieving something great. We allow all negative things to come into our mind before we start doing something. But the biggest truth is even the mighty people like Thomas Alva Edison, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln all have faced setbacks in their life but they never let those setbacks take the front seat in their lives. Instead they never gave up…and this “Never say Never” spirit made them achieve what we people could never even imagine of.

Coming back to my case I always wanted to be a writer and wanted to study English Literature. But what happened when i had to choose my core subjects in my 10th standard. I did not have the guts to say “Mom i wanna opt for Literature and not Sciences” and what happened?

The basics of Physics never got assimilated, Maths became my Enemy…Chemistry became Mystery and i used to top in English all the time and that made me feel OK many a times.

What happened when life gave me another chance to opt for Literature? I felt very insecure when Literature was not having many Job Opportunities in the current market and again i married Maths and Physics. But this time… i fell in love with both the subjects because of my great Lecturers who made me understand each and every concept in hi-fi English. Yes they somehow got the hint that English is the medicine for this Numskull. Lol.

Finally when it came to choosing a job or higher studies i think ….i think…yes i made the right decision in life by choosing IT as my field.

So what happened by that time?

I rebelled with my mom saying i suck at studies anyways… i can become a very good lecturer as in many Physics Seminars people said you make the audience go gaga with your Perfect Idioms and Phrases scattered throughout the Seminar but …. in reality nobody will take a lady who has low marks in academics and has bundles of Extra Curricular achievements in her kitty. So the only option left was IT….(Software field…where academics don’t serve any purpose)

Initially my mom said “Are you sure?” After 1.5 years in this field she says “You have decided something very best in your life….”

Thanks for all you people for reading my post…

Love you all



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Paper Distribution- A nightmare for a WASE’ian

Hai all you Wase’ian darlings….This is a short blog dedicated to the following people
  • Non toppers of WASE
  • People who managed to pass by hook or crook
  • Finally the toppers of each subject
It all started last sunday when i woke up early morning 7 with a jolt…Oh man! Paper Distribution…Grrrrr
Somehow i reluctantly managed to reach EC2 Campus and entered the Mermaid….all WASE’ians were sitting neatly and were busy discussing about how they would flunk and were imagining perfect ovals etc in their minds (but deep in the heart everyone is a Antharyami...coz WASE main koi fail nahin hota).
Jai Ho….Java ke hero….Java ke pundith Mr.X entered Mermaid with big bag full of papers…. I was busy gobbling my breakfast because I was really not having the tolerance of bearing my hunger for seeing my paper (which obviosuly everyone knows how i score)
Well here starts the Maha Episode of Paper Distribution just like Star Plus serials…. “1 gante ka maha episode….”
Java- a cool programming language but was the most f******* up paper i’ve ever seen in my life. Fortunately or Unfortunately we (people with lowest CGPA) failed to understand the expectations or in pure IT Terminology the Goals and Objectives of Question paper setter…
Sir said in stern tone “I wanna spend few minutes in discussing how the paper has been evaluated”
In short it means
“Look … illiterate folks of programming world how I have raped your paper. Dont dare to come back and accuse me why I raped some parts of the paper very brutally.” Lol. (No Hard feelings people who love professor X as i too love him because i passed with good marks in Java)
A popular Hindi muhavra(proverb) goes like this….
“Jab chidiya chug gayi tho pachtana kya…”
English meaning is “Why repent when the bird has already eaten the crop” (Hindi people excuse me if translation is wrong…its from Google Maharaj)
When we have already beeped up the paper so badly what’s the point in saying the following silly sentences
  • You could have taken Linked List like this ^$^%&%^&%^&
  • Don’t asl marks for this one @%#$%
  • ### everyone wrote wrongly.
  • Better to concentrate on syntax
WHY WHY WHY Why you wanna piss our mood when you know that the overall “A” grade people % in the class lags behind the overall “B” “C” players by infinty %.
But…to my surprise i got good marks….WTS (Surprise)
Jaise hi Java ka episode khatam hua 15 marks leke hume Unix main fateh prapt hua…ab bus
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam………
download (6)
episode of Unix ended on a happy note…
ye episode ke baare main likhna waste hain kyunki…its like some legacy serials like “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”
download (7)
Beeped up paper and pissed off people….cussing from all directions…..Whatever….
Here comes….
India ke pehle super star….
images (6)
  Haseeon ke sapnon ka RajKumar….
download (8)
Indian Cinema ka Mega Star
images (7)
             Rajesh Khanna (Pushpa i hate WASE’ians)
images (8)
Rajesh Khanna ab inke baare main kya bataye….He is now explaining the same ASSAULT scene of paper correction….He is showing how generous he was while correcting our paper.
But how does that change our fate which is already marked in Red Ink….
Finally 26 marks in my COA account made me sing “Monica…oh my Darling….” Happy Days ….Happy Days…..Happy Days…..
Thanks all you people for bearing this wierd blog…and not closing the Window….I really appreciate your patience in bearing a person like me in WASE and now even in WordPress
People who share the same tragedy with me can Hit Like…Others can comment how bad/good it was.
Thank You